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Y Griega

Today we will talk about a very popular Sativa variety that has already gained worldwide recognition and the hearts, or rather the lungs, of many smokers.

Y griega strain has very respectable genetic ancestry, which affects its consumer qualities, medical effects, and cultivation features. About it all in order.


Y griega strain

The parents of y griega were the legendary Amnesia Haze and Kali Mist. I’m sure you’ve heard the name of these varieties before as they are true classics of the weed world.

Amnesia Haze is an earthy citrusy perfect Sativa that has won the Cannabis Cup several times. Because of this, it has become a special item on the menus of Amsterdam coffee shops. From there, the fame of this strain spread around the world.

Kali Mist is also a very invigorating Sativa, but no one knows for sure about its origin. Nevertheless, its ability to bring inspiration and energy without the couch-pressing effect has gained its acceptance among consumers.

As you can see such parents simply could not produce anything bad, so today we appreciate the virtues of y griega weed.

Consumer properties

Y griega

Immediately designate the most important point for any smoker – taste, and aroma. Y griega has a very pleasant, slightly medicinal herbaceous floral and slightly sweet smoke. This indicates a high content of terpenes in the buds. If you don’t feel it, your weed may not have been grown or treated properly.

Like its parents, you may encounter a few citrus notes or an earthy aftertaste, but that nonetheless makes this strain very appealing to those looking for a pleasant taste and smell from smoking sessions.

Now for the unimportant item like THC content. This strain does not break records or seek to compete with concentrates but has a decent 20% which is above average and more than enough for any smoker. You don’t have to smoke twice if you are used to Indica and you don’t get the instant effect of y griega smoke. The psychoactive effect will come when you catch yourself smiling and running around the room looking for an activity for restless hands.

Also y griega CBD is not very high, but sufficient for the medicinal properties that this variety has. By consuming it you can count on pain relief, anti-inflammation, and an increase in appetite.


Y griega cannabis

Y griega seeds require a standard growing time and a very long 90 days of flowering. These are not some kind of auto-flowering baby, but a serious photoperiodic variety. Yields will also be above average in this case. Experienced growers can compete on the number of grams harvested per bush because y griega produces large dense buds that require support so as not to overwhelm the tall, garden plant. Those who have already grown large bushes outdoors will definitely do well with this strain and will be very generously rewarded.

Y griega is a variety that will appeal to everyone, it will not have a killing power, but it can provide pleasant flavors, aromatic sensations, health benefits, and a profitable harvest.


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