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West Virginia And Medical Marijuana – Registration Of A WV Medical Marijuana Card

West Virginia And Medical Marijuana

As you already know, in the United States, slowly but surely, many states are beginning to think about legalizing medical cannabis. West Virgia residents are fortunate enough to have their Senate approved the WV medical marijuana bill 2017, allowing patients with serious illnesses to be able to buy and use medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor to mitigate diseases.

Registration And Obtaining a Medical Card

Residents of West Virginia who have serious illnesses are encouraged to register for a special medical card that would allow them to buy WV medical marijuana and use it to relieve pain and other symptoms of illness.

You can register at www.medcanwv.org. Here you can also find a list of doctors as well as other registered patients who are eligible to use medical marijuana WV. After the doctor confirms that the patient who wishes to receive a medical record is eligible for all the criteria, they must notify the patient that it is imperative to register on the website.

Also, on the site you can go through early registration for a medical card, which would give you a bonus. This bonus is valid for those who have registered or want to register for the first time.

As of 2021, the following bonuses are in effect:

  • When registering before June 30, 2021, you receive a medical card valid for 3 years (original for 1 year and 2 years renewal);
  • When registering before 30 September 2021, you receive a medical card valid for 2 years (original for 1 year and 1 year of renewal);
  • When registering before June 30, 2021, you would receive a medical card valid for 1 year.

After successful registration, you receive a message to the mail that you specified, containing the status of the submitted application. You must wait at least 30 days from the date of receipt of the message on the status of the application and payment, before checking the status of the application.

When a patient receives the WV medical marijuana card, it is only valid in West Virginia. The registration process takes some time and in its process, it is impossible to obtain medical marijuana in WV.. This would only be possible after obtaining a medical card.

It should be noted that with this medical card, the patient is able to freely and calmly buy medical marijuana WV 2017 only during the card’s validity period, and after its expiration, it is necessary to re-register and renew the card.

As for doctors who want to obtain permission for special certification of patients with serious illnesses, they must complete a course of 4 hours and submit a registration application on the same website.

WV Medical Marijuana Law

WV Medical Marijuana Law

So is medical marijuana legal in WV? In 2017, on April 19, the West Virginia Senate approved a bill that allows people (with the permission of a doctor) to buy essential drugs at nearby medical marijuana dispensaries, WV. Senator Richard Ojeda’s proposal for WV medical marijuana 2017 (Senate Bill 386) also includes a provision on home culture. This allows “experienced” patients to grow up to two plants at home for personal use. Patients have the right to purchase medical cannabis in pharmacies in the following forms: ointment, tablets, oil, gel, dried marijuana leaves, tinctures, and other liquids containing marijuana, skin patches.

Review of WV medical marijuana laws in the House of Delegates

The measure is now before the House of Delegates for consideration, according to the Charleston Gazette. But worryingly, this is where the medical marijuana WV 2016 debate can be ruled out. Indeed, this group of legislators is responsible for the failure of a measure like this WV medical marijuana bill.

At the moment, by 2021, this bill is still in force and patients are calmly buying drugs containing cannabis and relieving the symptoms of their diseases. After the adoption of the bill, a positive trend and a beneficial effect of medical cannabis on the health of patients began to be observed.

The authors of the blog tried to tell everyone interested in the current WV medical marijuana bill, as well as how to get a medical record and more detailed information for registration. Be sure to go to the above site and read the other conditions for applying.

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