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Why pot leaf is a cultural phenomenon?

pot leaf is a cultural phenomenon

The marijuana leaf is perhaps the most common symbol that connects ancient civilizations around the world. It has been treated with reverence and trembling. Marijuana was part of the religious rites and thus played an important role in spiritual life. Even the ancient Egyptians mentioned marijuana on papyrus as a cure. But then we forgot about the magic plant. What happened?

Despite the manipulation of the promise of consciousness by transnational alcohol and timber corporations, marijuana is now regaining its rightful place in daily, spiritual and industrial life. Let us remember the most significant milestones in its journey.

India and God Shiva

The ancient Hindus gave marijuana the greatest importance. For them, cannabis is a symbol of the god Shiva. It is this ancient tradition that allows making legal exceptions to weed even in our time. For example, the Maha Shivaratri holiday removes the ban on hemp for all devotees. On this night, every admirer of ancient traditions is free to consume bhang, a dairy hemp potion that has also come to us since ancient times.


hemp grows

It’s a much younger religion than sacralizes cannabis. Bob Marley, the Ethiopian flag, and weed leaf are the main symbols of this movement. The main call of Rastafarian’s was love and happiness. It’s hard not to empathize with them. It was at this time that the marijuana war in the United States was taking place. Liberty-loving Bob Marley became a symbol of the era, a revolutionary who opposed the system not with weapons but with a song. Even though Rastafarianism is essentially the most informal religion, it has made a huge contribution to the popularization of marijuana leaf images in mass culture.

Marijuana and hippies

The freedom and dislike of guns were perfectly complemented by marijuana. Although the marijuana leaves were not the main symbol of hippies, it perfectly complemented their ideology. The hippies wanted to end wars and preserve the environment. Greenpeace, which is still fighting for the environment today, against the thoughtless use of natural resources and the destruction of animals appeared because of the hippie movement.

For all the general informality of the hippie movement and its diversity, the weed leaf pictures are one of its symbols that every individual involved can understand.

Weed plant symbol as a symbol of the struggle to legalize marijuana

light through weed

The marijuana leaf is a universally recognized symbol of the struggle for the legalization of marijuana, used by advocates for the recognition of the legal status of cannabis. Supporters of this movement use a variety of forms of the leaf and do not have a single template. The main thing is to pay attention to a public inquiry. The success of many States in this matter has inspired many activists around the world.

Here we must remember that the United States was the main initiator of the ban on cannabis – both medical and industrial. In particular, the possibility of producing cheap and quality paper from hemp was completely shut down, which many researchers believe was one of the main goals of the prohibition lobbyists supported by the timber industry. The USA is now one of the most marijuana loyal countries at the state level.

The weed marches that take place in different parts of the world demonstrate the main feature of cannabis use – positiveness and absence of aggression in any form. There has never been a case where participants in such demonstrations have been the instigators of unrest or other aggressive acts.

The tourist weed leaf symbol of Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam has long been not the only place in the world where marijuana is loyally used, the Dutch capital firmly entrenched the fame of the major European city of cannabis. And of course, souvenirs with the image of hemp leaves fully meet the expectations of tourists. T-shirts, baseball caps, trinkets, umbrellas – a marijuana leaf symbol decorates everything on which it can be placed, except … the coffee shops themselves. Recent changes in local legislation prohibit them from using the image of the leaf on their signs as propaganda for drug use.

The pot leaf design in marketing

pot leaf

Marketers have taken advantage of the fact that images of hemp leaves are attracting the sympathy of more and more people, especially young people. A series of cosmetic and household products on which a hemp leaf is painted are being launched. It is indicative of a change in public attitudes towards marijuana. If recently the joints were perceived as a sign of a marginal lifestyle, now the hemp leaf is a universally recognized positive symbol, which, in particular, promotes the product in the market.

Special attention should be paid to the experiment with the production of Canna Cola group drinks that contain THC. Of course, the company also uses marijuana leaf as an advertising symbol, but in the case of Canna Cola, it is as justified as possible (here it is worth remembering the history of the original Coca-Cola, which included an extract of coca leaves – the raw material for cocaine production).

Among the sodas containing tetrahydrocannabinol, the product line includes marijuana Dr. Pepper – Doc Weed, Lemon Sour Diesel, orange Orange Kush, and grape Grape Ape. The names position the beverage brand unequivocally.

In this case, the naked eye is to exploit the growing interest in marijuana, which has nothing in common with marijuana culture and longstanding traditions and rituals of cannabis use and its products. Nevertheless, the fact that such a product has appeared can only be evaluated positively, as it breaks the wall of treating marijuana as a dangerous drug, making it an ordinary consumer drug.

The spread of hemp symbolism indicates an increasingly loyal and positive public attitude towards the use of marijuana. Marketers appreciated the growing popularity of the image of hemp leaf as a positive sign to promote sales. Marijuana is organically transforming from a scarecrow invented by conservatives into a part of modern culture, taking up its inherent positive niche.

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