Why does Weed Make your Eyes Red?

red eyes high

Weed red eyes are probably one of the most known side effects of cannabis use. In fact, it is even good for your health. The dilation of the eyeball vessels reduces the internal pressure and is prophylactic for glaucoma. But this feature does not promise anything good for camouflage.

Why do eyes become red when you are high, and how to cope with this side effect? It is exactly what our article will tell you about.

What does Weed Do to Your Eyes?

Some people think that red eyes after smoking weed occur because of the smoke that irritates the retina. This statement is wrong. The main reason is the cannabinoid THC – the main active substance of marijuana.

One of the features of the impact of this cannabinoid on the human body is the dilation of all blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure. Since the eyes, like the whole body, is permeated with blood, they blush, passing more blood through.

Can A Red-Eyes High Cure Glaucoma?

Among other things, THC also lowers the pressure of the eye fluid. This feature of hemp is very interesting for doctors who treat glaucoma. In this disease, the pressure of fluid inside the eyeball increases so much that the optic nerve is damaged.

As a result, a person completely or partially loses the ability to see. Marijuana red eyes are the safest and most effective way to fight this disease. For this reason, many governments allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

One of the first studies conducted in this area showed that strains of cannabis with high levels of THC could reduce intraocular pressure by 25-30%. However, the main problem with this treatment is that marijuana is only effective for a few hours. This forces patients to use it regularly. The researchers hope that soon an artificial drug based on cannabis will be developed, the therapeutic effect of which will last much longer.

Degree of Redness of Eyes After Weed

bloodshot eyes weed

If you’ve been around people who use marijuana a lot, you’ve probably noticed that each strain has a different effect on your eyes. There are many reasons for this. The genetics of the plant, the amount of THC it contains, the frequency of human use, and the individual characteristics of its body are important. Some people got bloodshot eyes from weed, like the Terminator, while others barely notice the difference. Why is that?

The degree of redness of the eyes completely depends on the blood pressure of a person. For example, if you have high blood pressure, the THC will not be able to reduce it so that your eyes turn red, as in an angry bull. If you have low blood pressure, then when using potent strains of hemp the effect will be the opposite. At the same time, in addition to red eyes from weed, you may also feel sluggish and weak in the legs. You can feel it better when using Indica strains.

Allergies can also play a role in red eyes, as many people are very sensitive to smoke inhalation in general.

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes After Smoking?

eyes after smoking weed

As we said before, there is absolutely nothing wrong with red eyes in terms of physiology. But socially, it can cause some inconveniences. Red eyes will show everyone around you that you have used THC, which may negatively affect your reputation. Fortunately, there are several effective methods to reduce this inconvenience to nothing.

Eye drops

The easiest and most common way to get rid of red eyes after smoking pot. Any options designed to relieve symptoms of allergies, redness, and itching will suit you. Almost all of them contain Tetryzoline (also known as tetrahydrozoline), which causes compression of the dilated blood vessels.

The most proven options are Naphazoline HCL (Clear Eyes) and oxymetazoline HCL (Visine). They completely relieve the eyes from redness and swelling in a few minutes.

A lot of water

This option is suitable for cleansing the body of almost any substance. Large amounts of water will accelerate the metabolism and removal of THC from the body. But you should understand that the psychoactive effect will disappear along with redness. Another disadvantage is that the eyes will come back to normal only in 30-40 minutes.

Strains with a low THC

If your body’s tolerance for cannabis is low, or if you use marijuana solely for medical purposes, it is recommended that you pay attention to varieties that contain large amounts of CBD. In this case, the red-eye effect may not occur at all.

As you can see, red eyes are not dangerous. It may look unpleasant and even frightening, but in terms of your health, nothing bad happens. So if you’re not going on a trip right after a puff, it’s better to put off the eye drops.

On the other hand, if you need to urgently get yourself back to normal, then the listed preparations for vasoconstriction will help you almost immediately. It is best to have the eye drops with you if you smoke regularly and do not want everyone around you to know about it

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