Why Does Weed Make Me Sleepy and What Should I Do to Cheer Up after Smoking Weed

why does weed make me sleepy

Cannabis consumers turn to cannabis for a variety of reasons, including insomnia and sleep problems. The plant is known for its hypnotic and sedative properties. The herb also has a long history as a natural sleep aid, which should come as no surprise. The herb’s soothing properties may have been known as early as 1500 BCE. When Aryan immigrants began to cross the Indus Valley. At least that’s what pharmacologists said in the 1950s. But why does weed make you tired? Only science can answer such an important question.

Why Does Weed Always Make Me Tired?

does weed make you sleepy

Is it true that marijuana does make you sleepy? Yes, and there are many good reasons why does marijuana make you tired. Sleepy after smoking weed is completely normal, as it turns out the plant can create heavy eyelids in many ways. Chemical interactions occur when various chemical constituents of the herb interact with the cells of the human body. Let’s explain why does marijuana make you sleepy:


does marijuana make you sleepy

One of the reasons why does weed make you sleepy is THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. However, this molecule may be to blame for some of the herb’s sedative properties. Other natural substances that help control the body’s circadian clock and pleasure centers are captured by THC. Psychotropic substances mimic chemicals that can interact with the sleep hormone melatonin, at least in part. It also affects the level of dopamine, the hormone of pleasure and attention.


why does weed make you tired

THC is only one component of cannabis that does make you sleepy. In some cases, even strains that are high in THC can cause sedation. So what’s the deal?

Terpenes, which are aromatic compounds produced by the cannabis plant, number in the hundreds. Each cannabis strain has its personality due to the unique combination of these ingredients. The cannabis plant contains significant amounts of sedative terpenes, which is why weed does make you sleepy.

Musk myrcene contributes significantly to sleepiness. Some cannabis strains have a wonderful musky smell, and this little chemical is thought to contribute to the hypnotic and blocking properties of some cannabis strains. So, if you ask, “can weed help me sleep?” Then the answer is yes.

This statement is supported by research. Researchers evaluated the effects of myrcene and two other terpenes on mice in a 2002 study. Mice that were given myrcene from the Lippia alba plant slept 2.6 times longer than mice that did not receive myrcene. Terpene was administered to rats at a dose of 200 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.

Myrcene dosage of 10 milligrams per kilogram of body weight also promoted relaxation of motor function in the same study. However, terpene has shown little ability to cause anxiety in rats at high doses, which is also present in potent strains of cannabis.

The sleepy aroma molecule myrcene is not the only one found in the cannabis plant. Therefore, not only weed makesdoes make you sleepysleep. Many terpenes can cause sedation, including:

  • Bisabolol (chamomile)
  • Humulene (hops)
  • Terpinolene (wood)
  • Linalool (lavender)

Wear Effect

sleepy after smoking weed

Many people report that cannabis is energizing or alarming, allowing them to get through the day with adequate mental capacity. However, even the most stimulating exercise can lead to exhaustion when the active effects disappear. Study participants showed an increase in melatonin levels after the first inhalation of cannabis.

On the other hand, sleepy melatonin did not reach its maximum concentration until two hours later. Typically, smoking cannabis lasts about two hours. As a result, even if the cannabis strain provides an initial burst of energy, fatigue can occur as the herb wears off. And then you wonder again why does weed make me sleepy.

Cannabis plants that produce many sedative terpenes, whether Indica or Sativa, are more likely to make you sleepy, so if you ask ”why does weed make me so tired” even after Sativa, you will already know the answer. Cannabis strains with a higher myrcene content are generally the best choices if you are looking for plants to help you sleep. But which type of weed makes you sleepy?

What weed makes you sleepy?

weed makes me sleepy

Here are a few varieties of marijuana that can help you sleep:

  • Granddaddy purple
  • Bubba Kush
  • Original Glue (GG4)
  • White Widow

If you’re worried that weed makes you sleepy and want to stay awake, here’s one tip: Choose cannabis strains that contain some cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is in many ways the polar opposite of THC. The first one does not intoxicate, which means it does not cause euphoria. CBD is believed to have warning qualities at low to moderate dosages. However, in large quantities, this herb, like THC, can cause drowsiness. Choosing a strain that is high in CBD or a plant that has both CBD and THC will likely last longer than choosing an Indica or Sativa plant. Here are some strains rich in CBD:

  • ACDC
  • Harlequin
  • Sour tsunami
  • Charlotte’s Web

How to Stay Awake after Smoking Marijuana?

what weed makes you sleepy

If you are feeling drained and lethargic and want to sleep after smoking weed, then some quick fixes can help. Here are some helpful tips to help you get back on track:

The exercise

Exercise is a natural energy booster, as it increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the heart and lungs. According to a 2008 study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic, regular exercise increases a person’s energy levels by 20% and reduces fatigue by up to 65%.

Regular exercise can also help you sleep better, which will improve sleep quality and, in turn, increase your vitality. Many people claim that exercising while high not only prolongs the high, but also has a positive effect on muscle fatigue, muscle strain, and inflammation.

Consume less weed

You don’t need to get stoned to get all the health benefits of cannabis. Too much marijuana is not only a couch recipe, but it can also cause anxiety-causing side effects that make you unable to function properly.

More and more studies show that the smallest medicinal amount of cannabis is most effective. If you consume this herb regularly, it is recommended that you take a break or gradually reduce your intake.

Switch to CBD

can weed help me sleep

If you are constantly worried about the question “Why does weed make me sleepy?”, Then we recommend using CBD. CBD, as previously stated, can have a calming effect in small to moderate amounts. CBD can also help alleviate some negative side effects of THC. According to current research, a non-intoxicating chemical can reduce the psychoactivity of THC. It can also help reduce substance-induced visual-spatial memory deficits, which can make you forget about things like where you put your keys or where you parked your car. Finally, CBD appears to suppress some appetite-stimulating properties of THC.

Drink coffee

If you consume weed that makes you sleepy, drinking coffee or green tea can give you a quick boost of energy if you’re not prone to anxiety or panic. Many people are right to think that the combination of coffee and cannabis is confusing because one of them is a stimulant and the other is depressive.

In a 2011 pilot study, caffeine, on the other hand, exacerbated the memory-impairing effects of THC in animals and cell cultures. Coffee seemed to amplify the effects of THC so much that less THC was required to produce the same results as the original dose of THC.

Although research hasn’t been done in humans, if you can get the same effects with less THC when coffee is included, what an awesome way to wake up! Finding methods to limit your THC intake is usually a smart idea if you want to prevent falling asleep.


why do you get tired after smoking weed

After we figured out why you get tired after smoking weed, we can confidently say that this is completely normal. Also, if you are still worried that weed can make you tired, you can use some of our tips to stay awake after using marijuana. By adhering to the advice, you will no longer be tormented by questions like “why does weed make me so sleepy?”

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