Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Weed? How To Get Rid Of The Smell And Its Causes

why does my sweat smell like weed

Sweating for a person is natural, moreover, it is vital. However, this completely normal process and its consequences can significantly darken our life from time to time. Wet spots on clothes, an unpleasant smell can spoil the mood or impression of a person for a long time.

But there are still some differences in smell among people who use weed. People who use marijuana can be recognized by their constant need for food. Gives the cannabis smoker odor. More often it is unpleasant and resembles burnt leaves. The specific and pungent aroma from smoking marijuana lasts for a long time and does not disappear for a long time. For a cannabis user, the smell comes not only from the body, from the mouth, but also clothes and hair smell like weed too. At the same time, the aroma differs markedly from tobacco. The symptoms of cannabis addiction manifest themselves individually for each person.

Most people start to sweat a lot and wonder “Why does my sweat smell like weed?”. This is especially noticeable in adolescents. Marijuana gives out adult smokers by the state of blood vessels. After several puffs, their blood pressure rises, the blood rushes to the skin of the face, and the heartbeat increases along with the pulse. But it happens that a person who sweats smells like weed, but he doesn’t smoke marijuana.

How Can Sweat Smell Like Weed?

why do my armpits smell like weed

It is impossible to determine with certainty, but sometimes people may just think that their sweat smells like marijuana, but in fact, it is the smell of a bite of garlic. How to know if you smell like weed? It is still worth paying attention to why he became so caustic and attracts not only your attention but also those around him. It is also worth starting to worry if you cannot hide the smell of sweat even with special means for this.

Where Does Sweat Smell?

sweat smells like weed

Before you understand the problem of why my armpits smell like weed, you should find out where this smell comes from. Sweat itself is practically odorless; what we mean by sweat is not, in fact, sweat. A specific aroma appears as a result of the vital activity of bacteria normally living on the surface of the skin, which, feeding on the protein and fat components of sweat, decompose these organic substances into unsaturated fatty acids and ammonia, which are responsible for the unpleasant odor we perceive. Can sweat smell like weed? Of course, you can, but this smell can also be compared to the smell of a bite and garlic. The greater the number of bacteria, the more pronounced the smell would be. In addition, the intensity of sweating is influenced by certain lifestyle features and habits.

Pay Attention to Your Sweat Smell

armpits smell like weed

In the past, doctors were guided by the smell of sweat when making a diagnosis. So, from a patient with rubella comes the smell of freshly plucked feathers, typhus accompanies the aroma of warm rye bread, diphtheria smells sweet and sugary. The smell of acetone or the aldehyde smell of pears can appear with diabetes. With kidney pathology, the smell of ammonia is added. A vinegar, sour smell is a companion of tuberculosis. With a lack of vitamin D in the body, sweat smells like marijuana. The smell of boiled egg white or sulfur indicates stomach or intestinal problems. Weed sweat with the smell of chlorine or fresh fish, possible for severe liver disease. A sudden change in smell or amount of sweat is dangerous to ignore, be sure to consult a doctor to clarify the reasons for such changes. We’ll talk in more detail about possible diseases below.

How to Stop Your Sweat from Smelling Like Weed?

why does my bo smell like weed
  • Take a shower twice a day
  • Change underwear and other clothing that has been damp with sweat daily.
  • Choose clothes made from highly breathable materials.
  • Limit the use of salt, spices, caffeine, alcohol.
  • To the extent possible, avoid stress, anxiety. You may need to use herbal sedatives (based on valerian, motherwort).
  • The problem of sweating can be radically solved by injecting botulinum toxin into the armpits, the work of the sweat glands at the injection site can be blocked for up to six months, after which the procedure must be repeated.
  • Use deodorant or antiperspirant.

The mechanism of action of these agents is fundamentally different.

The deodorant won’t affect your sweat smell like weed, but the deodorant contains antibacterial components that reduce the number of bacteria, as a result, less odorous products of their vital activity are formed. Also, the composition includes aromatic compositions.

The effect of using a deodorant is temporary since the bacteria quickly restore their population, and the application of the product has to be repeated over and over again.

An antiperspirant would reduce the amount of sweat you produce but won’t affect the bacteria that live on your skin. The effectiveness of the antiperspirant in solving the problem of how to stop your sweat smelling like weed is determined by the presence of aluminum salts in its composition, which, when applied to the skin, cause a narrowing of the excretory ducts of the sweat glands, which prevents perspiration, and the treated skin surface remains dry.

Reasons for the Appearance of Sweat That Smells Like Weed or Vinegar

can your sweat smell like weed

Renal Failure

With renal failure, a person experiences ammonia respiration, and such a smell may also indicate gastritis or an ulcer. If armpits smell like weed, then this indicates a serious malfunction in the body. It appears with complications of diabetes mellitus, liver and kidney disease, infection with microbes, bacteria, viruses, and digestive problems.

Metabolic Disorders

Bo smells like weed and can be associated with various metabolic disorders. A musty or marijuana spirit comes from people suffering from another hereditary metabolic disorder – a deficiency of the enzyme isovaleryl COA dehydrogenase. Against the background of its absence, isovaleryl-CoA accumulates in the body, which, as a result of hydrolysis, turns into isovalerate and is excreted in sweat and urine. It is he who gives the body its characteristic smell and even your nipples can smell like garlic.

Endocrine Disorders

If sweat has suddenly acquired the smell of marijuana and vinegar, this may be a signal of the presence of endocrine disorders. A person begins to smell like vinegar with a deficiency of vitamins D, B, or iodine. However, the disease is only discussed if the smell persists after a shower. Since the vinegar smell can also form after heavy physical exertion when bacteria break down weed bo and form propionic acid – a compound that resembles vinegar in its composition. There are also cases when feet smell like weed and this can also be the cause of the endocrine disruption.

Possible Diseases

Another reason for body odor that smells like weed can be tuberculosis and mastopathy. Some diseases can be identified by body odor, and this criterion is used to make a diagnosis. For example, if a man suddenly starts to smell marijuana or ammonia, then it’s time to visit a urologist. Since there may be kidney problems. When their function is impaired, the body does not cope well with urination, urea products accumulate in the blood and are excreted in sweat. If for some reason, an excess of nitrogen is formed in the body, then the body can smell like cats. The same smell can occur with increased training and a protein diet. Some sports supplements have ammonia-related side effects.

If you are experiencing a stressful state, then most likely you asked yourself the question: “Why does my boy smell like weed?” When the smell of marijuana or acetone suddenly emanates from the body, then you need to watch yourself: are you losing weight for no reason, are you feeling nervous and sleepless? All these problems have a reason – a malfunction of the thyroid gland. Also, constant stressful conditions can be exactly the cause of the unpleasant smell of sweat in a person, which is comparable to the smell of garlic, marijuana, or vinegar. After all, it becomes very sour and pungent.

The blog’s author wants to summarize why your body odor smells like weed. If everything is in order with your health and you regularly visit doctors, then you should not worry too much about your sweat smell. But if of all of the above you have something, then be sure to consult a doctor and go through a routine examination. Do not be ashamed of your sweat, because it is natural and there are many ways to disguise it and completely get rid of the problem so as not to ask “Why do I smell like weed when I sweat?”.

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