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Why cannabis is a cure?

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Marijuana has many advantages in treating a wide range of diseases. The community is committed to legalizing and using medicinal cannabis and therefore the scientific community is committed to exploring the opportunities offered by this wonderful plant. Many consumers and doctors struggle at the institutional level to put an end to the prejudices that marijuana suffers from.

Marijuana is banned on virtually the entire planet, although it is gradually changing. More and more countries are legalizing its use, both for therapeutic and recreational purposes, and scientific research on the medicinal properties of marijuana is expanding. The problem is that it has been banned and prosecuted for many years and has been recognized in the collective imagination as a powerful drug. Adults, and mostly those who have had no contact with this drug, consider it a very harmful substance and are unaware of its benefits. It is also surprising how the same people who brand cannabis welcome the use of such harmful drugs as alcohol, tobacco, anxiolytics, and a whole range of substances which, being legal, are not harmless. This situation forces many people to give up using marijuana and to choose other substances that are probably more harmful to their bodies.

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These prejudices have delayed the research necessary for proper scientific knowledge of this plant and its therapeutic possibilities. On the positive side, the current social sentiment in favor of marijuana is leading to an increase in the number of studies, and they are gradually getting better and better. Researchers are trying to expand knowledge about the properties of marijuana in virtually every country. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has also concluded that there is substantial evidence of the benefits of marijuana for chemotherapy patients, people suffering from chronic and neuropathic pain, and for controlling muscle pain in sclerosis.

The main problem is that official organizations such as the Spanish Medical Organization currently do not appreciate the therapeutic use of cannabis, pointing out that pain medications already exist and that marijuana is not a cure. In any case, the situation would fall under its weight, as both official institutions and politicians turn their backs on the real situation, and, according to the Spanish Observatory of Cannabis Medicinal Production, more than 100,000 patients in Spain consume medicinal cannabis daily. Almost 9 percent of the Spanish population consumes it for recreation.

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