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Why cannabis ban is not working?

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We are doing much to stop society from demonizing and equating cannabis with opiates, for example, by writing scientific articles about how “grass” is used in the treatment of PTSD, how it helps in organ transplants, and what its use as a recreational remedy is. However, there are still enough myths about cannabis and opponents to its legalization at the global level.

However, the ban does not work, and that is why

  • The first ban in the States happened in 1937. Before that, almost no one had heard of marijuana, but today, even in the States where it is banned, more than 118 million Americans admit to having used it, and four out of five high school students say it is easy to get. The ban doesn’t work, and criminalization is a waste of state resources.
  • Meanwhile, taxes on legal cannabis sales bring money to the treasury.
  • The police pay less attention to real crimes, chasing “criminals” who use, store, or sell marijuana. In America, there are more arrests and charges related to marijuana than violent crimes.
  • A marijuana charge and conviction can ruin a person’s life with only one “crime”.
  • The legalization of marijuana has no impact on adolescent use, and the experience of the United States has shown it: no state that legalizes adult marijuana has increased teenage consumption. Moreover, several studies point to a slight decrease.
  • Cannabis use is penalized selectively: people from higher social backgrounds can generally store and use and even distribute it with little or no impunity. American researchers also point out that in states where cannabis is prohibited, blacks are at higher risk of being tried and punished more severely than whites (all other conditions being equal – use, storage, trade).
  • The ban on marijuana gives rise to crime and violence. The same principle works here as in the case of prohibition of alcohol: the profitable market goes into the shadows, buyers and sellers are not protected, disputes cannot be solved legally.
  • Legalization makes it possible to regulate and control production and the market. Illegal sellers operate where they see fit, and this is what allows them to sell marijuana to minors. The ban also “ensures” that plants can be grown with toxic fertilizers and that the finished product is not tested for purity (presence of pesticides, mold, and fungi), efficiency, THC, and CBD content.
  • The ban is harmful to the environment. This point is related to the previous one: illegal marijuana producers use pesticides, improperly dispose of hazardous waste, pollute the environment. Regulated enterprises are monitored and checked for compliance with growing conditions and finished products with environmental standards.
  • Marijuana is safer than alcohol. There is a lot of research about it: marijuana is less toxic, does not cause chemical dependence, and is less likely to cause medical problems. It is safer socially: the person who uses it is not aggressive, is not inclined to disturb public order, and commit crimes.

The statistics on alcohol poisoning deaths and alcohol-related crimes are impressive. At the same time, deaths from marijuana use are zero in the history of its use. There are no confirmed deaths from cannabis use.

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