🏡|420 Culture|Who Uses The Term 20 Past 4? A Story About 5 Boys Who Came Up With The Number 420

Who Uses The Term 20 Past 4? A Story About 5 Boys Who Came Up With The Number 420

420 representing the question Who Uses The Term 20 Past 4

As a stoner myself, I have always wondered who uses the term 20 past 4 and how it became so famous among people who smoke weed.

The fascinating story of the birth of the 20 past 4 time began back in in the fall of 1971. Five Northern California boys who attended San Rafael high school became the founders of the famous time 4:20.

It all started when they had a map that the Coast Guard had drawn by hand. The map depicted a possibly planted marijuana plantation, It was the Point Reyes area.

The group of teenagers had a very laconic name, Waldos. The boys in search of treasures agreed to meet after school at 4:20 pm near the statue of Louis Pasteur.

How did their search for a marijuana plantation end? They did not find it, but the guys had a local meme about 420 and 420 Louis (in honor of the statue). From that moment on, the term 20 past 4 was used by boys as a secret code that their parents or people around them could not understand. This code meant for the boys to meet at the place near the statue at 4:20 and smoke weed.

The number 420 began to spread further and further and already in the 80s, a popular rock group called “The Grateful Dead” began to popularize 420.

The final step of 420 towards strengthening the culture of marijuana was the creation of an article from renowned editor Steve Bloom. He published a story about 5 teens and what 20 past 4 means in the largest marijuana magazine, The High Times.

Who Uses The Term 20 Past 4 Today?

Almost everyone who smokes weed. Over time, the number 420 has become a cult figure and has come to modern times. 20 past 4 is sometimes used in what it means today.

The term “20 past 4” is sometimes used by pot lovers everywhere, and now everyone knows what 420 is. People have kept the tradition and meet at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana.

The creators of the blog were happy to immerse you in the 420 culture and tell you a lot about this mysterious number. Tell your friends what 420 means and where it came from.

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