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White Cookies Strain

white cookies

The next time a little girl scout knocks on your door to offer cookies, do not refuse. It is an omen to stock up on delicacies and gets ready for an exciting evening in the company of the trendy White Cookies strain.

Why the White Cookies is so attractive, and what is its unique feature?

We have done deep research and are ready to share its results with you.

Let us start with genetics

Maybe it doesn’t matter much to the end consumers, but we’ve always been curious to follow the cannabis pedigree. It’s almost like in a Game of Thrones: old acquaintances turn out to be relatives, and your favorite character can give birth to an unexpected offspring.

So the parents of White Cookies are representatives of the old and new school of strain breeding. On the one hand, White Widow, perhaps the most famous, energetic, and happy hybrid strain in the world comes from the Netherlands. On the other hand, Girl Scout Cookies, a strain that looks and smells like your favorite cookies, making you feel the euphoria and munchies.

White Cookies strain

white cookies strain

The fact that the result of crossing such parents’ — White Cookies strain — has become popular is not surprising. The taste and aromatic qualities of these nugs made them very attractive for beginners. White Cookies vanilla, chocolate, and a little earthy smell turn into the tasty thick smoke. Even experienced stoners melt from such a soft flavor.

The second important factor for the popularity of the White Cookies strain is its potency. It is primarily a THC strain with minimal CBD content. Despite the psychoactive orientation, we can’t call this strain homicidal. The THC content of White Cookies flowers is below average, which again lowers the entry threshold for beginners. Your usual dose will make you feel good, but it will not send you to another planet or bed. So it is ideal for those enthusiasts who are afraid of paranoia and greening out.

However, you should not consider White Cookies strain as something not serious. If you smoke it in the morning, it will determine your day until the evening. The best way to use White Cookies is to prepare a bong or joint in a cozy place where no one will bother you for several hours and a lot of food. Since there are ‘Cookies’ in the name, another distinctive feature of the White Cookies strain is the intense hunger it causes. It makes a young strain of medium potency an excellent medical remedy for those who need to fight against loss of appetite.

We encourage you to try White Cookies and evaluate its smell and effect on your own, but if you are looking for medical help, consult your doctor first. Your condition is unique, and only you know about the reactions of your body. Use weed responsibly.


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