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Where does weed grow naturally?

weed grow naturally

A cannabis species called ruderalis or wild marijuana is found naturally most often. It is what is meant when someone said that marijuana can grow anywhere. Varietal plants are usually more capricious and sensitive to care.

The main difference between wild cannabis and Sativa and Indica is its extremely low THC content, rarely exceeding 1-4%, so it has no value for growers, which is not the case with breeders. Ruderalis is very resilient, and breeders use its genes to stabilize hybrid varieties and create auto-flowering strains.

Of course, some enthusiasts do not miss out on the opportunity to get a dose of THC even using low concentrated plants, but we do not recommend hunting for weeds (literally).

In this article, we will focus on India and Sativa, because, unlike ruderalis, their natural range is quite limited, and only a few places on the planet can be considered home to these phenotypes.

Annapurna Circuit

One of the most famous growth sites for cannabis is the Annapurna Circuit. This name unites the Himalayan mountain regions of Nepal, Northern India, and Southern China. It is noteworthy that all strains of cannabis can be found in this place – Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. However, here they only have acceptable conditions for growth. It is much more interesting to know the areas that are home to the phenotype. Where nature has made natural selection possible and turned wild cannabis into what we know now. That’s what we’ll talk about next.


The homeland of Indica is considered the territory of modern Afghanistan, Morocco, and Pakistan. Cannabis of this variety is characterized by small growth, dense bush structure, hard and strong buds. Breeders of many well-known seedbanks prefer to use marijuana varieties brought from these regions in their research and development.

It is impossible not to mention Afghani. It is a variety of Indica, which got its name because of its distribution in Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan. The key features of this subspecies of Indica are an increased level of THC, high resinous inflorescences, and often more compact size.


weed growth

Sativa comes from regions with tropical and equatorial climates. It also naturally grows in Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico. Some sources also mention the territories of modern Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and, less frequently, Turkmenistan. This species can also be found in some countries of Central Africa, which are located near the equator line.

To find wild Sativa is very rare, as it is more demanding to grow and blooms longer than Indica – only regions with long summer are optimal for this species of marijuana. It does not mean that Sativa cannot grow in other conditions, but the quality of the finished product can be affected.

As you can see, wild marijuana plants are quite common, but its quality is not suitable for a psychoactive trip. On the other hand, plants with high THC content require special conditions, and all the places suitable for growing weed naturally are already on the cannabis map of the world.


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