What to Do with Weed Stems: 6 Easiest Ways to Avoid Throwing Cannabis Stems

what to do with weed stems

What to Do with Weed Stems?

Perhaps every weed lover has ever wondered what to do with leftover leaves and stems. Today, we will tell you about five recipes using for marijuana stems. If you have cannabis stems, then read on to find out what to do with them. Also, this article will help you answer the question of how to extract THC from stems.

Here is a list of 6 recipes on what to do with marijuana stems.

  • Hemp Stem Tea

If you have weed stems, tea is the easiest way to use them. Smoking a dry cannabis stalk is a dubious pleasure: there are few active substances, but resins, fiber, and chlorophyll are in excess so that even the strongest lungs will be out at first. The taste of the potion is peculiar, but you can’t wait for the arrival. But if enough stems are gathered, they make a wonderful tea for long winter evenings. However, before brewing an invigorating drink, the raw materials must be treated, otherwise, the meager reserves of active substances in the stems will remain inaccessible to the body.

The main psychoactive component of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in-plant materials is usually present in the form of tetrahydrocannabinol acid and does not come into contact with the receptors responsible for psychedelic effects. To convert THC into a bioactive form, decarboxylation is used – the destruction of carboxyl groups by removing carbon dioxide during the heat treatment of cannabis.

At home, the material is cured in the oven at a temperature of about 110 degrees. Complete decarboxylation typically takes 30–60 minutes; the degree of readiness is determined by the change in color of the stems from bright green to a golden brown.

While the vegetable substances are sunbathing in the oven, pour half a liter of water into a saucepan, add a tablespoon of coconut oil, and put it on fire. Grind the dried stems and send them to the water, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to a minimum and simmer the mixture for 7-10 minutes, stirring constantly. The level of evaporation of the liquid correlates with the strength of the drink; experimenting with the timing of the exposure of the mixture, you can choose the optimal concentration of the product.

Ready hemp tea is filtered through a sieve or gauze and brewed for 7-8 minutes. Sugar, honey, cream, citrus zest, fragrant herbs, spices, dried fruits, and berries are added to taste. A variety of additives soften the bitterness of chlorophyll and the rough taste of cellulose, ennoble the specific aroma and saturate the drink with vitamins. 

  • Hemp Oil

Properly prepared canna oil will not spoil not only oatmeal but also any other dish. The magic of hemp stems transforms a cholesterol hotbed into a versatile supplement to improve energy metabolism. THC and most of the cannabinoids are highly soluble in fats and mobilize the body’s resources for accelerated lipid utilization, so you won’t have to pay extra folds at the waist for a hearty meal. Most importantly, the recipe for canna oil is simple and does not require special culinary skills.

  1. Pour water into a saucepan and melt a piece of butter in it, without boiling.
  2. When the oil is completely dissolved, pour the chopped cured hemp stems and leaves into the pan so that the green mass floats in the water without settling at the bottom.
  3. Simmer the mixture over low heat for 2-3 hours and let cool slightly.
  4. Strain the warm mixture into a deep bowl, then put the container in the refrigerator and let it stand.

The fragrant golden-green canna oil solidifies on the surface in a solid layer, so you can easily pick it up with a spoon or knife. The finished delicacy is smeared on bread, added to dough, sauces, and smoothies, charging boring diet dishes with positivity.

  • Cooking Charas

Observant Indians noticed that the active substances in the stems are unevenly distributed. A few trichomes are located mainly in the surface layer of the stem. If you scrape off the skin, you can get marijuana crystals with relatively little fiber. The product obtained by grinding chopped cannabis stalks is called charas. By the way, this is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates in the history of mankind, which is also called hashish for the poor.

Fresh hemp stems are cut into short sticks and scrolled between the palms. After some time, a thin layer of resin will cover the skin, which is shaken off the hands onto a clean sheet of paper or pallet. Then the resin is rolled into granules and balls, quite suitable for smoking and evaporation.

At first, the output will be small, but if you have patience and grind a lot of greens, you will get a very weighty piece of a picky brown-green product, which is enough for several sessions. Cooking charas is akin to meditation – along with the stems, annoying worries and anxieties are ground to dust, drowning out the whispers of eternity.

  • Kief

Golden pollen, completely purified from plant impurities, will charge the joint with heroic power, and in combination with liquid extracts for evaporation, it will completely take you into space. Decarboxylated marijuana kief is used in Kanna-cakes and as an original seasoning for salads, soups, and other dishes. Crystals intended for food are cured in an oven at a temperature of 140-150 degrees for 5-7 minutes.

Usually, the royal delicacy is obtained by grinding resinous cones in a grinder with a fine sieve, while other craftsmen have adapted to extract kief from the stem by freezing. The crushed green mass is placed in a plastic bag with a strong zipper or in a sealed silicone container. Under the action of low temperatures, the precious resin crystallizes on the surface of the stems; all that remains is to shake off the crystals from the plant and collect pollen from the bottom. You will have to shake vigorously, so the stems should be located quite freely and move freely inside the container.

  • Hemp Milk 

Making hemp milk at home is much easier than hash oil or rosin. Finely chopped raw materials do not even need to be decarboxylated – the boiling point of milk exceeds 100 degrees. In addition, the green mass languishes on fire for at least an hour, or even two, so that all psychotropic substances have time to activate. To make tough stems boil faster, throw a pinch of soda into the pan to soften the bast fibers.

Since THC is highly soluble in milk fat, opt for fatter milk or add a slice of butter or slightly diluted cream to the mixture. Milk sugar also promotes the absorption of cannabinoids, so condensed milk is used to enhance the effect.

During the brewing process, the water slowly evaporates, so the drink should be thick, like yogurt. The denser the consistency, the higher the content of active principles. Just do not overdo it, otherwise, the milk will burn and break off the whole buzz. If the taste of pure milk seems too brutal, experiment with spices and fillers. Cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, and nutmeg, combined with fruits and berries, make up a brilliant retinue of the green queen and emphasize the solemnity of the moment.

So do not rush to throw away the stems left after harvesting – they have a great future, and you – the glory of a great culinary specialist. And yet, do not lose your head, surrendering to the excitement of research: any strong remedy is good only in moderate doses.

  • Wine and Vodka on Hemp

This method can hardly be called traditional or widespread. The fact is that mixing two psychoactive substances – THC and alcohol – sometimes gives unpredictable results. However, cannabinoids are highly soluble in alcohol, so it is not difficult to make a hemp tincture or some kind of mulled wine from red wine infused with cannabis stalks.

It doesn’t even require a prescription. Pour vodka over the hemp stalks and wait as long as you are patient. There should not be a lot of THC, but the taste will be original and specific. Just keep in mind when tasting that cannabinoids taken orally may not work immediately, but after half an hour or an hour. Do not part, and be careful not to get lost in space and time.

Can Stems Be Used Traditionally?

what to do with leftover leaves and stems

Of course, you can try, but this is not the best idea. The stems, as already mentioned, contain small amounts of THC. But they have a lot of cellulose, chlorophyll, sugar, and starch. This explosive mixture can cause a strong cough even in the owners of the most prominent lungs. In addition, a headache is almost guaranteed. And to get the effect, you have to pass a lot of material through a tube or bong.

There is, however, one subtlety: THC is unevenly distributed in the stem, most of it is in the outer layer, in the skin. It also contains (in a very small amount) separately located trichomes. You can scrape off the top layer and thereby get a slightly higher concentration of THC while reducing the amount of fiber and cellulose. You will not get a first-class product this way, but it will be a little less disgusting. In any case, it is better to use other ways to use the stems.

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