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What is Weed Shake?

marijuana shake

The marijuana that we got is not always the best quality, but it is more of a challenge than a problem. One of the low-quality forms of cannabis, along with trims and sugar leaves, is marijuana shake. What is it, and how does it relate to pre-rolls?

In this article, we will answer ‘what is weed shake?’ and tell you how to get the most out of it.

Cannabis shake is all that left at the bottom of the bag after all the buds have run out. It’s very simple – each touch makes the crunchy flowers rub against each other and lose small pieces with trichomes. So the name is quite intuitive and explains the origin of these residues.

How to Smoke Shake?

pot shake

The most obvious way to use it is to roll the shake joint and smoke because the holes in the bowl of a bong are too large for the crushed shake. It explains why dispensaries sell pre-rolls filled primarily with marijuana shake, which may not be less potent than whole buds, but allow them to utilize as much as possible.

We want to offer some more advanced options than smoking shake weed for those looking for a new experience.


Pot shake is excellent for extraction.

  1. Dry and grind residues.
  2. Fill this mass with alcohol.
  3. Give time to extract all the oils from the weed.
  4. Shake needs to be filtered and removed.
  5. Extraction of alcohol may last for a few days for the natural process of gradual evaporation of alcohol, or you can speed it up with a water-steam bath.

Avoid using open fire when working with alcohol.

The resulting extract – black oily thick mass can be used for smoking by mixing it with other extracts or buds. If you are a gourmet, you can prepare a hemp tincture, using vodka, gin, white rum, and any other strong alcohol of your choice. The process is the same as in the brewing of any herbal alcoholic tincture for food use.


is shake weed good

The easiest way to figure out is shake weed good is baking, so popular in Europe. You can cook edible yourself, and cannabis shake will be useful here because usually good buds are more pleasant to smoke.

  1. Dry and grind the shake.
  2. Decarboxilize – read our article if you don’t know what it is!
  3. Take a pack of butter or coconut oil. Keep in mind that butter should soak it all, but it shouldn’t be too much for the extract to have the right proportions.
  4. Melt the fat in a pot and put cannabis in it.
  5. Stir the mass all the time.
  6. In 10 minutes, the oil will pull all the substances out of the hemp.
  7. Let the mass cool down.
  8. After that, it can be filtered out or used to cook dishes with little pieces of plant.

You can use the fat to prepare the entire range of baked goods where butter is needed: cookies, cookie muffins, and others available for baking in the oven.

The potency of edibles depends on the quality of the raw materials. The most generous and brave ones can infuse it with high-quality buds or concentrates such as bubble hash. The effect of such baking will be many times higher and truly cosmic, so be careful with experiments if you decide.


Marijuana shake is a universal seasoning and can serve as a great addition to any dish – even for shish kebabs. Dry cannabis can often be found as a seasoning for traditional dishes. It is most often found in Asia. For example, hemp is added to pilaf. In Cambodia, you can find places where pizza with hemp is baked every day.

Cannabis shake also can enrich any tea – it can be used as an additional ingredient for black and green tea, as well as for other types of this drink, including exotic ones. If you have flowers with high taste and aromatic qualities, it will improve any tea bouquet. Pot shake can also be used to create original herbal beverages.

We hope everyone will find something suitable. Now you know a little more about cannabis. Try new things and get new emotions!

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