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What is Thai Stick?

thai stick

Thai stick is a cannabis product for true connoisseurs. It is a little-known technique of making high-class smoking came to us from Thailand. Why a Thai stick is called a cannabis cigar and how to smoke it we will tell you in our article.

We will start with a short excursion into history. In the second half of the twentieth century, the U.S. invaded Vietnam, and this paved the way for an exchange of cultures. Not least the cannabis cultures. Thanks to the constant transfer of technology and people to Southeast Asia and back, the Thai sticks were brought to the states. At that time, marijuana production was not as big an industry as it is now, and America adopted the Thai stick weed as something brain-blowing. The local Thai weed was of a higher quality than that used to smoke in the U.S.

Many even claimed that Asians used opium to make Thai stick blunt. It is really difficult to verify this because the technology of producing cannabis cigars has never been unified, and each master used his secrets. Someone may have used opium, but this is unlikely. Thai joint, even without it, had a very strong sedative effect

But let’s explain in more detail how Thai sticks are made for those who hear about them for the first time.

How to make a Thai stick?

thai stick weed

It is like a kebab of cannabis. Stem or stick is used as a pole for stringing high-class seedless flowers. For greater strength, this base is soaked in cannabis oil (some were sure that opium). It is important that the weed was resinous and dense, so some claim that the Thai stick can only be made from a Thai stick strain. We certainly understand that this is an exaggeration, and any strain with a high oil content will do. The import of high-quality strains of southeast Asia may have brought the cannabis industry in the United States to a new level.

The next step is wrapping. A real Thai stick blunt is wrapped with huge cannabis leaves. These Thai leaves are called alligator tails and are easily found in local strains. Due to the hot and humid climate, the plants grow very long, flower late, and their size can impress you. However, almost anything is suitable to become a wrapper for your cannabis cigars. You can use threads from the brush fibers. It will be one of the lightest yet durable and safe materials for your health.

The most killer recipe for a Thai blend stick includes the use of hash oil. After you put dense flowers on the stem and wrap them with marijuana leaves, you should cover this cannabis cigar with oil. This combination will knock down even the most tolerant marijuana lover. Probably, this is how the myth of using opium in Thai sticks appeared.

Now you know what Thai sticks are and how to make them. You may even want to try your hand at this craft. Be patient, and the result will unravel you with precision. It’s better to share such a cannabis cigar with a good friend, or it may be an impossible task to cope with it alone. Enjoy your experiments!


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