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Possible Causes of Weed Shaking and Tips on How to Get Rid of It

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What Is Shake Weed and How to Prevent Them?

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If you’ve ever used marijuana, you are probably aware of some of the more common side effects. Cotton mouth and food cravings, for example, are often associated with cannabis use. While pizza cravings are not ideal, they are not a medical emergency requiring immediate attention.

But what about involuntary tremors and shaking after smoking marijuana? You may have once wondered why weed makes me twitch. Anecdotal evidence suggests that getting high can cause spontaneous muscle twitching in some users, which can be fun or intimidating. In truth, many simple elements can answer the question, “why does my body twitch when I smoke weed?”

Why Do I Twitch When I Smoke Weed?

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Scientists have not yet figured out why, after receiving a dose of high, you can get a tremor-like movement. At the moment, we are still studying how cannabis manages to help people in licking or a decrease in tremor, which can be caused, for example, by multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, but there are still small analyzes on this topic, in particular, the tremor can be caused by smoking cannabis.

Anecdotal evidence on Reddit says weed shaking isn’t just about smokers. Marijuana shaking can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Some people have body shaking after smoking weed, even though they use marijuana daily. Accordingly, it could be anything.

Below are some of the most common causes of shakes from weed:

Weed Can Make You Shake If You Are Cold

shaking from weed

You might be wondering ”why does weed make you shake”. We shiver when we are cold. It is scientifically proven that THC, one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis, lowers body temperature in animal populations and has also been observed in humans. Although THC-induced hypothermia is rare in humans, cannabis lowers baseline body temperature, which can cause tremors. Accordingly, this may be one of the reasons for uncontrollable shaking after smoking weed.

Too Much THC

why does weed make me twitch

Too much THC is another aspect that can make your body shake after smoking weed. Cannabis strains with higher THC levels can be anxious and shaky for beginners (and in some situations, experienced users as well). Plus, if you get too much THC in one go, you can experience a cascade of psychological symptoms, including paranoia. When smoking or vaping, it is best to take one dose and then wait ten or fifteen minutes to assess how you are feeling before taking another one. Repeated doses can lead to an excess of THC in your body, which can make you shake after weed. In the liver, THC is converted to a strong 11-hydroxy-THC, which can remain in the bloodstream longer than smoked cannabis. It is not known whether THC metabolites play a role in marijuana cocktails.

Some users attribute marijuana tremors to different strains or varieties of cannabis. For example, Sativa strains are thought to be more likely to induce cerebral uplift accompanied by nervousness. Indica, on the other hand, is known for providing a relaxing effect that is felt throughout the body. However, it is currently believed that such distinctions are meaningless and arbitrary. Based on the distinctive profile of the terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis, different types of cannabis can cause different experiences.

Restlessness or Nervousness

twitching after smoking weed

Anxiety causes shivering in the same way as cold. Cannabis is known to cause anxiety or paranoia in high doses, and some people seem to be more vulnerable to these effects than others. Higher THC levels have been linked to anxiety in humans, which contradicts the belief that people use marijuana to relax or unwind.

Over-Stimulation from a Combination of Substances

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When cannabis is used with other stimulants, it can cause nasty marijuana shakes. Over-stimulation is one of the most common causes of cannabis tremors. This is more common when you combine marijuana with other things like cigarettes or coffee.

Since both cannabis and tobacco affect the central nervous system (CNS), which is loaded with cannabinoid nicotine receptors, when marijuana is wrapped in tobacco in the joint, the CNS takes an extra hit.

Similarly, central nervous system stimulants such as caffeinated drinks, black tea, and coffee can further activate the central nervous system, causing involuntary tremors or shaking. Keep in mind that cannabis can be a stimulant on its own. Over-stimulation occurs when combined with other stimulants such as nicotine and coffee.

Low Blood Sugar

why do i shake when i smoke weed

Shaking is likely related to low blood glucose levels, but clinical studies have not shown this. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) and muscle cannabinoid receptors play a role in glucose control. Although many cannabis users feel appetite and eat more than non-marijuana users, marijuana smokers are less obese. According to one study, current marijuana users were more susceptible to the effects of insulin, and their bodies produced less insulin than people who did not use high-THC cannabis.

How Long Do Weed Tremors Last?

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If you have smoked or used marijuana, twitching from weed should last no more than 30 minutes. However, if you have used food, shaking can take several hours. Large amounts of cannabis, especially varieties with higher THC concentrations, can cause prolonged shivering. Due to metabolic differences between people, the shaking from the weed time interval can only be considered approximate due to the level of THC in the body.

How to Stop Cannabis Shakes?

why do i twitch when i smoke weed

Some strategies can be used to reduce the likelihood of cannabis cocktails or to lighten them if they have already occurred. Here are some of them:

Get Warm

Wrapping is a quick and easy way to get rid of shivering after smoking weed, as marijuana lowers your body temperature.

Calm Down

“The best way to deal with cannabis cocktails is to stay calm when possible, stay warm and stop or minimize cannabis use if cocktails get too intense” advises DiFrancesco.

Take a Deep Breath

Focus on taking deep, even breaths to engage the body’s parasympathetic nervous system if you feel shaky and agitated. Instead of fighting or fleeing, the body goes into a parasympathetic state that allows it to relax. Playing relaxing music can also help calm the mind and body and create a more relaxed state.

Limit Your Use of Other Stimulants

Limiting the use of other stimulants may also be necessary to stop shaking. If overstimulation is the cause of the cannabis cocktail episodes, it is recommended to cut back on other stimulants. Avoid smoking, coffee, or tea.

Consider CBD Products

CBD can help you get rid of unpleasant tremors after using marijuana. CBD has been shown to help with psychomotor disorders or anxiety. A drop of CBD tincture can help calm you down. After all, it is this remedy that weakens the effect of THC on the body.


Knowing all the reasons for twitching after smoking weed, you don’t have to worry, because this problem is completely solvable. Weed can make you twitch and that’s ok. You can easily deal with this issue by following the tips that we have provided for you in this article. You no longer need to search in a panic on Google for an answer to the question “why do I shake when I smoke weed” because now it will be easier for you to accept the situation, and it will be easier to get out of it.

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