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beta myrcene

Terpenes are a type of organic compound found in the resins and essential oils of many plants. It is mainly released in the form of secondary metabolites for protective purposes, but it can contribute to contamination (certainly not by anaerobic cannabis), as can be learned from cannabis botany courses. Many studies have analyzed the properties of terpenes.

Results show that some of the terpenes found in cannabis plants have good antibiotic, and analgesic properties. These effects are complemented by classic plants and in many cases can produce synergistic effects that art connoisseurs call complementary effects.

Among the various terpenes, β-caryophyllene and β-myrcene are the most present in all cannabis varieties.

Myrcene terpene or beta myrcene is an acyclic monoterpene that is commonly found naturally along with other terpenes in the essential oil of various plants, including lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), hops (Humulus lupus, where it contributes to the aroma of beer), verbena ( Verbena Officinalis), Mango (Mangifera Indica), Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris), Bay Leaf (Laurus Nobilis) and Cannabis Sativa.

In the cannabis plant, beta myrcene can account for up to 50% of the total terpenes and, among other things, contribute to the generation of the characteristic odor of cannabis (and other species in which it is present). The smell of beta myrcene is very specific, it resembles the smell of earth and musk with spicy and balsamic notes.

Myrcene affects

Myrcene is a highly volatile compound and its nature makes it somewhat difficult to use. It is used as an intermediary in the perfumery industry for the production of terpene flavors.

A very positive aspect of β-myrcene is its very low toxicity. Its security profile has indeed been rigorously tested. For example, it was seen that it is not a genotoxic compound (it does not damage DNA), and the Ames test (a test for mutagenicity) showed that it does not cause mutations in DNA.

Given its safety, β-myrcene has been the subject of various experiments that have emphasized its properties, especially anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Myrcene benefits

Myrcene has been widely used in folk medicine throughout history, especially as a pain reliever. Essential oils are commonly used in folk medicine, which contains large amounts of myrcene, as well as a number of other terpenes. So if you will ask, is beta myrcene in essential oils dangerous, we can say that it is not dangerous.

Myrcene is a natural compound with a high safety profile that can be used to induce analgesia in patients suffering from pain, especially inflammatory and chronic pain.

These effects add to the already known anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of cannabis and phytocannabinoids. Therefore, it is important to understand how these actions can be synergized with each other to better cope with various diseases such as osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain or dermatitis.

It is clear from the analyzed scientific studies that although the exact mechanism of action of myrcene has not yet been fully elucidated, its promising role in the treatment of inflammation and pain can be used in medical practice.

Myrcene cannabis effects

what is myrcene

Myrcene is found in the composition of cannabis plants. It is renowned for its calming effect and is excellent in reducing pain and inflammation. Research has shown that myrcene has a protective effect on UV-induced photoaging of human skin, making this terpene particularly interesting for the cosmetic industry.

In addition to intrinsic analgesic properties, the myrcene found in the cannabis plant may also enhance the analgesic properties of phytocannabinoids. This terpene seems to reduce the resistance of the blood-brain barrier, which prevents the entry of external substances into the brain, increasing its permeability. Thus, β-myrcene itself and other substances (including THC) can more efficiently penetrate the central nervous system. The substance restores sleep and, by reacting with a group of cannabinoids, enhances their effect. The highest concentration of myrcene is found in tissues of the White Widow variety.

The benefits of myrcene terpene

One of the most common terrain cannabis, myrcene not only imparts flavor and aroma to it but also has a large impact on the effects that a particular strain creates. Myrcene is an essential component of the essential oils of several other plants besides cannabis, including lemongrass, bay, wild thyme, parsley, mango, and hops.

Myrcene is used in the perfume industry as an intermediate in the preparation of fragrance chemicals such as menthol, citronellal, nerol, and linalol. In cannabis, myrcene flavor is an aroma that various people describe as hoppy, clove, and earthy with tropical notes of mango and mint.

High myrcene strains

It was found that the known Sativa varieties Hawaiian Dutch and Durban have the highest levels of myrcene, reaching 1.6% and 1.5%, respectively. The Super Silver Haze score is 1.4%. As you can see, these values ​​exceed the conventional mark of 0.5%, determined by the laboratory. At the same time, the indications of Granddaddy Purple and Cashmere contain only 0.33% and 0.28%, respectively, and Bubba Kush – 0.083% at all.

Myrcene terpene effects

Myrcene is produced by some cannabis strains. In the Indica variety, the content of this terpene exceeds 0.5%. Some researchers suggest that it is due to the content of myrcene in the Indica variety that a sedative effect on the body is manifested.
The ripe mango also gives off myrcene. It has been suggested that if a ripe mango is eaten before consuming the herb, its myrcene terpene taste and aroma will enhance the psychoactive effects of cannabis. This effect has been attributed to the fact that the myrcene in mango naturally interacts with the THC in hemp and allows cannabinoids to directly affect receptors in the brain.

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