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What is ‘Larf’

larf weed

Unfortunately, not all buds are like we would like. The plant grows unevenly under the influence of the sun and other external factors. Thus, we get flowers that are less than usual and less dense, which are called larf.

In this article, we will give the larf definition and try to figure out what to do with it.

Larf is a slang word for a premature weed. It doesn’t mean that this kind of cannabis is unsuitable for use, just that it is of lower quality than ordinary buds. In other words, larf is a low-quality marijuana flower.

Why Do Larf Buds Appear?

larfy buds

Flowers that are higher receive more light, so they grow more and reach their full potential. If some bud tries to grow in the shadow of such success, it can not get enough energy from the sun and remains small.

Usually, they are at the bottom of the plant and don’t have time to gain weight by the time most of the flowers ripen. But this does not mean that they should be thrown into waste.

Grover tries to minimize the number of imperfect buds on his plant by trimming the top branch of the bush. It allows the following side branches to grow equivalent. Each flower on them gets more sunlight and grows bigger.

How to Use Larf weed

Like sugar leaves, small flowers have the opportunity to become your secret ingredients in any dish. Even though they have less potency than nugs, they still have it, so throw them into the oven and then into the fat to saturate it with cannabinoids. Read more about this in our article on decarboxylation.

Another option to use premature buds is to smoke them. Wow. It may seem obvious, but larf is still much better than trim. Breathing in smoke from leaves and twigs does not give you a very pleasant feeling, while small buds smoke is softer.

Yes, they are still low in potency, but if you are a beginner with low tolerance or just want to save money it is a good choice. You can load a bowl of bong or fill the joints with larfy buds that will surely do their job. At the same time, sellers understand the difference between high-quality products and waste, so they sell premature weed much cheaper.

Larf is not the worst thing you can get, even if you got it instead of the expected nugs. You can still use them and get all the effects of cannabis. You can also prepare an edible one from this if you have a more potent form of cannabis. It is a transitional phase between sugar leaves and buds, so it can be used universally for your pleasure.

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