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What is Kief?

what is kief

When you admired your cannabis, you must have noticed these beautiful tiny crystals that cover it. But did you know that what you see is actually kief weed?

If you collect them all and separate them from the plant, you will get pollen of golden color. It is one kind of dry sifting concentrate that you can get at home without any extra effort.

With this precious dust, you can twist a super-powerful joint or cook a really special dish. In this article, we will tell you what to do with kief.

What is kief? It is a concentrated form of cannabis, consisting only of trichomas. By separating trichomes from the bud, you get weed kief. As you probably already know, trichomes have a maximum concentration of cannabinoids compared to the rest of the plant. That’s why if you separate these resinous balls from the bud, you can get something much stronger than just a flower.

How to collect marijuana kif

what to do with kief

Most people who use cannabis, use a greener. Kief can be collected using a slightly more advanced three-level device. When the buds ground in its upper part, the kif falls through a very small sieve to the lower part. This process takes a lot of time and labor, so if you are in a hurry you can use other, more productive methods, for example, with dry ice.

The disadvantage is that you need more raw materials. Although more cannabis is needed for this method, kif extraction with dry ice is one of the simplest and most effective methods.

All you need is a grid of 220 microns or more (or a special bag with such a grid) and a bucket. To start with, take 50-100 grams of dry cuttings and leaves, and place them in a bucket along with 500 grams of dry ice. Then pull the sieve over the bucket, shake it a little, then flip it over a flat clean surface and keep shaking. The kif will fall through the mesh. Collect the ready kief THC and enjoy it.

How to Use Kif

weed kief

Now that you know what it is, it’s time to learn the best way to use kief. Of course, most people smoke it. However, you’re not limited to just throwing it in the pipe, although it’s also a great option. There are at least six great ways to use kif.

Smoke it with the pipe

If you do not like to complicate things, you are not alone. Smoking kif is one of the most popular methods. Almost always it’s enough just to light it on fire to enjoy it completely. However, be careful not to put too much – it is still strong enough.

Enhance the vape liquid

Kif can easily be turned into electronic cigarette liquid to fill up your vape and consume it. You will also need a filter for coffee machines, some water sauna pans, and a few syringes. You can also add some of your favorite flavors for electronic cigarettes, such as strawberries or caramel.

Usually, the ratio of glycerin to propylene glycol is 1:1. It is one of the most economical kief uses. Once the liquid has cooled down, take the syringe, fill it, and then refill your vape. Breathe in some steam and enjoy the product of your home alchemy.

Roll the kief joint

The process of adding kif to the joint is quite simple, although it can create a mess. If you want to do this, just mix some kif with the bud so that it is well packed in the joint and does not fall apart. Then wrap this mixture in tissue paper.

Use kief weed when cooking

Did you know that you can cook with kif? It gives twice the flavor of buds, but it does not suppress the taste of your main dish. Another advantage is that it takes much less than flowers to achieve the same effect. If you want to make your food extremely strong, mix the kif and buds. If you were going to make cannabis oil, it will be suitable for this purpose as well.

It is very important to always decarboxylate kif before cooking. Otherwise, you will not get psychoactive kief high in your body. Do not worry, it is quite a simple process. Place the kif in heat-resistant cookware and put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 120 degrees. Then take the kif out and let it cool down. Now it is ready for use in dishes.

Turn it into hashish

Perhaps the result will not be of the highest quality, but you can certainly get hash from kief wax. For starters, you will need a piece of parchment for baking and an iron. If you have a hair straightener, this is even better. Double bend the parchment and place the kif inside. Then squeeze the paper with a hot iron or clamp between the legs of the straightener. Do not compress too long, otherwise, you will burn the product and paper. After that, you will get hashish, which can be used for good purposes.

We wish you to feel the kief high if you have not tried it yet. It is much more valuable than buds and also has a more potent mental effect. Kif can easily compete with concentrates. In fact, it is a concentrate, which is collected by dry sifting. Like bubble hash, it is extracted without the use of solvents and other chemical reagents that are harmful to inhale. So we can safely recommend you kif weed as an environmentally friendly substitute for concentrates in your joints and cookies.


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