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What is Hybrid Weed?

hybrid weed

Hybrid weed is an achievement of breeders from all over the world. They have mixed the best strains of Indica and Sativa to get the best effects of each. The result has won the hearts of producers and consumers.

If you have not tried hybrid cannabis yet, you should. It can give you new sensations and even break through your tolerance. Later you can choose whether you like Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant.

In this article, we will tell you what is hybrid marijuana is and what the effects of hybrid weed are.

Hybrid pot is a rather controversial term. As a weed, marijuana is very common around the world. It survives in almost any minimum suitable conditions. Therefore, the cannabis itself has been pollinated for thousands of years to develop its natural strains.

One such strain is Hindi Kush, bred by nature on the tops between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Only the most resinous plants could survive in the burning mountain sun. It is how a strain of 100% Indiсa appeared. The seedbanks took the best representatives and created a sample.

The same thing happened with Sativa bushes. Only after receiving high-quality genetics, the scientists were able to make the hybrid carts. But why would they do that?

What is a hybrid strain advantage?

hybrid cannabis

The original idea was to unite the best qualities in one. Sativa and Indica differ not only in their psychoactive effect. Plants differ externally significantly. High and thin Sativa resembles a low bushy Indiсa only with the color and shape of the leaves. Therefore, the benefit of creating a hybrid weed was not only consumers but also producers.

Due to this, Sativa can grow low and be compact, or Indiсa can acquire the yield of Sativa. An additional amount of resin that Sativa can inherit protects it from weather changes and insects. Breeding and mixing strains allowed many plants to grow where it was considered impossible.

The psychoactive properties of hybrid cannabis are also impressive. It can relax you physically as an Indica and mentally as a Sativa. You can experience a wide range of sensations that smoke can give you.

Hybrid Marijuana Effects

hybrid edibles

Hybrid is the name of a whole category, which includes hundreds of strains. So it is quite difficult to answer how you will feel. We can’t say what awaits you if we don’t know exactly what you use.

Each variety has a unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. The interaction of these elements has a different effect on each person. (Well, similar, but still distinguishable.) Moreover, the state of your body and even your mood may have a determining result for what you will feel. Now imagine that the number of these factors is doubled because you are dealing with hybrid marijuana.

The strains must be compatible. The sedative and stimulating effects should not interfere with each other. The proportions of each species are also important. The ideal hybrid weed has a 50/50 Indica-Sativa ratio. This combination allows you to feel both the stimulation and sedation at the same time. If the ratio deviates in any direction, it is called a Sativa or Indica dominant.

Sativa and Indica dominants

Indica-Dominant is different from 100% plant. It is an Indica that relaxes your body less and leaves you with at least some workability. However, it’s not just light fun lovers who are looking for such strains. Patients who need pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and other medical marijuana properties can get them with a little Sativa bonus. It will allow them to lead an active life and continue treatment.

Sativa-dominant acts as a heavy Sativa. It relaxes your brain, makes it easy and creative. You want to laugh and do something. However, the body gets Indiсa injection and can become soft. It is unlikely that you will be nailed to a sofa, but you will feel more relaxed and body buzz than from conventional Sativa.

As you can see, each strain of hybrid pot has its characteristics that you can only discover by trying it. You can even try hybrid edibles. However, this combination opens up many possibilities for experimentation. It is how a large number of strains that we know today came into being. Most of them are hybrids.

The combination of Sativa and Indica does not always allow you to feel both effects. Most strains are primarily one type of weed complemented by the other. In any case, it’s a great option for beginners who don’t want to lose themselves to a hundred percent plant. One of the most popular hybrids for beginners that we have already written about is the White Cookie strain.

When you first enter the world of cannabis, you should try as many different strains as possible, taking a break between them, of course. So you will find something that suits you best, and you can enjoy the effects of full hybrid weed. It is an endless number of ways to experiment.


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