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What Is Pollen Press Weed? Find Out More Information About Pollen Press Kief Below

pollen press kief

It is known that a cannabis plant consists of several parts, from which various stuff can be made. Thus, after mechanical or manual removal of trichomes – small light yellow translucent hairs on marijuana that are found throughout the plant. They make the so-called pollen or kief. It is she who is then dried in order to make hashish and compress thanks to the hash coin press. Surely there are still people who do not know what is a pollen press.

Although hashish is a slightly different substance, it is made entirely from cannabis. The word “hashish” itself comes from the Arabic language and roughly translates as “weed”. Europeans and Americans first learned about it in the 19th century, but mankind has known what is a pollen press for weed for hundreds of years and was used mainly in India and the Middle East.

Hashish is made up of trichomes. They contain the bulk of the cannabinoids and trichomes. Once harvested from a plant, they turn into kief. This is the raw material from which cannabis is subsequently produced. In other words, hashish is a cannabis concentrate harvested naturally using a pollen press weed without the use of solvents.

Most often hashish is smoked through a pipe or bong. Also, it can be eaten, both separately and as part of meals. In North America, as in the countries of the former CIS, hashish is not so popular, yielding to classic buds. But in Europe, it is he who is the most common type of marijuana.

How to Get Kief?

weed pollen press

Hashish, as already mentioned, is compressed trichomes (resin glands of cannabis). It is necessary to get them split from the “bump”. The question is – how to do it?

To answer it, you need to know a simple thing – the resin easily breaks off the plant base (cones) if it is frozen. The unpressed resin is also called kief.

So, for starters, we take marijuana and put it in a shaker or grinder with a kief compartment. Place a charged grass shaker or grinder in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

After the specified time, we take it out and shake it with all our strength. It is necessary to force the trichomes to break off due to the force of mechanical action (blows of frozen cones against the walls of the shaker), after which they accumulate in the lower compartment, slipping through a mesh specially stretched in the middle, which separates the plant material from the resin crystals.

How Kief Turns into Hashish

Having collected the kief, you can proceed to the main procedure. Hashish is produced using a special pollen press. What does a pollen press do? Hashish is formed from the pollen press kief under the action of high temperature and pressure generated by the press.

If there is no special press, you can make hashish in the oven. Wrap the kief completely in cellophane to keep water out. Wrap the bundle in heavy paper and soak it in water. Place in an oven preheated to 170 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. The hashish will then be ready for storage.

Cannabis varieties with a maximum amount of trichomes are more suitable for making hashish.

Why Does Every Stoner Need a Pollen Press?

Manual press for hemp, marijuana is kind of exotic. Almost every fan of rasta smoking substances uses such a convenient device, and for good reason. The device has two functions:

  1. Compresses hash and grass into neat dense hash pucks;
  2. Serves as a stylish storage case for prepared stuff.

Pollen Press Instructions

hash puck

Let’s figure out the design and pollen press review. The press includes:

  • Collapsible body made of durable yet lightweight aluminum.
  • Two caps. They are fixed on both sides with a tight, sealed thread.
  • Two metal cylinders. These parts fit tightly to the inner surface of the device, leaving almost no gap between the metal and the case.

What is a pollen press used for? The press is used and useful in that it is convenient, practical and easy. The screened dust is placed between two dense cylinders and the caps are tightened on both sides until a strong resistance is felt. Thanks to the smooth threading, the pressure force can be controlled effortlessly. As a result, the device compresses the dust into a dense hash puck. It is possible to enhance the effect of the device using thermal compression. Or without disassembling the structure, the press with a high is placed in hot water for 15-20 minutes. Under the influence of high temperatures, a miniature briquette is formed, pleasing to the eye with its neat shape and perfect appearance.

Pressing is relevant when there is a lot of product and there is nowhere to store it, or it is inconvenient to store, while the consumption of staff remains practically the same and, accordingly, the pressed “stock” goes away faster.

Features of Pollen Press Use

While drying, you may have an idea to compress the existing marijuana. This is especially true for outdoor growers where the plants are more lush. In general, physical contact with the bud during drying is undesirable, because it damages the trichomes, depriving you of precious THC. However, for storage reasons, some growers still prefer to compress their crops.

If you decide to use pollen presses, there are several factors you need to consider. How to use a hash press wisely? First, you won’t be able to effectively compress buds if they dry out in low humidity. They will dry out too quickly and begin to crumble. Secondly, pressing is only possible if you dry individual buds. It is not worth perverting, and giving the press to the bumps on the branch, you will only harm them. Third, kief coin press buds are more susceptible to mold, so always split the cannabis after pressing.

Kief pollen press can be used a couple of days after starting drying. Take a plastic bag and pour the cannabis into it. Roll up the bag to form a cylinder of cannabis. Pull the bag off a little more, gently squeezing the buds. Try to do everything as carefully and gently as possible so as not to damage the trichomes. Place the resulting package for a couple of hours under something massive, but not solid. An ordinary pillow is ideal. Then remove the cones, carefully separate them and return to dry. After a day or two, the procedure can be repeated. Pressing is carried out every few days until the end of drying.

How to Store Pressed Hash

After using the weed pollen press, the resulting briquettes can be stored for months or even years with little degradation in potency and taste when stored properly. A freezer is the best place to store hashish.

Metal, glass or silicone containers are best suited for storage. Plastics and rubber are not recommended because the terpenes responsible for the taste and aroma of hash are several volatile compounds that chemically interact with plastic or rubber, destroying both the hash and the container. However, in freezing conditions, this happens slowly.

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