One Hitters Pipe: Different Pipe Materials and How to Clean One Hitters

One Hitters Pipe

One Hitters series are one-way pipes, that is, the smoking substrate is loaded in such a quantity that it is enough for exactly one puff. Similar pipes appeared at that time. When tobacco was a very expensive pleasure, since it has come down to our days, it means that the experts in the smoking business appreciated it. The tubes are available in a variety of colors, but all are made from lightweight, durable aircraft-grade aluminum.

Buying a One Hitter pipe is the right thought for both beginners and advanced users. These pipes diversify the collection of weed smoking tools. One Hitter became popular in the 17th century when tobacco was a rare commodity and was smoked very sparingly.

What Is a One Hitter?

It is a versatile, practical device for those who prefer easy and quick smoking. How much is a One Hitter? You can load no more than 0.25 g into the device, counting on 1–2 puffs. If you are interested in how to use a One Hitter, then everything is very simple, and we would talk about this below.

What Are One Hitter Pipes Made of?


One of the most popular options is borosilicate glass. Buying One Hitter for weed made of glass is a good idea for those who smoke quickly and do not like to bother with self-cleaning One Hitter pipe because this device is durable and does not absorb odors. The devices are 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic, even when heated. They are very diverse – glass can be of any color and transparency, as well as maximally plastic in a red-hot state, which gives free rein to manufacturers.

Ceramic always goes hand in hand with glass – glazed models are just as easy to maintain as glass and are even more durable. They have one common drawback: instability to directional impacts (when falling on hard surfaces, including tiles, stones, and when hitting with a solid object). Although the smallest One Hitters can be exploited for a long time even by unscrupulous users.


Stainless steel, brass, anodized aluminum behave very well. Ordering a metal tube 1 hitter for weed is not a bad decision. Metals do not produce toxic fumes, rust, and metallic taste; the latter may be present during the break-in period (during the first smoking sessions) and then disappear. They are easy to wash and impossible to break. Metal tubes can be found in a wide variety of patterns and shapes. If we compare ceramic vs metal One Hitter, then metal would be much more practical.

Minus: the device heats up quickly and does not allow smoking for a long time. But this is One Hitter – a device for one puff! To smoke for a long time, it is better to buy a cool bubbler or One Hitter bong.


Very popular lately and for a reason. All awkward users need to buy One Hitters pipe made of silicone: such devices are maximally resistant to shocks and falls. Plus, they are easy to clean and do not emit toxic substances when smoked. However, do not overheat the device. This won’t only destroy most of the active substances, but also can give an unpleasant taste of synthetics. The disadvantage of silicone is that it tightly absorbs odors. Daily care is needed to avoid the problem.

What Are the Best One Hitters 2021?


Bat One Hitter

The most common One Hitters type. The price for them is not high – you can find a device for 2–3 $ and it is much better than homemade One Hitters. This is an easy-to-use thin smoking pipe without bends and unnecessary details: the mixture is stuffed into one end, the mouthpiece on the other side (set fire, smoke). In most cases, they are made of metal.

More advanced models are equipped with a cooler/filter – a metal spiral spike inside the device. Some devices allow you to fill the stuff in advance: the tank turns and hides behind the flap. Before setting the One Hitter weed on fire, the mechanism rotates to its original position.

Pipette Tubes

Pipette Tubes one hit pipe

Inexpensive marijuana One Hitters made of glass are necessarily equipped with a filter (these can be glass spikes concave in the center of a spiral). There are devices of a classic square shape, with decorative elements or a mouthpiece for more comfortable smoking. Well suited for use by one or two people, they do not take up much space. Can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a pipe brush. Minus – they crack with frequent overheating and falls.

Transformer Tubes

Buying a transformer tube is worth lovers of good stealth. By default, these devices resemble a keychain or collectible artifact, the purpose of which remains unknown until you collect the parts in a different order. With the proper collection, such an uncomplicated object in a few moments turns into a completely functional tube and the faces of others immediately blur into a smile.



Anyone who loves convenience and comfort should buy a PotHit pipe. These metal tubes are equipped with a more complex mechanism; most come in a set with a cylindrical tank for grinded smoking mixture.

How to pack a One Hitter? To fill stuff, you do not need to use your fingers: we lower the tube into the box, then by lightly pressing on one side, the tube would automatically “eat” exactly as much content as needed. Then all that remains is to smoke and shake out the ashes.



These are pipes, often with a PotHit mechanism, which come with a “cigarette case” – a wooden case with two compartments. The first compartment is used directly for storing the device, and the second for storing dry chopped herbs. Buying a Dugout One Hitter pipe is a great way to smoke on the street and not raise questions: in an instant, you take out the device, fill it, and light it up. And if the design of the tube is made in the form of a cigarette, you won’t have any complaints at all.

One Hitter Smoking Pipes and Stealth

Stealth is a technology that allows you to learn how to make a One Hitter unnoticed. People hide ships, planes, military positions, or smoking pipes, disguising them as something more familiar. By the way, animals use stealth very well – they call it mimicry. Due to their miniature size, the tubes can be easily disguised as household items. If you want to hide something, put it in the most conspicuous place. You don’t need to invent anything. On the market, you can choose weed One Hitters, the design and shape of which won’t cause extraneous thoughts:

  • stationery pens and pencils;
  • сigarettes;
  • pendants;
  • trinkets;
  • bolts, screws, pipes;
  • dumbbells, hammers.

How to Wash One Hit Pipes?

Due to their miniature size, such tubes are not always easy to clean with ordinary improvised means. Even if you do not use specialized detergents, get a brush for thin pipes at the smoking room store. With this tool, you can speed up the process several times.

How to Wash One Hit Pipes

What are One Hitter cleaning tools? To clean, first sweep through the canal with a dry brush to remove coarse ash and fumes. Then, wetting in liquid, rinse the device clean. Finally, rinse with hot running water and dry.

We choose the solvent depending on the tube material:

  • Glass – alcohols, acids, alkalis for dissolving fats, hot soap solutions; salt, soda.
  • Metal – isopropyl alcohol, salt; in particular, some solvents that do not leave marks on the metal (read on the package with the chemical).
  • Silicone – hot soapy water only. It is better not to play with other solvents if you do not know exactly how the material reacts to them (these can be cracks, discoloration, a drop in elasticity, foreign odors).

Pros and Cons of One Hitter Pipes

Pros of One Hitter Pipes:

  • the small, compact size of some pipes for weed fits even in the fifth jeans pocket (the same as for Zippo lighters);
  • lightweight, stylish, and high-quality devices;
  • basically – these are eternal tubes that require only timely cleaning. Only glass and ceramics should be treated with caution;
  • you can choose a tube 1 hit for weed with quality stealth;
  • ideal for solo and couples smokers – no unnecessary details.

Cons of One Hitter Pipes:

  • you can smoke only in small portions (in fact, this is their plus, just not for everyone);
  • a small device is easy to lose. Absent-minded people are better off looking at Dugout models.

One Hitter Pipe or a Shotgun?

These pipes are similar – miniature and designed for a small number of smoking herbs. The shotgun is easy to use because when you smoke through it, the cap is always positioned vertically. In the case of One Hitter, the bowl is always parallel to the axis of the tube, and you can accidentally spill the filling by unsuccessfully tilting the device.

But the best One Hitters for weed are distinguished by their simplicity of design – they can be cleaned with one stroke of the brush. Plus, only this line of handsets provides so many devices disguised as familiar things. >The blog authors advise you to study some types of small marijuana pipes and choose the most suitable one. Rest assured – this is a great device!

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