What Is A Cannagar And How To Roll Your Own Mold Cannagar Kit

how to roll a cannagar

A pure marijuana cigar can take you a lot of time and a lot of marijuana, however, if you have the patience and staff, then a pure hemp cigar would smoke you very quickly and can give incredible sensations.

Also, homemade cannagar mold takes significantly longer than a regular joint, but the effect is impressive even for sophisticated cannabis lovers. An excellent option for relaxing in a company, but you can enjoy it alone. Moreover, one piece is enough for several times.

What Is Cannagar?

Cannagar is also called hemp cigar or thai stick – this is one of the most exotic ways to smoke cannabis, and it is also very expensive, but we’ll talk about that below. If we compare the cannagar kit with rolling a cigar from tobacco, then there are still some differences. When rolling cannagar, a stick is used, around which leaves are wrapped and secured with a thread. Also, in the manufacture of Thai sticks, dry cannabis buds are used, which make the surface of the cigar uneven and bumpy, which cannot be said about the classic cigar made from tobacco.

Smoking a cannagar is much easier than a joint, because it is thick and you can do the tightening slowly and slowly, it burns well, but quite slowly. This makes it possible to enjoy the unusual taste and smell of the exhaled smoke from the cannagar. Joint would serve you just a couple of minutes, while cannagar can be smoked for several hours, which allows you to enjoy and relax for a long time.

When using cannagar, it is recommended to take small puffs, because it is very powerful and can immediately knock you to the sofa and you’ll no longer be able to become. You need to enjoy it slowly and not in a hurry, try to stretch the pleasure.

What Is the Cost of Cannagar?

Everything in cannagar is great except for the price. A high-quality cannagar can cost from 10 dollars to over a thousand, you must admit that this is an expensive pleasure. Its cost is quite high, so many lovers of smoking weed in various ways cannot afford to buy cannagar from manufacturers. Because of this, stoners learn to make DIY cannagar mold at home.

How to Make a Cannagar?

diy cannagar mold

Making cannagar yourself is pretty easy and you don’t need to have any superpowers to twist it, but beginners are advised to practice a few times. Let’s look at the instructions on how to make a cannagar without a mold and roll it up to get the desired effect.

First Way to Make a Cannagar

What you’ll need:

  • wooden stick;
  • hashish (canna) oil;
  • dried cannabis buds;
  • marijuana leaves, some prefer tobacco;
  • threads to hold all the components together.

How to Roll A Cannabis Cigar:

  • Wrap a wooden stick with dried cannabis, and generously pour freshly prepared cannabis oil on top to completely cover the layer of cannabis and soak it abundantly;
  • Wrap cannagar with thin marijuana leaves (you can use tobacco if desired). After that, pour everything again with hash oil and fasten with threads. You can wrap the cigar with threads several times and carefully tie them at the bottom so that it does not come loose;
  • Find a dry, warm place in your home where no light can enter. Leave the resulting canna cigar there for 1–2 days to dry;
  • After the end of drying, the threads must be carefully removed without damaging the cigar and wrapped with cannabis leaves another layer;
  • Cover the layer of canna leaves again with oil and carefully tie it with thread several times;
  • The penultimate stage is another drying of the canna cigar. This time you need to put the cigar in a warm, dry place without light for a sufficiently long period of 2–3 weeks, but if there is no possibility or desire to wait so long, you can dry it in the oven at medium temperature. Proceed at your own peril and risk, because when drying a canna cigar in the oven, its quality can significantly deteriorate;
  • After the end of drying, the thread is carefully cut and removed, and a wooden stick is pulled out. Your canna cigar is ready to smoke!
cannagar kit

Second Way to Make a Cannagar

What you’ll need:

  • bamboo skewers;
  • large sun-shaped weed leaves;
  • 12 to 25 grams of good weed;
  • liquid weed resin oil (can be replaced with a mixture of sugar and water) or rosin oil (plant resin left over from pinus palustris pine resin).

How to Roll a Cannagar:

  • Take a bamboo skewer and remove all the threads. Then coat it with one layer of liquid oil / sugar made from hemp gum and water or rosin oil
  • Start squeezing out your weed with a mug. Tighten the bud into a skewer. Make sure there is an equal amount around each part of the skewer.
  • Tie a layer of leaves with hemp string and secure the ends so that it does not come loose. Try to wrap the canna cigar tightly and tightly so that the hemp leaves do not stick out in different directions. Place the cannagar in the refrigerator for 2 days;
  • After 2 days, take out the canna cigar and remove the threads, try to remove absolutely all the knots, as this would affect the quality of the product in the future. If some part of the canna of the cigar is uneven, then try to fix it;
  • Gently loosen the thread and try to avoid crumbling the dried cannabis leaves;
  • Use large, long hemp leaves to seal the cigar well. After you’ve folded it all the way through, go ahead and add the final thick layer of resin to bond all layers well;
  • After covering with resin, begin attaching the hemp rope around the brooch covered with leaves;
  • Leave to dry for 1–2 weeks in the same room;
  • Once completely dry, remove the thread and slowly pull out the bamboo skewer to form the final cigar. Finally, place the cannars in an airtight container for storage.

Bonus: what separates a good cigar from a hemp cigar from a bad one is based on the same principles as a tobacco cigar: it must be rolled evenly. The creators of the blog wish you patience and strength in order to make a cannagar mold, but if it turns out to be too difficult, then you can always buy a canna cigar in a specialized store.

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