Weed Bomb: How to Twist the Joint and Blunt for a Bong Time Bomb

Weed Bomb

And again we have a conversation about hand-rolled cigarettes, but today there would be something more interesting! And all because only at first glance, this way of consuming a plant substance seems so simple and understandable. But if you delve deeper into the topic, it becomes clear that a personalized cigarette is not so simple. It can be very, very different. Therefore, it requires detailed analysis to know what is a blunt time bomb.

There are many ways to use weed, whether someone loves to twist a joint or just use a bong. But experienced stoners went much further and came up with the so-called weed time bomb. The effect is simply incredible, and every cannabis lover would definitely like to try this way of using weed.

Today, we’ll look at two of the most popular and affordable options for creating a time bomb: a blunt and a bong bowl. Get ready to lose track of time and dive into a long state of high.

How to Make Time Bomb?

To begin with, let’s understand the essence and principle of operation of this time bomb made of cannabis. This effect is provided by the so-called plug located at the end of the blunt or bong bowl. You reach a time bomb at the very end of the weed-smoking process and are sent into space for an indefinite amount of time. Let’s start making a time bomb.

Prepare quality cannabis. It is very important to grind the weed in order to be able to tightly compress it in the form of a plug. Use a good grinder with sharp blades and a bowl to collect valuable kief.

After grinding the cannabis, collect all the resulting kief in a bowl. It is considered ideal when most of the trichomes are preserved during grinding, because they provide the THC we need to get the desired effect.

Twisting the Joint – Amsterdam Way

The next step is to twist the joint, but we’ll do it in the Amsterdam Way. The implication is that twisting is done inside out and this is one of the best methods because it makes the paper taste less palpable. How to twist the joint in such an unusual way?

  1. Take special twisting paper and place it on a clean surface with the glue strip facing down. Place the tip over the end and pour the shredded cannabis in the fold.
  2. Next, take the paper in both hands and make sure that the strip of glue is facing you. Roll the paper in the shape of a cone or tube, as you prefer. After that, roll a ball of glue to the tip and twist the joint into a cone. It is very important that the paper does not wrinkle. To completely seal the joint, lick the edge of the overhanging paper and gently press down with your fingertips.
  3. Do not forget to shape your fresh joint as desired, but do it slowly and without sudden movements so as not to accidentally tear the paper, as it would be slightly damp after you wet it with saliva.
  4. Now you need to get rid of the excess paper. Take the edge of the paper with your fingers and tear it up along the glue line.
  5. Your joint twisted according to the Amsterdam Way method is ready! It remains to add it to the weed bomb.

Making a Time Bomb Bong

Take the bong bowl and place it upright on the table. After that, place a time bomb (previously made joint or blunt) inside the bowl at a 90-degree angle, just remember to remove the mesh from the bowl so that everything lies flat.

Fill the joint from all sides with the ground weed. You may not be able to cover everything the same way on each side, so you can ask your friends to help you. After you have filled the time bomb bowl, wiggle the joint so that everything is securely in place and rammed. You don’t want a red-hot blunt to fall right on the table in the middle of the process and create trouble for you.

How to Twist the Joint

If you are looking for a thrill and are a seasoned stoner, then a potent marijuana strain can help you get even more fun. To do this, take powerful cannabis and sprinkle it on the base of the blunt.

Making a Blunt Time Bomb

A more classic variant of time bomb making is a twisted joint and placed inside a blunt. What is the difference between a joint and a blunt? This is the same difference as between a cigarette and a cigar. Now imagine that the cigar is not filled with tobacco, but a powerful herb – this is blunt.

  1. The process for creating a blunt is slightly different from a joint. In order to twist a quality blunt, you need empty tobacco wrappers, or take a cigar and cut it with a special knife or blade. Take out all unnecessary tobacco and moisten the blank film with saliva or water – this is necessary for stronger adhesion. If you are not making a blunt for yourself, then moisten it only with water.
  2. Put your weed, which has been in the grinder in advance, into the empty wrapper. You only need 1 to 2 grams of cannabis. Roll the weed between your fingers and begin to spread it gently in an even layer on the blunt wrapper. Pack the blunt and shape it as desired.
  3. The last step is to bake the blunt so that all excess moisture evaporates from it. Take a lighter and sweep the flame up and down the blunt, but do not bring the lighter too close, otherwise, you risk setting fire to your blunt ahead of time.

What Is the Effect of Smoking a Time Bomb?

Making a Blunt Time Bomb

The taste is revealed in a peculiar, original way. The effect depends both on the quality of the plant substance placed inside and on the type of tobacco leaf. If we talk not only about the taste properties, but also the effect on the psychological state and the feeling of oneself in space, then after using a time bomb, you seem to fall in time. Everything can start to move slower than usual, and minutes would begin to stretch. We advise you not to plan to do anything in this state. You just need to sit down and relax.

Many people note that in a similar state, thoughts came to their minds that had never been visited before. Perhaps, having tried timebomb bong you’ll find answers to your questions for a long time, or you’ll experience some emotions in a completely new way. The blog authors try to improve your skills in creating various smoking devices and share interesting ways how to make a time bomb weed. If you’ve been a cannabis smoker for a long time and want to try something new for yourself, use our tutorial on how to make a time bomb. We promise that the effect of the bong time bomb would definitely not disappoint you.

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