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What if cannabis cured cancer?

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Today we know about a hundred types of cannabinoids, which have a variety of effects on all body systems. The diversity of effects is explained by interaction with the human endocannabinoid system, which receptors are present throughout our body and in the brain. The influence of plant that cures cancer on the relief of cancer symptoms and subsequent therapy is so significant that pharmacists synthesize them artificially, investing in their production capacity.

Dronabinol and Nabilone are the main cannabis-based drugs of today. The pharmaceuticals produce synthesized THC in the form of tablets. The tablets are needed primarily to maintain patients after chemotherapy. Of course, these drugs have been tested by the FDA. Neighboring Canada also uses cannabis extract for therapeutic purposes.

Does weed kill cancer cells?

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Research on cancer by the U.S. National Government Institute suggests that the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids can prevent future malignancies. This mechanism works by preventing the formation of blood vessels next to the tumor by depriving it of nutrition. The effectiveness of cannabis on the formation of blood vessels has been confirmed by the National Cancer Institute.

These studies are relatively recent, but there are also earlier studies:

  • Work on the study of brain cancer formation processes, carried out in 2003, has proved that CBD increases the positive effects of chemotherapy, and THC kills cancer cells while minimizing harm to healthy cells.
  • Scientists have found that marijuana helps to stop the negative effects or even cure rectal cancer. The research was conducted on mice in 2004.
  • CBD harmlessly kills a tumor in the breast, which is malignant and can lead to cancer. The study was conducted on mice and found that HPA reduced the size and number of tumors, preventing their spread throughout the body.
  • The 2011 study focused on the interaction of THC and its artificial substitutes with a damaged liver. Cancerous cells reduce viability through exposure to cannabinoids. Moreover, CBD serves as a preventive measure against recurrence. These are far-reaching results, as they can be useful in developing new ways to help such patients.
  • Relatively recent studies from 2015 have shown that marijuana users are 45% less likely to develop bladder cancer.

Does smoking weed help cancer?

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Scientific research on marijuana substances is still active today. Research is currently underway on the treatment of large tumors and stem cell rejection by oral administration of CBD. We don’t know is throat cancer curable with marijuana only and all this is just part of the weed exploration.

We know that cannabis has the potential to be an amazing help in treating cancer. Yes, the first timid steps are being taken in that direction. But it is not yet possible to state unequivocally that cannabis is the cure for all diseases (even if it has the potential).

Why isn’t everything so straightforward until now?

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Despite the wave of legalization, which is actively covering the planet, patients who need help are still unable to get help from specialists whether cannabis will help them and what to do. Nearly three-quarters of patients would like to learn more about medical marijuana from their doctors. But for a variety of reasons, all of these people have learned about therapeutic marijuana from friends, relatives, and various Internet sites.

Well, it’s easy to explain, though. The long-standing ban makes us think that this is a taboo topic and avoid talking about marijuana even in the face of deadly danger.

The problem is that only limited evidence of the effectiveness of marijuana exists in medical practice today. Doctors who know about cannabis research and can provide the right advice are even less.

Today, synthetic THC is the only official drug available to patients. It is part of a group of substances from List-II (i.e. authorized when prescribed by a physician). The drug is FDA approved and is regularly prescribed for the treatment of the effects of chemotherapy if other anti-emetics do not help.

We have enough information to claim that the cannabinoids have medicinal properties. On the other hand, we have a lot of information that marijuana contains carcinogens. We need to overcome the fact that it is marijuana and fund a full study of the plant.

Cannabis has only the potential of a cure, despite the many studies that speak of its enormous impact in the fight against cancer. That’s why we can’t answer does smoking weed help cancer definitively. It is too early to say that it cures cancer, but marijuana will likely play a crucial role in the fight against the disease one day.

The main crisis holding back marijuana’s progress towards a brighter medical future is the lack of consistent, comprehensive, and multifaceted research and the complete lack of official information on therapeutic application guidelines. But this is not a cause for despair. In the beginning, we said that almost every day new information about the curative properties of marijuana appears. Legalize is affecting more and more countries every year. Research is already being done more often and more deeply. It means that soon mankind will still be able to solve the mysteries of this amazing plant.

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