What Happens When You Smoke Weed Stems You Will Be Shocked After Reading Our Article

smoking weed stems

Have you ever wondered about smoking marijuana stems? Read this article to know all about it!

It is not uncommon for people to consider cannabis stems useless or compare them to low-quality cannabis buds because they contain very little resin and THC. You may think that they will not bring anything other than the methods below, but do not rush to throw them away and next time uses one of the methods below. Marijuana stem uses can have some effect when brewed in tea, cannam oil, or hashish. You know how to craft them, your possibilities are almost endless – you can even make a rope out of them.

What to do with weed stems:

what to do with weed stems


Take the stems, break them open and drop them into a resealable plastic bag. Place the bag in the freezer and let it sit for a while. Then shake it well to separate the frozen resin crystals. You can add new stems there, and over time, you will have an impressive handful of kief at the bottom of the bag, ready to use.


Charas is a resin harvested in an old-fashioned way from the leaves and stems of cannabis. To get it, roll the stems between your hands and then rub your palms together over a clean container. Adequate resin may fall from 100 g of stems.

This recipe of Tea also can help you if you don’t know what to do with weed stems:

After a few hours of harvesting and trimming your buds, you can relax and enjoy a fresh cup of stemmed tea. However, first of all, they will need to be decarboxylated – just like for the preparation of confectionery products, tinctures or extracts. To do this, heat the oven to 110 ° C, distribute the stems evenly on the baking sheet and leave for an hour.

You will need quite a few stems from which the kief has not yet been harvested. Pour 450 ml water into a small saucepan and add a tablespoon of coconut oil. Chop the stems and bring them to a gentle boil over low heat, stirring constantly. Leave to simmer for 7-8 minutes to reduce the amount of liquid. Strain the stems, let cool and enjoy your tea.

Cannam Butter and Sweets

If you have enough stems to fill half a saucepan, you can make a light cannam oil. Replace buds with stems in the recipe, and you get the same product, but weaker. Use as many stems as possible instead of 28 g buds. On the basis of this oil, you can prepare pastries and sweets.

Can you smoke weed stems?

Of course, you can try, but this is not the best idea. The stems, as mentioned, contain small amounts of THC. But they contain a lot of cellulose, chlorophyll, sugar and starch. This explosive mixture is capable of causing severe coughing even in those with the most prominent lungs. In addition, a headache is almost guaranteed. And to get the effect, you have to pass a lot of material through a pipe or bong.

Is it bad to smoke stems of weed?

Keep in mind that they taste very harsh, and the smoke will contain many unwanted components that are formed when cellulose is burned. Also, when smoking, the stems heat up more than the buds and can burn the throat and lungs, so it is best not to do this.

What happens when you smoke weed stems?

smoke weed stems

Cannabis produces THC all over the plant, but the level of THC in the buds is noticeably higher. On average, THC in the stem or root of the plant is 10 times weaker than on the top. Some growers have noticed an unpleasant aftertaste and aftertaste after using the stem for the same purpose as buds.

Can marijuana stems get you high?

Smoking a dry cannabis stalk can not get you high: there are few active substances, but resin, fiber and chlorophyll are in excess, so that even the strongest lungs will be out at first. The taste of the potion is peculiar, but the arrival cannot be expected. But if you have enough stems, they will make a wonderful tea for long winter evenings. However, before brewing an invigorating drink, the raw materials must be cured, otherwise the scarce reserves of active substances in the stems will remain inaccessible to the body.

The essence:

Smoking weed stems and seeds will give you nothing but a severe headache. It also takes a heavy toll on your lungs. However, they are not a waste of time either. You can use them if you get a little creative.

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