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What does Hotbox mean?

hotbox meaning

Marijuana speeds up the transmission of signals between neurons, thus speeding up the flight of your thoughts and expands your imagination. Dozens of thoughts take over your head, and it is difficult for you to stop at one of them. It’s pretty easy to invent something under these conditions. It would be interesting to know which scientists use marijuana and how it helps them. But most often, people invent ways to smoke even harder.

It is how we imagine the invention of hotboxing. If you don’t know what it is then we invite you to our car, soon you will understand why.

Hotboxing definition

A hotbox is a small room or space where you can limit the circulation of air with unlimited smoke. A small room can be a balcony, a separate room, or even a car. The main criterion is the tightly closed windows. The whole essence of hotboxing is to turn the air around in a concentrate of marijuana fumes. Perhaps this is the most effective way to use it because a minimum of smoke is wasted.

How to hotbox?

You need a lot of weed to hotbox. It does not need to be flowers. Everything you can make smoke from will suit you. Concentrates, oils, and other marijuana products that need to be set on fire for consumption will be great. Set fire and smoke as usual but do not let the smoke out. Sure, let it out of your lungs, but don’t let it out of your hotbox room.

Repeat this several times, depending on the volume of your space or the desired smoke concentrate. The desired result will come sooner if someone helps you, but you can do everything yourself. The main rule is well described by Travis Scott in Antidote:

  • Don’t you open up that window
  • Don’t you let out that antidote

The clip shows the most popular way of hotboxing – to smoke a car.

How to hotbox a car?

To turn your car into an amusement park on wheels, you need to repeat the above algorithm but inside the vehicle. Close the doors and smoke until you can distinguish between objects through the windows. Despite the ease of access and convenience of this method, you should remember some precautions. First, drive smoked illegally, and you should not use your car for hotboxing if you do not come home. Moreover, you should not use moving vehicles for the use of marijuana at all. Second, using an open fire or hot objects can damage the car interior and cause a fire. Be careful when you set something on fire in poor visibility and poor coordination of traffic.

If it causes so much discomfort, then why do it after all?

Does hotboxing get you higher?

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. No scientific research has been conducted, and we can only assume. Marijuana enters the body in a fraction of a second when you breathe it in, so a smoker is unlikely to notice a big difference in his condition if he releases or keeps the smoke. However, when the amount of smoke in an enclosed space increases, the concentration of oxygen decreases. It can cause slight dizziness and aggravate the condition of the stoner who has just filled his lungs with smoke and now breathes it. It can be compared to holding the fumes for a long time before releasing them. Thus, hotboxing will not change your impression of using it significantly, but a person who has not smoked risks to leave the hotbox in another condition.


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