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Marijuana: What It Is Like to Be High on Weed, and How It Affects the Human Body

what does being high feel like

Weed: What Does Being High on Marijuana Feel Like?

Before moving on to the main part of the text, I would like to remind you that each eyewitness to the question «what’s it like to be high?» will give a completely different answer, so it is worth considering that your body may react differently to drugs. All people are interested in drugs and their «amazing» effect, but first it is better to understand what does being high feel like. In a word, your body is individual, and only you are responsible for all your health, since the reaction can be completely unpredictable. Marijuana (or cannabis) is a psychoactive substance derived from hemp. There are 3 main types of hemp: planting hemp, Indian hemp and weed hemp. This plant has several slang names. For example, anasha, hashish, ganja (Indian hemp). And it got its official name «cannabis» because of the cannabinoid content that affects the body. Plus, all forms come from the female cannabis plant. Many people often look for an alternative to marijuana, as the price is quite expensive. The most expensive marijuana is sold in Tokyo at $33 per gram, and the cheapest in Ecuador at $1.34 per gram. Some are trying to get the drug out of wild plants on their own. For example, what does weed feel like: castor oil plant, hemp nettle, Chinese twig, motherwort five-layer, lupine. It is difficult to answer how does it feel to be high on these plants, since people usually do this in secret so as not to be punished. Plus, it’s not safe. Method of using marijuana. The most popular way to use marijuana is smoking. It is rolled up in jambs or smoked through a bong (portable hookah). They say that the feeling of being high from smoking marijuana is of the highest quality, sometimes a person can even go out of his mind and lose his sane thoughts. There is also an oral route of use (that is, weed in the literal sense of the word is eaten). In this case, overdose often occurs, since the person does not feel what it’s like being high because he cannot “gorge himself” on weed. Often people re-smoke the resin left over from smoking weed to save money. This type of smoking is not very “effective” for drug addicts, as the cannabinoid content is low. In this case, the person will not be able to fully experience what does being high feel like on marijuana. Also, smokers use a vaporizer (a device for evaporating active substances from a dry mixture). It prevents cannabis fiber from burning, which affects the body the most. This method is the safest, since the vapor contains a minimum number of cannabinoids from which a person does not feel high until losing his or her mind, he receives only pleasant relaxation and joy. Also, smokers use a vaporizer (a device for evaporating active substances from a dry mixture). It prevents the burning of the cannabis fibers that influence the body the most. This method is the safest, since the vapor contains a minimal number of cannabinoids, from which a person does not understand how does it feel to be high before losing his mind, and he gets only pleasant relaxation and joy. As already mentioned, people are interested in drugs and their “magic”. They expect an outbreak of emotions at the moment of the very first use. Some people overdose immediately, while others are upset that they got off “drunk”.

Let’s Find Out, What Does Being High Feel like the First Time:

  1. Psychological effects of cannabis (the nervous system reacts sharply for the first time): euphoria, giggling, drowsiness or insomnia, oneiroid state. At the initial stage, doctors answer the question: “What does it feel like to be high?” attribute these psychological effects to “cannabis intoxication” (mild intoxication).
  2. Sensitivity: a person notices new details in everyday things, sees everything vividly, hears sharply, tastes and smells sharpen, the manifestation of creative abilities (some drug addicts approach nature), apophenia, etc. These sensations are good for people who are tired of gray life, but it’s better to ask yourself what does feeling high feel like when you don’t feel honest with yourself. It’s better to be yourself and, above all, trust your mind and emotions.
  3. Fear: often newcomers feel fear (“betrayal”). They are not used to being in this state and the body signals this.
  4. Loss of consciousness: changes in brain activity occur, typically causing depersonalization and derealization. Statistically, people are answering the question “what does being high on weed feel like” give the answer: “As if my mind does not obey me, I am no longer me”.
  5. Appetite: increased appetite, the addict may eat large amounts of food, especially sweets. The sensitivity of the taste buds increases. Bad food seems disgusting, and delicious is incredibly tasty.
  6. Flashback: frequently in the minds of drug addict’s thoughts, scenes from life, actions in which they took part, and at the same time only those that left them with memorable emotions, appear.

The Question of Addiction and Dosages

what does it feel like to be high

Contrary to rumors that marijuana has no addictive properties, 9% of consumers are physically addicted. Contrary to rumors that marijuana has no addictive properties, 9% of consumers are physically addicted. But, of course, psychological addiction to weed is more common. People are not afraid to be in this state, they want to be happy, so they know very well what it feels like to be high for a long time. Marijuana is often a substitute for antidepressants. Newcomers can experience anxiety and fear, as we found out, but experienced addicts have gone through this phase and most regularly get giggles, lightheartedness, and joy. But, unfortunately, not everything is so good. People who have known for a long time how does it feel when your high have withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are a collection of side effects that addicts will get. Withdrawal symptoms include irritability and anger, anxiety and depression, cravings for harder drugs, tremors, sweating, insomnia, and others. Also, people with psychological dependence can typically deliberately lie about their condition. Sometimes they even went too far with the dose for their body, but confidently when asked “how do you feel when your high heavy?», answer that he feels great. Despite these consequences, drug addicts still continue to smoke weed, since the lethal effects of smoking marijuana are still unknown. Again, what does it feel like being high for them? Cannabinoid overdose is unlikely and is encouraging for addicts. It was only in 2017 that the first death from marijuana was recorded, but it was a child. The lethal dose of weed is 40,000 times the average effective dose. The minimum dose that caused death was 1000 mg/kg. Most often, an overdose manifests itself in unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, people suffering from loneliness and depression choose this path. They are not afraid of the consequences, as they are pleasant for them.

Serious Side Effects of Being High on Weed

what does weed feel like

People who know well what it’s like being high have definitely experienced these consequences for themselves. Marijuana affects the entire body, including the brain, reproductive system, and nervous system. The immune, reproductive and respiratory systems manifest themselves as follows: 1. Whistling cough 2. Increased risk of cancer 3. Frequent diseases of the cellular system 4. Violation of the harmonious background 5. Adverse effects on male and female fertility. 6. Harm to the newborn baby: effects on weight and cognitive ability 7. Paranoia If, after reading this article, you’re still wondering what is the feeling of being high, get ready to experience all the side effects of smoking cannabis. Please take care of yourself!

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