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What does 710 mean?

what does 710 mean

Probably every cannabis lover knows the number 420. It is surrounded by more than 30 years of history and has deep roots in the bowels of the cannabis community. But recently, another figure is beginning to gain popularity – 710, or more precisely, 7/10 or 10 July. This date is a relatively young holiday – Oil Day.

This article will tell you what is 710, a little more about the history of this holiday and about dabbers – those who celebrate it.

The story of the 7/10 holiday

The first notable Oil Day celebrations were held back in 2012 (something may have happened before, but it was not a big deal). In 2013, the holiday was officially held for the first time.

It all started with the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado when quality marijuana extracts became more readily available and dabbing began to take on the features of a mass phenomenon.

Marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado

7/10 holiday

Before legalization, only desperate daredevils produced concentrate, because the process was highly fire-hazardous and lacked any guarantees regarding product quality and safety of manufacturers. After cannabis obtained legal status in Colorado, the issue of extracts production became subject to more careful control. The State enacted laws prohibiting the use of butane and other flammable solvents in the production of concentrates. These measures have significantly improved the quality of the final product and made it safer to produce.

The date 7/10 chosen for the celebration of Oil Day was not marked with anything specific. The number is used only because when it turned upside down, the word “Oil” appears.

The holiday does not yet have any established traditions, because it is not even ten years old, but every year it gets more and more features improving. One thing remains unchanged – the festivities pay tribute to all kinds of marijuana concentrates (wax, hash, infusions, extracts, etc.).

What is Dabbing, and who are Dabbers?

cannabis 7/10 holiday

As you have already guessed, dabbing is the process of consuming marijuana concentrates, and dabbers are the ones who perform this process.

They smear a viscous concentrate on a preheated surface and evaporate it. After that, the dabber breathes in the steam. Devices for dabbing most often are similar to ordinary bongs, but instead of the usual grinding with a cup, they use something like a glass nail with a wide hat. This “nail” is preheated with a gas burner, and a small amount of concentrate immediately evaporates after contact. The steam, accordingly, continues its journey through the device directly into the lungs of the dabber. It is only one of the most primitive versions of the gadget for concentrated consumption. Their variety can make the head go round.

The concentrate has more THC

Why are people doing this? First of all, the extracts have just a gigantic concentration of THC, which the buds of any strain can only dream about. Secondly, evaporation is a more environmentally friendly process that eliminates the entry of combustion products and foreign substances into the lungs.

Okay, now you know what is 710 day. You could say that’s the next stage of initiation after the 420 in marijuana culture. Indeed, concentrates are not suitable for beginners. Before you use it, you better be sure of your well-being and level of tolerance for THC. In any case, nothing fatal will happen to you, it’s just a plant. 🙂


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