What are Terpens?

Terpenes in weed is not a whim of the fancy seedbanks or coffee shops, it is a trendy next stage of marijuana market development. We have already realized that marijuana is something that everyone can enjoy and benefit from — and cannabis terpenes are an integral part of it. They determine the taste, smell, and even healing properties of a particular plant.

Understanding the meaning of these components expands our perception of cannabis — buds are not just THC or CBD. Marijuana terpenes are a fascinating world for those who are looking for new sensations. Take a seat, now we will find out what are terpenes.

Are cannabis terpenes a novelty?

what are terpenes

The marijuana market is more diverse now than ever before. Consumers are becoming more selective and capricious. Ordinary flowers no longer satisfy their needs. Of course, we are talking about countries and regions where legal regulation allows you to go into a store and lose your jaw in front of a smoking showcase. Such conditions have brought up stoners who are not happy just by relaxation and nailing to the sofa.

Everybody, especially people who have a habit or addiction, needs new impressions. Daily use increases your level of tolerance, so you need to increase the dose accordingly to feel the former effect. But the truth is that your feelings will never be “like the first time” and the only way out of this depression are new strains, new ways of using, and even new terpene profiles.

Previously, we didn’t even know what terpenes effects are, and we were not interested in them. However, they have always been present in cannabis and have played a significant role.

Terpenes are hydrocarbon compounds that are formed by plants in nature to create essential oils. In fact, they are the basis of the resin. They are essential for fruits, spices, and trees to protect themselves from external dangers. Moreover, terpenes also fight diseases and parasites, which protects plants from the inside.

If we talk about cannabis terpenes, they are produced in the trichomes that we know well. THC and CBD acids are formed in the same translucent hairs. Thus, all the most valuable things for which we love marijuana are concentrated in one place. But how can essential oils help us overcome high tolerance?

How do marijuana terpenes impact our tolerance?

terpenes effects

There is a little trick here. Terpenes in weed can’t affect your endocannabinoid system, but they can help the cannabinoids. One of the most curious terpene effects is the support for THC and CBD. The fact is that their combination leads to synergy, that is, together, they are more effective than separately. Essential oils, being created by a plant in the same place as THC, may have anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and soothing effects. Do you notice this? The combination of terpenes affects the body in a very similar way to THC or CBD, so they can be considered a component that enhances your high too.

That’s why changing the terpene profile of the cannabis you use can lead to new sensations. It will not reduce your tolerance, but it can bring new emotions and effects for you. Although most essential oils can be found in other products and plants, there are more than 200 species of terpenes found in cannabis, so everyone can find something to suit the taste.

How to choose terpene flavors?

terpenes marijuanna

Perhaps you do not have a decade of experiments behind your back and are just confused by the variety of flowers. We envy you but do not distract from the topic. There is one secret that will help you choose what is guaranteed to satisfy you at the first attempt. Your nose knows better.

Since our ancestors have trusted their feelings for thousands of years when choosing food, we use their preferences genetically. This is why we like to eat different foods and sniff different smells. Everything is the same with terpene flavors. They can be citrus, pine, pepper, fruity, and even diesel.

Sniff the bud and if you liked the smell, take it! This way, you will get exactly what you like. Next time, choose something else, so you will gain experience and be able to pick the buds to suit your needs.

Cannabis terpenes are what significantly determine your experience. They can tell you much more than the strain name or price. Once you have decided on your favorite smell and taste, you will be able to mix them and get new sensations from cannabis every day. Ask your retailer or supplier about the terpenes. These components are moving away from the “gourmet” category closer to ordinary consumers every day. So keep up – choose cannabis based on the terpene effects today.

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