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Weed Weight And Prices Chart And Which State Is The Most Profitable To Buy Bud

Weed Weight And Prices Chart

In the United States, people talk about marijuana all the time. Each of the new startups are launched, then Snoop Dogg invests money in delivery services, then the respected Morgan Freeman suddenly says that he is ready to smoke around the clock. Since it’s such fun, it would be interesting to know the weed sizes and prices chart.

In this article, we will walk through many states and compare marijuana prices between them, as well as compile a weed weight and prices chart. This is done so that you better understand and navigate the prices of weed in the state where you live. After all, it is very convenient and important to know within what price ranges and where you can buy high-quality and proven weed without risks. We would also find out what exactly influences the formation of the weed weights and prices chart in states across the country.

In order to make it easier for you to navigate the article and understand what is at stake, you need to clarify some terms about the amount of cannabis. The weight units used most commonly to measure cannabis are (in increasing order) gram, eighth, quarter, half, ounce. In any case, if you go to a dispensary, pharmacy or a shop and say β€œGive me an eighth of this grade”, then you would definitely be understood and helped with the choice.

What Is the Average Cost of Weed in the States?

Below, we have collected averaged data by state and combined it into a weed prices and amounts chart, which can help you understand where the price of marijuana is higher and where lower. It should be noted that in the states for which information is provided, medical and/or recreational cannabis has a legal status.

So far, only 29 states and the District of Columbia (or Washington, D.C. as it is called) have legalized or decriminalized recreational and/or medical marijuana. Patients with illnesses or ordinary people can safely buy cannabis if they have a certain medical card, about obtaining which there is also an article on our website.

You can find a complete list of all states where cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized on the Internet.

If we talk about those states where marijuana is not recognized as legal, the prices of weed chart in them can differ significantly, since they are often very high in the illegal market. We’re going to talk about medium-quality marijuana.

Also remember that when you buy large quantities of marijuana or in bulk, you can spend much less money than buying in small quantities (gram, eighth, quarter, half). In order to save money, of course, it is better to immediately take a lot of weed so as not to overpay. Keep in mind that the weed prices and weight chart in your state may vary.

For example, you saw that in our weed prices and weights chart a range of 10–11 dollars is set, and when you come to the dispensary, you can pay 15 dollars – this is normal. Because the dispensary pays a lot of taxes and the price depends on some more factors. But you need to be careful and think several times if you are offered that amount of weed for $20 or more. This price can only be obtained if you are buying a very high-quality herb.

Be sure to use the weed prices chart before purchasing weed in your state to avoid overpaying.

Gram of Weed

The gram is one of the most common measurements of the weight of a herb. Weed gram chart prices are used almost all over the world, but one day someone decided to weigh the grass in ounces.

An ounce has become the second most popular measure for the weight of marijuana. It is equal to 1/16 of a pound. It is also very often used to determine the weight of the weed. It is very useful to know what are the units for measuring the amount of cannabis and what weight they correspond to. Let’s go back to the weed grams prices chart.

Very often a gram of marijuana is visually associated with a bottle cap because they are roughly equal. Do you know why? Because the cannabis flower can be of different density and size, and, accordingly, weight.

The next great way to weigh all the weed is the joint. The fact is that you can twist only 0.7 grams of marijuana into a standard joint. This is certainly less than one gram, but you definitely cannot go wrong and do not put on more weight. Therefore, from one gram of weed, you can get 1.5 joints. Again, these are approximate measurements and everything is very approximate. It is better to use special scales so that everything is accurate and no one deceives you.

The Cost of Gram

The Cost of Gram Marijuana

Let’s move on to the weed grams and prices chart in different states. As mentioned above, prices can differ and vary due to many factors. In general, the price range is $8 – 18 per gram of marijuana.

  • Alaska – $10.82
  • Arizona – $8.28
  • Arkansas – $8.31
  • California – $8.93
  • Colorado – $7.14
  • Florida – $8.06
  • Illinois – $10.61
  • Massachusetts – $10.18
  • Nevada –$8.37
  • New Jersey – $10.68
  • Oregon – $6.65
  • Washington, DC – $18.08

In the weed prices per gram chart, you can see that the highest average cannabis price is in Washington, DC, and the lowest in Oregon.

Eighth of Weed

An eighth ounce of cannabis weighs 3.5 grams. This unit is also commonly used no matter what country you are in. But if you go to a good high-end dispensary, you may find and be surprised that they offer 4 grams instead of 3.5 for an eighth ounce of marijuana. This is in case you decide to buy cannabis in bulk, do not forget to look at the weed prices by weight chart.

The Cost of Eighth

Also don’t forget that the weed prices and sizes chart depends on the state, city, dispensary or pharmacy you buy from. The overall average price range is $25–35 for cannabis eight.

If you decide to buy by the gram, and not the eight, you would immediately lose at least $5 –10, so it is more profitable to take the eight at once.

Quarter of Weed

The next weighted dimension in our weed amounts and prices chart is a quarter of bud. This is not a lot of weight, and only people who try to save money buy in such quantities. A quarter ounce of cannabis contains 7 grams. Of course, this is not the largest weight, like a full ounce, but many people buy exactly in a quarter.

The Cost of the Quarter

There is no single weed chart and prices, in this case, the price range is $50–70 for one quarter ounce of marijuana. For not very good cannabis of low to medium quality, you can pay in the region of $50, you get $10 per gram, but many are attracted by this price and people are willing to take risks. Buy only in certified dispensaries or pharmacies, do not save on your health.

Half Ounce of Marijuana

We got to significantly higher weights of cannabis on our chart of weed prices, which sell in big zip packs for big bucks. A half-ounce of marijuana weighs 14 grams. If you count in other units, then from this amount of grass you get more than 30 joints, 20–28 blunts. It all depends on how you roll and how much weed you add. This amount of marijuana would last for about 2 – 3 weeks, which is quite good.

The Cost of Half an Ounce

If you consider the average price for all states, then you can buy half an ounce for $100–120. If we divide this price, we get 7–10 dollars per gram. It’s a great way to save money on your next purchases, so it’s best to buy in bulk and consider the weed chart prices.

Full Ounce of Marijuana

Full Ounce of Marijuana

Finally, we got to a full ounce of marijuana, great! This is a common unit of measure for the weight of weed and is also the legal amount of marijuana to buy or store in California and many other states. One full ounce of marijuana is 28 grams, of which 28–56 blunts, or about a hundred joints, can be rolled.

The Cost of Full Ounce

The cost of a full ounce often varies, because this is the amount that is purchased from dispensaries or pharmacies. Usually, the price is $150–220. If we consider cannabis of the highest grade, then the weed prices gram chart would be much higher, at $240–280 per full ounce.

Marijuana Price Research

A study came out looking at the cost of marijuana in the United States. The places with the most expensive and the cheapest grass were found. The conclusions were unexpected. Weed chart prices were studied by an Israeli company. It turns out that the cheapest herb in the US is on sale in Seattle (full legalization). Here, buying one gram of herb can cost you $7.58. Also among the places with good marijuana prices is Denver (full legalization) at $7.79 per gram.

New York City is in the middle of weed sizes and prices chart for all states. Is considered as the city with the highest per capita marijuana consumption in the United States. Here, 1 gram of cannabis costs $10.76. As the authors of the study note, a lot of factors affect the cost of weed – features of the legislation of individual states, the volume of cannabis production, and others. The blog authors shared with you information about the current weed measurements and prices chart in different states. Now you would know where and how it is most profitable to buy magic weed and relax.

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