What’s Worse Cigarettes Or Weed? Truthful Facts About Dangers Of Marijuana And Cigarette Smoking

marijuana and cigarette

What’s Worse Cigarettes or Weed

Scientists have found that marijuana has a harmful effect on the cardiovascular system. This marijuana and cigarette effect was shown in rats, whose blood vessels regain their previous functionality three times longer from cannabis smoke than from tobacco smoke, and nicotine vs THC did not play a role here.

When rats inhaled marijuana smoke for 1 minute, their arteries conducted blood less efficiently for a full 90 minutes. This exposure required a recovery period of 30 minutes. Scientists emphasize that although the effect of marijuana vs tobacco smoke is temporary, long-term use of cannabis can cause various mental disorders and problems.

According to the researchers, the arteries of rats and humans are similar in how they react to tobacco smoke, which gives us the right to argue that most likely the effect on the vascular system of rats will be the same as on humans. They also learned that simply burning plant tissue disrupts arterial function even in the absence of nicotine or tetrahydrocannabinol. Therefore, weed and cigarettes comparison is still very harmful to the body.

Weed vs Cigarettes

marijuana worse than cigarettes

There is a social movement advocating the decriminalization of cannabis use. His claims are based on the fact that smoking marijuana is less dangerous than tobacco or alcohol. Some studies confirm this point of view, which most often confirms the harmful and bad effects on the lungs and other organs of a person.

I want to give you some marijuana vs cigarettes facts. Let’s start with marijuana:

While some studies suggest that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) reduces inflammation, other scientific studies highlight that smoking cannabis is as damaging to the lungs as tobacco in cigarettes.

For example, scientists from Canada found that marijuana smoke contains 20 times more ammonia than tobacco smoke.

As for cigarettes, smoking causes three main diseases: the worst is lung cancer, followed by chronic bronchitis and coronary heart disease. It has long been proven that tobacco is the cause of death from lung cancer in 90% of all cases, from bronchitis and emphysema in 75%, and from heart disease in about 25% of all cases. How do you like cigarette vs marijuana? The desire to smoke this muck has already disappeared?

marijuana vs tobacco smoke

If marijuana versus cigarettes is not enough for you, here’s another little fact. Tobacco smoke, passing through the respiratory tract, irritates the mucous surface of the nasopharynx, bronchi, larynx, and lungs. In this case, there is an increased secretion of mucus and saliva. This further leads to coughing, which eventually becomes chronic. Harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke weaken the lungs’ resistance to various infections. People who smoke have impaired lung function. Over time, this leads to serious illnesses associated with all the respiratory system.

Harmful and toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke have a negative effect on the entire cardiovascular system. Vessels are destroyed, the heart muscle suffers. Smokers have a higher heart rate than non-smokers

Therefore, the marijuana worse than cigarettes fallacy is very wrong, since both of these addictions have dire consequences.

The authors of the article want to wish you more thought about your health and not neglect it. Try to give up harmful substances and lead a healthy lifestyle, because life is the most precious thing we have.

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