Weed Trimming Jobs And All The Nuances of Employment, Payment And Working Conditions

trimming weed jobs

Weed Trimming Jobs

Bringing in over $ 2 billion annually, the world-renowned California vineyards used to be the number one value for the crop. Until that harvest is surpassed in a short time – the marijuana and cannabis trimming jobs industry, which is estimated to be worth more than $ 17 billion. This is 9 times more than vineyards! And the profit of the farms along with the marijuana trimmers jobs is growing every year.

It is worth noting that northern California has a rather unique and interesting culture that allows you to grow and store the most valuable plants and engage in trimming weed jobs legally under state law, but illegally at the state level. Religious groups are also actively fighting for the elimination of the industry, as well as against the politicians who support it. On the other hand, trimming jobs in this industry are well paid, and therefore, no matter what, there is no shortage of labor. The difficulty with trim jobs is to find them because it is difficult to imagine the process of applying for a trimming job. The competition is fierce: hippies flooding the nearby highways with signs “work for weed or money.” But still, if you have any experience of growing or caring for this plant, then you can try to get a job at bud trimming jobs. There are also a lot of these farms, so if you apply and apply to several places, then at least one farm will definitely answer you and accept a bud trimmer job.

How to Get a Trim Job

trim jobs

As we said above, the hardest part is finding a job. You see, while countless people in cities may have a dozen or two plants, all large farms are located in the mountains within a few hours’ drive. During the summer period of flowering, these mountain lands are carefully looked after both day and night by a team of growers: the more workers, the more plants.

Trim weed jobs are most often done by locals, either by the owners themselves or hired by expert growers who work for a percentage of the sale of the crop. The work that brings visitors and students here comes in the fall when the buds need to be cut and packaged. From October to November, there is usually a lot of work to be done. By December (and January, if you’re one of those lucky ones who managed to stay late at work since last year) there is nothing to cut. Only the most skilled remain, who can cut up to a kilogram a day.

When the harvest season finally comes to a close, the tired bud jobs are ready to “visit the city.” Their interaction with the outside world was severely limited for several months. This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to hire a couple of dozen assistants. Field owners usually call the same people every fall, let’s call them agents. These people know how much crop needs to be processed, at what speed, and most importantly, when labor is needed – usually just a couple of days.

It is these agents who are responsible for collecting the team and transferring to the mountains. Friends and family are obviously privileged, but most of the marijuana trimmer jobs are recruited from the street. This is how the journey to the mountains begins – do not be surprised if you are blindfolded, asked to pull your shirt over your head, or your phone is temporarily confiscated.

It is worth noting that agents sometimes receive special instructions, such as hiring only women. If you are a woman and you are ever offered a job in the hemp fields, be careful! Many owner growers prefer to hire only women as they have not seen them for months. They use alcohol and psychotropic substances to distract girls from tedious work … Another popular practice is to pay girls on top if they are not averse to more than just cutting bumps. Like everything else, there are always exceptions to the rule. However, it never hurts to be aware of all the nuances of weed trimmer jobs.

Weed Trimming

Cutting the buds is not paid by the hour, but by the quantity. The rate is approximately $500 / kg, which is two days of work. Of course, it all depends on the type of cannabis, be it dense buds or small fibrous bundles. Regardless, you can easily make a couple of thousand dollars a week. Each landowner has different workplaces. For some, these are cabins with a canopy or rooms with tables, scissors, light, and a fan. In this case, you will need your own tent and sleeping bag. Others have a trailer or several – which will be used as cutting sites with a dedicated sleeping area. And if you are very lucky, there will be a TV in the room with a supply of films. There will be enough booze in almost all places, but you will have to pay for it. Food is usually for everyone and freely available. And of course, you can smoke as much as you like … wasting valuable work time.

In fact, pruning buds is a very, very tedious process. Work quickly becomes a routine. Scissors become sticky and uncontrollable and need to be cleaned periodically with alcohol. Everything sticks to you, and you stick to everything. Every half hour you will need to stop and clean your hands, which literally turn black. There is even an expression “hemp fingers”. Many people smoke during pruning and take the leftovers home.

Risk Zone

bud trimming jobs

Despite the semi-legality of this business, work for the most part does not pose any danger. But everyone should take into account that there are raids in the mountains. The capture team usually breaks into not only the territory of the farm but also views the entire farm from a helicopter. The owners are arrested and placed in custody, but you are only threatened with interrogation, after which they will be released. Daily phone calls keep local growers up to date on the location of the helicopters. From time to time, if a marijuana control team is on the way, the owners even pay workers for the backlog and ask them to quickly leave the area. Hidden alone, they pretend that the farm is abandoned.


Since the work is slow, tedious, and monotonous, many people get tired of it after a few days. Others may work for a week or two, but regardless, everyone eventually needs to take a break for at least a couple of days. It is at this point that your packages are weighed and evaluated. And now you get the coveted wad of money.

After spending a few days on the beach with friends and locals, in coastal cities, most usually return to the mountains and continue to work. Sometimes you can return to the same farm, sometimes you can start working on a new one, but each is a new experience. By December, the outdoor season is coming to an end and the work ends quickly. Many workers by this time get tired of pruning and hit the road.

The creators of the article are wondering if you had the opportunity to “change careers”, would you go to work on a farm? It looks very attractive in the form of good money, but the work is still very hard and tedious, so think carefully before getting a job.

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