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weed tattoo idea

Many people believe that a tattoo of marijuana has only one meaning – its owner surely uses a weed. However, this is not the case. This symbol is much deeper than it may seem.

In this article, we will discuss the Rastafari culture and its symbolism, possible styles of weed tattoo ideas, and the best places to do it. So if you have thought about weed plant tattoo designs for a long time, make sure you read our article before doing it.

Rastafari Culture

weed tattoo ideas

The weed leaf tattoo design can indicate that a person shares the values of the followers of the God Jah. However, this does not prove that he is using psychoactive substances at all.

The culture of the followers of the God Jah, otherwise called Rastafari culture, suggests a rather peculiar view on life. The adherents of this culture believe that a person should be free from opinions and conventions accepted in modern society. Rastafari should have a rich inner world, and his attitude towards many cultural and political issues may differ from the generally accepted ones.

Rastaman emphasizes his individuality with a special style in his clothes. They prefer stoner tattoo ideas with bright shades of red, yellow, and green, wear spacious enough things that do not hinder the movement. Also, the Rastamanans listen to reggae music.

Interestingly, a Rastaman does not have to smoke pot to be considered a follower of the God Jah. Nevertheless, the hemp leaf has long been a symbol of the whole Rastamanian culture. Such tattoos are often made by people who do not like convention and challenge society in a way that seeks to find internal and external freedom.

Tip! It is important to consider that marijuana tattoo designs can cause a rather negative reaction. After all, not everyone knows about the Rastafari culture, but everyone knows about the harm of smoking weed. So if you plan to tie your life to work in law enforcement agencies, it is better to give up such tattoos. But “free artists” can do tattoos with marijuana even in prominent places (unless, of course, they are afraid of public condemnation).


Marijuana tattoo ideas, the meaning of which is very versatile, can represent the following:

  • Belonging to the Rastaman culture.
  • Desire to find freedom from the conventions accepted in society, and also intend to live only by own rules.
  • Interest in the practices of consciousness expansion. It is not necessarily the person who carries a hemp leaf on a body, smokes a weed: probably, he is engaged in meditation or is fond of transpersonal psychology.
  • Sometimes, teenagers put the hemp leaf on their bodies: it becomes a symbol of liberation from any influence and searches for their path, which may involve risky and thoughtless actions.

Tip: If you think about stoner tattoo designs, but don’t want the drawing on the body to cause discussion and misunderstanding, you can ask the master to stylize the image as much as possible. For example, if you fit a marijuana leaf into an image of a rose or lily, no one will guess what your tattoo means!

Possible Styles

weed tattoos designs

The marijuana leaf tattoo designs, sketches of which can be found in the global network, can be made in any style. Such a tattoo looks very impressive in the old-school style. The master can complement the leaf with various symbols, such as hearts, skulls, or ribbons. The tattoo can be made in the engraving style, which will refer to ancient botanical treatises.

To make the black cannabis tattoo design look brighter and more voluminous, it can be supplemented with bright color spots of red, yellow, and green shades, which are especially respected by all representatives of Rastaman culture.

Lovers of laconic smoking weed tattoo designs will like the idea to make a hemp leaf in the dot-cork style. Dot-Work involves the applying of points of different sizes on the body, which form the final image.

An interesting idea is to make a tattoo with the chemical formula of Cannabinol instead of an image of a hemp leaf. Such an option will be appreciated by people who are fond of science or engaged in scientific research but do not believe that knowledge should make a person become more serious or abandon a rebellious worldview.

Tattoo Place

hemp tattoo designs

The tattoo with the image of a marijuana leaf is one of the most controversial and provocative. So it is worth thinking about where it will be located. If you are not sure that you are ready to take risks, it is better to choose places that can be closed under clothing.

For example, you can get hemp tattoo designs on your back or your ribs. A very eccentric variant is the tattoo, applied on the scalp under the hair. Growing up, the hair completely disguises the pattern. So while on vacation, you will be able to show the tattoo to others, and for the rest of the time hide it under your hair. However, it is worth considering, men with age may lose their thick hair, so it will not be possible to hide the traces of youthful rebellion later.

Equally important is the way you endure pain. The lower the pain threshold, the greater is the risk that you will bear the image very hard. Keep in mind that the closer the image is to the bone, the more intense the pain will be.

In “soft” places, such as the shoulder or the hip, the pain is less intense. Tip: If you are very afraid of the sensations that will occur when applying the tattoo, you can ask the master to use a special ointment, which includes analgesics. True, not all tattoo masters agree to this: some believe that pain is as much an integral element of tattoo culture as hemp and reggae music are considered elements of Rastaman’s culture.

Want to get an eccentric tattoo of a hemp leaf? Think carefully, because this symbol is perceived by many people in an unambiguously negative way! Moreover, the love of freedom and rejection of imposed rules will not be understood by all employers.

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