🏡|Lifestyle|Want To Diversify Your Room With Psychedelic Room Ideas? Let’s Find Out The Best Weed Room Decor

Want To Diversify Your Room With Psychedelic Room Ideas? Let’s Find Out The Best Weed Room Decor

stoner bedroom ideas

Weed room decor is recognizable reggae rhythms, genuine love of freedom, dosed permissiveness. Modern Rastas stand out from the crowd with their original colorful clothes, fun headdresses, and dreadlocks. There are not too many such people, of course, but in large cities, if you wish, you can always find them.

“Living in a primitive gray apartment furnished with bourgeois furniture and fashionable appliances? No way! ”- something like this, ideally, should reason a typical representative of the above-named subculture. However, in practice, everything is different: as a rule, very young people, who have not yet learned how to do without financial help from their parents, begin to rattle about, so many will have to wait at least a few years with the “correct” interior. To be horrified once and for all, adults usually have enough alternative appearance of children – few will tolerate a “disfigured” apartment. Below we will look at the usual and psychedelic room ideas.

The ideology of Rastafarianism, which concentrates Judeo-Christian and African motives, is simple and complex at the same time. Semantic centers – Jamaica and Ethiopia, the personification of evil – the so-called “Babylon”, that is, the entire modern Western civilization. Knowing all this, let me tell you how to make a trippy room thanks to the decor and color solutions.


What does the “correct” dwelling of a rastaman look like? The vicious voice of Bob Marley in the speakers, the Ja Division disks scattered throughout the rooms, designed in yellow-brown tones. An apartment created for relaxation, leisurely philosophical reflections, and the search for the meaning of life must be cozy. Stoner bedroom ideas are soft sofas with heaps of pillows, small tables, carpets – in a word, long live uncomplicated comfort! In honor of natural materials, synthetics are usually considered to be something out of the ordinary.

African Motives

stoner bedroom decorations

Of course, Ethiopian soil culture looks rather strange, but African motives and stoner ideas are the most important sign of Rastafarianism, and there is no point in abandoning them. How to make a stoner room? Drums and other characteristic musical instruments, wooden beads, as well as thematic paintings can decorate the home of any self-respecting Rastafarian. Eclecticism is welcome.

Patterns on the Walls

In the homes of fans of sunny reggae music, various psychedelic patterns can often be found. Drug use is one of the most characteristic features of this subculture. “I love this sweet mist because I’m a rasta” Wouldn’t it be better to use recognizable carved hemp leaves as stoner bedroom decorations? As such, they are probably perfectly safe.

Also, very popular weed room ideas are the symmetrical circular patterns, which are similar to the hallucinations at the time of coming from the use of marijuana. The colors of such patterns can be very diverse from cosmic blue-violet to sunny yellow-orange.

Lighting in the Room

This type of stoner room accessories is very popular and can bring some originality to your room. This can be regular LED lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling of a room or a custom neon sign. A more budgetary option would be a regular purple or pink long lamp.

You can also make such a lamp with your own hands at home. To do this, you need to pick up a special paint and a light bulb that does not heat up and cannot light up. Further, everything will depend on your imagination and color scheme.

Aroma Candles

Aroma Candles for room to get high

Candles are loved by almost everyone. They can create not only a romantic atmosphere but also an aura suitable for a peaceful marijuana smoking session. If you are often stressed, try buying scented candles and placing them in your room, but be careful not to light anything with them. Choose a candle scent that you like best and relax. Also, choose the size of the candle to your taste and budget. And if you are completely bored, then you can try to make it yourself by watching videos on YouTube.

Trippy Room Decorations

weed room decor

There are a lot of such things. It can be hand slimes, sandy pictures that, when turned, begin to pour sand from one part to another – you can stick to such a thing for a long time. Toys with magnets will also diversify your decor and will not let you get bored while smoking weed.

Pillows and Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys for 420 room

In large supermarkets or on the Internet, you can buy weed decorations for the room: pillows and pears for every taste. Preferably for the kind of room we want to create, a print of cannabis leaves, a hallucinogenic spiral, or something neon will suit us. Soft toys are also different and if you try, you can even find a toy in the form of a cute green hemp leaf.

Night Lights

Night Lights in pshychedelic room

There are a lot of trippy room accessories. For the decoration of the rastaman room, nightlights in the form of a hemp leaf are suitable for us. If you don’t like this option, there are toy bedside lamps in the form of long glowing threads coming out of one vase. You can also buy a spinning disco night light with different colors. It will throw many, many dots and patterns of all colors of the rainbow onto the wall.
I hope this information about how to make your room trippy was useful for my fans to smoke weed and furnish their room in the best possible way. I would like you not to bother too much if you do not really succeed in doing everything as I wrote, best of all rely on your taste and choice. This is the best way!

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