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Weed Measurements Explained

ounce of weeed

An ounce of weed is just over 28 grams, but that’s not really relevant information for you. If you didn’t know this, you probably don’t have to use the British measurement system. The good old, simple, grams will be much more useful to you.

Want to finally understand the weed sizes and know how much is a zip of weed? You are in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how many joints you can twist from a gram of weed and how to buy buds the most profitable way.

We have prepared a step by step plan to raise the bulk buyer in you.

Weed sizes can be quite confusing because the culture of smoking uses many unusual words. People have been measuring the weight of flowers all over the world for a long time. So unique terms appear in every place where people use cannabis.

We have the assumption that this is paranoia and creativity that encourages people to create and use slang about weed weights. Cannabis enhances both states perfectly. However, we do not need to consider the features of each region, because the basis of modern marijuana slang has been formed in the United States.

Despite some difficulties with the imperial system, all American weed bag sizes are intuitively understandable. Let’s talk about the very minimum, where it all starts.

Gram of Weed

weed measurements

It is the generally accepted minimal amount of cannabis that dealers are willing to sell you. Many stoners can tell you that this almost is nothing, but it is not the case.

One gram of weed is enough for two joints and one generous blunt. If you use a bong, this amount will be enough for eight bowls. As you can see, such a small weight, just one flower, can make an evening of a whole company of young cannabis enthusiasts.

The colloquial name of a gram of weed is a dime bag, referring to the historical price of 10 dollars per gram. In general, it is an excellent option to buy weed for beginners. You do not spend much money and thus reduce your risks. When you are inexperienced, it’s easy to make a mistake.

Buy one bud if you are not sure about the product, the seller, or your intention to smoke a lot. Otherwise, it is an unreasonable overpayment.

Eighth of Weed

zip of weed

Here is the British system. Half a quarter or one-eighth of an ounce of weed is 3.5 grams. It is the most common option for purchasing buds, as it is an optimal combination of weed quantity and price.

An eighth of weed turn into eight joints or four blunts. Users of glassware could load about 30 bowls. Now it is a stock of fun for a few evenings.

It is a more profitable option than one gram. Three and a half grams do not cost much and do not make you pay a markup for each bud. We do not recommend buying less weed if you smoke regularly.

Quarter of Weed

Similar to the Eighth, we understand that we are talking about an ounce. A quarter of an ounce is 7 grams. It is where a real conversation begins. This bag will stick out of your pocket!

A quarter of weed is not a one-day supply. Sixteen joints or eight blunts would be enough for a group of people to get high every day for a week. You can also load more than 50 bowls of your bong.

Seven grams can be considered a small bulk amount. It is quite a good option if you don’t want to leave the house for a few days.

Half a Zip

What is ‘zip’? It’s a whole package, an undivided unit. A zip of weed is an ounce. So half of it is 14 grams. Have you ever bought so many buds at once?

At this stage, it is quite strange to convert the quantities of weed into dosages. Just for fun: half of the zip is more than 30 joints and about 15 blunts. Glass connoisseurs will get more than a hundred bowls.

It will be enough to sit on the sofa for about a month. Of course, you will have to pay about a hundred dollars, but it is a bargain purchase.

Ounce of Weed

quarter of weed

It is not a random number — it is defined by law. Legal regulations in most states where marijuana is legalized call for 28 grams as the maximum weight you can store. A little bit more, and you are a criminal.

A zip of weed is a lot. It is about sixty joints or thirty blunts! Those who smoke through the bong get more than two hundred portions. Even the most greedy smokers could not cope with this in a few days. It is a real family size in the world of marijuana weights.

If you need even more marijuana, you probably know what you are doing and do not need our advice. In any case, we do not recommend you to break the law.

Now you know the basics of weed measurements and will feel confident in your next deal. Now no one will try to peddle you a small dime bag calling it the whole zip. Assess your needs and don’t buy too much if you’re not sure about the quality.

Use the metric system if you are confused with slang and ounces. Do not pretend to be someone you are not and use words you do not know. After all, if you ask for seven grams instead of a quarter of weed, the seller will get you.

Anyone who really wants to smoke will make it even without words. Since marijuana enhances mutual understanding, so you are doomed to success.

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