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Weed Hangover Cure

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Weed comedown usually comes the morning after a potent consumption. Some call it a marijuana hangover, but what do this condition and alcoholic hangover have in common? You need to consume quite a lot of the substance to get it. Although the weed has no lethal dose, smoking, eating, or taking too much THC in any way can be harmful to your body.

If you are an experienced smoker, you may even get used to a mild weed headache in the mornings. However, you do not always have the opportunity to lie peacefully in bed for half a day awaiting vital energy. We’ll tell you how to recharge after a smoky evening and return your relaxed body to work. In this article, we have collected the most common symptoms and tips for the best weed hangover cure.

All the beautiful things come to an end. So does the cannabis high. You can wake up in the morning with a headache after smoking weed feeling lethargy, dry eyes, and even nausea. Let’s deal with it one by one.

Cannabis Headache

weed hangover

When you smoke, you breathe in a lot of carbon dioxide. It enters the blood through the lungs and spreads throughout the body. Thus, it enters the brain and causes oxygen deprivation. So the heart tends to get rid of harmful blood and purify it as soon as possible, so your blood pressure rises, and you may even sweat. At the same time, the brain tends to reduce the number of harmful blood particles that it receives and narrows the blood vessels of the head. You may notice this effect when you put your fingers to the temples and feel the throbbing of the vein. It is what can cause headaches after weed immediately.

The second reason for marijuana headache is munchies. Some strains just make you stock up on snacks. Even if you have eaten recently and do not feel the muttering of the stomach, a few bongs may cause a primitive desire to put something in your mouth. It is the work of cannabinoids that have contacted the receptor responsible for hunger.

If you smoke on an empty stomach, it can cause an acute appetite and cannabis migraine. I’m sure some people already know how the urge to eat can be so strong that it can give you a headache. However, the most common cause of a smoking weed hangover is a headache after edibles.

The fact is that the edibles dissolve more slowly, feel longer, and take more time to leave the body. So if you ate a lot of cupcakes the night before, you may feel a little high even in the morning. As we said before, edibles are not an option for beginners, as it can be unpredictably strong, and it is better if you are mentally and physically ready for it.

Weed Comedown Lethargy

smooking weed hangover

Is your body so relaxed that you can’t get out of bed or at least squeeze your fist? Probably yesterday you couldn’t even get up from the sofa. But we are not here to dig into the past. Now you need to cheer up, and there are several ways to do it as soon as possible.

The first is physical activity. Do a few light exercises. Warm-up, squat, do a few push-ups. It is hard, I understand. Do what you can, in any case, it will dispel the blood through your body, and you will feel a rush of energy to move on.

If you are not yet ready for the exercises, use our second recommendation. Go take a shower. Preferably, it should be a shower with cool water. It will cheer up every cell of your skin, which is used to a warm bed and lethargic sleep. After the shower you are guaranteed to feel better, but what if you do not have energy even for the bathroom?

A weed hangover comes as a result of sedatives, that is, nervous system depressants. It means that the stimulants can help you restore balance. Since we specialize only in harmless medications, the only thing I can recommend is coffee. Caffeine will open your eyes and make your heartbeat more often, you’ll immediately get enough energy to take a shower and do some squats if you still need it.

Weedy Hangover Red Eyes

This symptom may appear immediately after use, but if we are talking about a weed hangover, the cause is slightly different. If you wake up and feel dry eyes, the cause is dehydration. Insufficient water is always unhealthy for your body. Marijuana can only increase this need. If before going to bed, you have not filled the water balance, red and dry eyes will likely be waiting for you in the morning. The best way to help them is to use drops to hydrate and narrow vessels.

A weed hangover is much easier and more pleasant than an alcoholic hangover. It is even difficult to compare it because even if you exceed your usual dose several times, the worst thing that awaits you is relaxation and apathy in the morning. The other symptoms are quite situational and depend on your characteristics, the amount of marijuana, and even its strain. Use it responsibly to avoid marijuana hangover.

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