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Weed Flavoring Drops: Make Cannabis Taste Much Sweeter And Brighter

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The flavor and aroma of cannabis are important factors when choosing a cannabis strain. Modern breeders provide a rich selection of various varieties, each of which has its own unique taste and smell. Some stoners want to improve the flavor of cannabis by using weed flavoring drops and other methods, which we’ll talk about below.

What Determines the Aroma and Taste of Marijuana?

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Cannabis resin contains not only THC and CBD, but many other substances and compounds as well. Terpenes, which are secreted by trichomes during the flowering of hemp, are responsible for the aroma and flavor of hemp. Terpenes are a weed flavoring compound of hydrocarbons. In nature, they help plants attract insects for pollination and protect against harmful bacteria and viruses.

There are about 140 varieties of cannabis terpenes known to be found in plants in varying proportions. The combination of terpenes creates a recognizable scent characteristic of every elite variety. Terpenes on their own are not psychoactive, but they can come into contact with THC at a biochemical level, increasing or decreasing its effect on the body and mind. Many terpenes have medicinal potential.

Terpenes and Flavor Intensity

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How strong can the flavor and marijuana flavoring be? What kind of taste and smell would it have? The unique terpene profile in each cultivar is different: which one it’ll be depends on the genetics of the seed. There are varieties with sour, sweet or bitter flavors, there are more delicate and weak floral aromas, there are rich citrus and fruity, there are sharp brutal diesel odors, aromas of pine freshness.

The key to a tasty, quality cannabis crop and the right way to give a weed flavor is the good genetics of the strain, but it’s not the only thing that matters. In order to fully reveal the intensity and beauty of the aroma, it is important to properly grow cannabis, correctly harvest and process it in a special way after harvest, and add extracts to improve the taste.

How to Make Weed Taste Good When Grown?

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During the growing season of marijuana, growers must provide the plants with the necessary nutrients. Most of all, nitrogen is needed for active growth, but plants also need potassium and phosphorus. Having fully realized their growth potential, the bushes would produce maximum resin during the flowering period.

How to make your weed taste better? One of the most important stages in plant life is the last weeks of flowering. Experienced growers advise paying special attention to cannabis during this time. There are little tricks that can help how to make dabs taste better, bright and expressive.

14 Days Before the Harvest:

  • Reduce the humidity in the grow box to 20%. This little stress can trigger an increased resin production. In this case, the buds themselves would be closed, which can preserve the aromatic and sticky secretion of trichomes inside.
  • Increase light intensity. It is known that resin with odorous terpenes is produced, among other things, as a protective reaction of bushes to ultraviolet light. Therefore, in the last weeks of flowering, you can also increase the exposure to light by stimulating the production of terpenes.
  • Stop fertilizing. If you want to make the weed taste as natural as possible, you need to stop feeding in the last 2 weeks. During this time, excess trace elements would leave the soil, which can negatively affect the taste.
  • Lower the air temperature. This would become another stressful factor for cannabis, which can trigger the active production of THC.

2 Days Before the Harvest:

Place the plants in complete darkness. For cannabis, this would signal the imminent arrival of winter. The plant would “think” that the frost is coming soon and in order to increase the chances of pollination and procreation, it’ll release even more resin.

How to Harvest Correctly to Make Weed Taste Better?

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Cannabinoids and terpenes are unstable compounds. They can evaporate from the resin of plants, can be transformed into other substances, lose their aromatic and psychoactive properties under the influence of high temperatures. That is why in the last two weeks before harvesting, you need to protect the bushes from extreme heat, and harvest the crop very carefully and according to the rules:

  • It is better to cut the buds in the morning. It was at this time that the content of terpenes and cannabinoids in them is maximum. This is due to the fact that in the light the amount of active substances in the resin evaporates, and during the night their amount is restored and reaches the highest concentration by morning.
  • Don’t miss the right time. Examine resinous buds with a magnifying glass. They should be unclear – in this case, they would make the most delicious marijuana. If the buds are amber, they are most likely overripe.

How to Sweeten Your Buds?

how to sweeten your buds

You might think that it is no longer possible to influence the taste of cannabis after harvest, but this is absolutely not the case. Joint flavors can be changed by adding a little essential oil and something else.

We’ll cover three options for how you can flavor weed, but don’t rush to grind it right after harvest. You need to wait a while and do all the manipulations with the buds.

Essential Oil

Before adding essential oil to cannabis, be sure to carefully study the composition of this oil and make sure that it is intended for human consumption. Also do a little test: put a drop of essential oil on your finger and taste it as well as smell. If the oil smells too chemical or tastes bitter, then it is better not to use it in order to improve the taste of cannabis.

What can you put in a joint to make it taste better? Take a cotton ball and soak it in your chosen essential oil. After that, glue the cotton pad to the lid of the jar without touching your cannabis buds. Make sure that condensation does not form in the can, because it promotes the penetration of moisture into the cannabis. If moisture gets inside the buds, they can start to rot.

Dried Fruits and Spices

Adding fruits and spices to the cannabis can help prevent mold and rotting processes. You can add flavor to weed: dried apple wedges, lemon or orange peel, cinnamon, rosemary, petals of various colors, or cinnamon. To prevent all this from mixing in a jar, take a tea filter (tea bag) and pour all the spices there. Submerge this sachet in the cannabis can and wait for it to absorb the scent.

Food Extracts

Marijuana flavor drops can be purchased at any grocery store near you, so they are the most affordable way to improve the flavor of cannabis. How to make weed smell like strawberries? Surely you know about vanilla extract, but besides it there are others: strawberry, banana, almond, rum and many others. They are very often placed on the shelves in the baking section. Food extracts are the best and safest way to change the taste of your herb.

Drying to Preserve Flavor

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An important step, when skipping which many people ask: “Why does my weed taste bad?”. Preservation of all active substances accumulated by the plant can be envy from this. The crop should be dried with the inflorescences down – in this case, under the influence of the attraction of THC and terpenes, they’ll move into the buds. Drying time should be 1–2 weeks.

Cure Marijuana

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The final stage of drying is carried out in order to remove the remaining moisture from the buds. The cured marijuana can burn better and the flavor would be richer, and the taste can be more pleasant. Curing removes chlorophyll residues from the buds, which can spoil the taste. The buds are placed in containers, the lid is closed, and then, for a while, they are sent to a completely dark and cool room with an air temperature of 41–59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cannabis Fermentation

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This process is an alternative to curing and is carried out immediately after the harvest. During fermentation, the decomposition of unnecessary bio-active compounds in the inflorescences occurs, which also improves the taste. The point of fermentation is to create conditions for cut inflorescences in which decay would take place under the influence of cannabis’s own enzymes. These conditions are the minimal access of oxygen and heat and due to this CBD oil would taste better. The blog authors looked at the most important factors that influence the taste and aroma of marijuana – genetics, cannabis growing conditions, proper harvesting, drying, curing and storage of the resulting marijuana. And also how to make weed taste by adding flavor drops for weed and extracts.

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