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Weed Etiquette: The Main Rules For Proper Weed Smoking And Joint Passing With Friends

weed etiquette

Do you know about smoking traditions? We have put together a basic list of beliefs and good/bad signs here.

For millennia, mankind has been engaged in crop production. Thanks to plants, we have overcome the primal fear of the supernatural forces of nature. It was the plants that gave us that vigor and inspiration that led to spiritual development and knowledge in medicine and other sciences.

Modern smokers keep weed etiquette and continue the traditions of their subculture. For better or worse, many cannabis aficionados still adhere to certain superstitious rituals that could otherwise bring misfortune.

A Couple of Breaths and Pass to Friend

According to stoner etiquette, after blowing a couple of breaths, pass the joint to the next one. Exactly this way and nothing else. Smoking a joint with friends does not tolerate selfishness. I made the first pass – showed politeness, made the second – showed that I liked the grass, made three passes in a row – it means that you are a redneck who does not respect cannabis, and you will not see good luck in life. The rule of “if you respect, then share” is a cornerstone of modern Western cannabis smoking culture.

By the way, there is a lot of evidence that this practice of passing a joint actually improves well-being, otherwise, it will be in trouble. And if you don’t give it to your neighbor at all, then your karma may forever be in danger!

How to Pass a Joint?

How to Pass a Joint?

The transmission is clockwise. All actions in a circle of like-minded people should be done over the left shoulder, that is, clockwise. If you light a joint or a bong, pass it to the left. Otherwise, luck will not be seen. These stoner rules come from American hippies in the early 60s, and most power plant lovers still observe this ritual.

It is possible that the roots of this tradition go back to the Victorian era when a butler brought a tray of food to the host or guest on the left side.

The transfer to the right is condemned and disliked by representatives of the old-school cannabis community. It is believed that such an action destroys the energy of the weed circle.

Don’t Smoke First

If you are making a joint or filling a bong for several people, you cannot light it first. The customs and rules of smoking weed must be respected and treated with understanding.

The tradition of giving gifts is old and inherent in many cultures. For example, in Japan, it is customary to give gifts to guests and business partners. Therefore, in the hemp community, you do not need to be stingy, and for a kind person, there is always a place in the circle along which the joint passes.


For cannabis lovers, 4:20 is the magic number; time of gathering of like-minded people in any place for joint smoking passing blunt.

On our site, there is a story about the origin of the number 4:20. In short, in the early 70s, this number was the code adopted by the Northern California police, signaling congestion of smokers. It originates from high school students of the same Northern California, who met at 4:20 am to smoke together and discuss cannabis topics.

4:20 In a Modern Way

Regardless of the actual origin, the number 420 is currently the signal for smoking together. Whether it’s 4:20 in the morning or in the evening, as soon as the clock strikes, the right smokers light up joints for the sake of happiness and goodness. The more people take part in passing a blunt ceremony, the better. If you miss this hour, then expect trouble on this day. Mass smoking on April 20 at 4:20 am is an additional guarantee of good luck for the whole year.

Curse of the White Lighter

This is a very persistent superstition. It is associated with the tragic deaths of 4 rock stars: Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain. All four died at the age of 27, they were left-handed, and each had a white lighter in their pocket.

This belief does not touch cannabis in any way, but the white lighter has become a taboo. It is highly discouraged to use it. Violation of this taboo and pot etiquette can break the bong, “burn” the police or bad weather will ruin the cannabis crop. Do not light a white lighter, otherwise, there will be trouble.

Unsuccessful Padding

Unsuccessful Padding weed culture

If a smoker choked, this is also a reason for doubt. Others may think that he has a “heavy” hand. There is also such a sign. It went from novice smokers who reacted too painfully to the hilarious tips of more experienced comrades.

Perhaps this sign of smoking etiquette originates from a road game, when the first person who sees, for example, a Volkswagen on the road, hits a neighbor on the shoulder or arm. Getting such a blow while puffing with a jamb, bong or pipe is not a pleasant pleasure. You can choke on the smoke and gasp for air. Such a blow can become painful not only for the hand but also for pride.

Now let’s talk about the 5 most important smoking weed rules. Those planning to visit states where cannabis is legalized should be familiar with the basic rules for pot smokers etiquette. Otherwise, there is a danger of being branded as an ignoramus and an idiot who spoils everyone’s rest.

Do Not Slobber a Cigarette

There is nothing worse than taking a joint from a friend, holding it to your lips and suddenly discovering that it is so wet with saliva as if it was being sucked like a lollipop. Therefore, if you have a habit of passing on a cigarette only by wetting it in your own saliva, try to watch yourself and not disturb the pipe-smoking etiquette. Not only will it be unpleasant for the poor guy who takes the joint to take it in his mouth, but he can also get herpes or other saliva-transmitted infection in the bargain.

Do Not Hold the Lighter Near the Product for Too Long

Ever heard the saying “weed wasted is money wasted”? If you haven’t even heard of it, it’s not scary, since it was invented by the journalists of The Rooster, who first touched on the topic of marijuana etiquette in cannabis culture. However, this does not mean that the expression is meaningless. The longer the product is in contact with fire, the more marijuana burns. Just light the cannabis on fire, and it will light up. As a rule, people who throw up a considerable amount of ganja because of their slowness irritate others.

Don’t Forget about Cleaning the Bong

Plaque accumulated on the bong’s walls can mean one of two things: either the smoker inhales improperly when smoking marijuana (not strong enough, as a result of which the smoke particles have time to settle on the surface of the bong), or in principle, he does not care how much product is wasted, and he doesn’t clean its smoking device at all.

Whatever the reason, a dirty bong is not welcomed by anyone. Like any case of unnecessary waste of weed, an unpeeled bong is a flagrant violation of bong etiquette.

Don’t Talk

Every marijuana connoisseur, perhaps, at least once met a person who perceives a joint as a microphone or something like that. As soon as a cigarette falls into his hands, he immediately begins to tell a hundred uninteresting stories from his life, even before the first puff. If you are such a person, keep in mind that those around you absolutely do not care now what you are saying there. You are not here to cry to life, are you? It is for these situations that you need to know weed-smoking etiquette.

Don’t Be Greedy

Talkers are more annoying, except perhaps for selfish people who inhale too much smoke and then are unable to keep it. The greedy smoker coughs, suffocates, and the smoke that others could use just dissolves into the air. If you constantly choke on smoke with every puff, think about whether you are too greedy, and is it time to continue to blunt around the smoking circle?

The authors of this article want you to learn to practice weed-smoking etiquette and enjoy hanging out with your friends.

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