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Weed and music

cannabis and music

For many of us, music is an integral part of life. Some songs can arouse memories of the first kiss, dance, significant event, or time of heartfelt experience. People listen to music when they are happy and when they are upset. The fact that marijuana is capable of enhancing the level of perception of music is said by almost all fans of this plant. So why is it happening? There are several answers to this question.

How cannabis affects the brain?

After cannabis use, it begins to affect the brain area responsible for processing auditory information, stimulating its work. As a result, a person can remember the lyrics of a song by hearing a familiar tune. He or she begins to recognize sounds more clearly, feel the rhythm better, and perceive the musical mood more strongly. Some people even claim that when listening to music, they started to see it. This effect is called synesthesia.

Relaxing marijuana effect

Some scientists attribute changes in music perception to the relaxing effect of cannabis. It completely relieves stress, relaxes the body and mind. You can divide things, emotions, and experiences. The user becomes focused, and the ability to process information increases. As a result, music begins to be perceived at a deeper level. The brain opens to it.

Marijuana is changing priorities

The ability of cannabis to blur the line between essential and insignificant was established by one study. People who took part in it claimed that they began to pay attention to things that they simply had not noticed before. For example, the difference in tile tone on the floor or a disturbance in the symmetry of the wallpaper pattern.

Also, when they closed their eyes, they began to distinguish sounds by colors and notes, the images of which appeared in their heads. As a result, it can be concluded that marijuana makes music very important, focusing on all the human senses.

Music is part of the ritual

For many weed lovers, music is a very important part of the tasting ritual. They start it only when the right playlist is playing in the player. At the moment when the smoke enters the lungs, the music enters the soul.

Stimulation of creative abilities

Under the influence of cannabis, especially Sativa, a creative wakes up in a person. It is known that many legendary music pieces were written by people who were under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that change the mind. In this state, the brain begins to better perceive the various subtleties and nuances, which allows you to more deeply immerse yourself in the world of music.

Well, by and large, it doesn’t matter why marijuana is able to make sounds more beautiful. All that matters is that it can do it, allowing a person to enjoy music even more.


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