Weed And Masturbation: Does The Weed Really Enhance The Sensations?

Weed And Masturbation

Weed is a powerful sex enhancer. For hundreds of years, marijuana has been used as a sex enhancer, although ironically it has also been used to reduce sexual desire. Ancient sacred texts teach how to use marijuana to increase sexual pleasure, but modern researchers teach a lesson: the effect of marijuana is due to a person’s personality, physiology, purpose surrounding the stop, and the culture of the smoker.

How to Make Masturbation More Pleasurable?

Weed and masturbation are gifts from nature. We enjoy them because biology and evolution contribute to this. Just as our body has pleasure systems that reward us with sex, our brains also have a neurocellular chain that can only be activated by substances with the molecular structure of THC. It turns out that the high from marijuana is a unique combination of feelings, and the substance that activates the THC neuroreceptors has only two sources. One of the sources is our brain: it generates a neurochemical close to THC called anandamide.

Feelings of Masturbation Under Marijuana

High, as well as sexual arousal, cause the same physiological reaction: rapid heartbeat, increased sensitivity, changes in blood circulation and respiration, relaxation – an acutely altered consciousness. Marijuana and sexual arousal affect the biochemistry of the nervous system, hormones, and brain regions such as the temporal lobe.

During THC sex, we experience the peak of euphoria, the unity of body and soul, we are saved from routine existence. If you are smoking weed and masturbating, the feelings you have become especially intimate.

Feelings of Masturbation Under Marijuana

While no one has yet identified the mechanisms that are responsible for the usefulness of marijuana as a sex-enhancing agent, the fact that drugs (weed, LSD, MDMA) enhance masturbation sensitivity and reveal emotions explains a lot. Smokers say the high usually enhances the perception of temperature, taste, touch, visual stimulation, body awareness, enjoyment of music, stimulates fantasy, and improves mood. Other common influences are changes in the perception of time, which often leads to the feeling that time has slowed down, as a person has time to perceive and process a lot of information.

The Amount of Weed Matters

Intoxication levels affect the effects of marijuana on sex. At low to moderate levels of intoxication, smokers reported an increased desire for sexual intercourse with a partner, and an increased awareness of their body, and a strong desire to masturbate. Some say that when they are high they prefer solitude and introspection. Others argue that the kinetic connection with the body is lost, it is impossible to masturbate and engage in sex on edibles, since consciousness is far beyond physical activity.

How to enhance masturbation? When the dose of marijuana is right, you have enhancing sexual and masturbation skills, the sense of touch, the duration and strength of orgasms, and the emotional bond between partners. People feel that they are becoming more tender, they want to pay more attention to the technique of lovemaking and love games, which are often so lacking in women.

Many men report that they have significantly enhanced erections under the weed during masturbation. Women feel wetter and tighten their vaginal muscles harder for maximum pleasure. Smokers of both sexes say that under the weed they sometimes allowed themselves to confess their erotic feelings to people who were previously considered “just friends.”

Some women talk about how they could not get aroused earlier, and after smoking weed, they calmly experienced sexual arousal. Others say that it is only under the weed that an orgasm is achieved, while others claim that they can achieve multiple orgasms at a time. Both sexes experienced orgasms all over their bodies, rather than just their genitals. They know the key to orgasm and feel freer in their movements, which can help increase pleasure.

Now smokers talk about spiritual, emotional, and physiological influences that are similar to the ancient Tantric ones. Under marijuana, they felt that masturbation was cosmic.

Some have argued that when they’re high, fapping intensifies and carries them away to ghostly worlds. Many also noticed that marijuana helped them experience a heightened sense of love for their partners, and this feeling is “much stronger than words or other actions”.

Cannabis Masturbation Study

Cannabis Masturbation Study

In countries like Canada and the United States, the link between cannabis and sex is complicated by politics, puritanism, laws, and the stresses of life in an industrialized society.

Research articles and books that provide useful information about weed and sex are few. Their authors concluded that marijuana addicts are eager to enjoy sex and that edibles and sex can be a great combination.

Most weed smokers claim that they become more relaxed when high, but note that passion arises if the person normally feels sexually aroused. It is said that not only desire increases, but also the ability to appreciate sexual pleasure.

Disadvantages of Weed Masturbation

Disadvantages of Weed Masturbation

Hunger and Thirst

It’s no secret that after consuming weed, a brutal appetite can wake up. But how would an increased appetite help pleasurable masturbation and sex? No way, it’ll only spoil it! Imagine: you are masturbating, but you are not thinking about how good you are at all. Your brain is screaming: “Gimme a cheeseburger! I want pizza! I am thirsty!”.

Fascinating Hallucinations that Distract Attention

This does not always happen and not with everyone, but most often the body reacts to a stimulant. Hallucinations may occur: molecules danced around you, walls breathed, colors began to sing. The world suddenly becomes amazing, unusual. I want to study it: touch, listen, inhale. And there is no time for the masterbation survey.

Attacks of Paranoia

And it’s good if the hallucinations are cute. Sometimes not frail paranoia wakes up. The sound of water dripping in the faucet is maddening, the motorcycle roars outside the window like a rocket. Every little thing is very frightening. And here again, there is no time for binge masturbation, because panic sets in and the smoker want to hide urgently, curl up in a ball in the corner, cry in fear and pray that the effect of the weed would pass as soon as possible. It is believed that delirium rarely comes from smoking weed. And yet, you may be among those who are unlucky. What is delirium? This is an altered consciousness with a bunch of extremely unpleasant symptoms: from the inability to navigate in space to the desire to lay hands on oneself.

What Do You Need to Know Before Marijuana Masturbation?

Before starting the process, it won’t be superfluous to test the variety that you plan to use in advance. It should work for you, too, so it’s best to understand in advance what to expect.

It is also important to decide if you want to use cannabis to increase masturbation pleasure, or if you are trying to solve your problems in this way. In the second case, you act at your own peril and risk and can hardly count on an unequivocally positive result.

Remember that, as with all psychoactive substances, there is the potential for unpleasant side effects.The authors of the blog told you how weed affects your sex life, as well as how to intensify masturbation. Now you know what to expect from sex and masturbation under various substances.

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