Weed and Beer

There is a category of stoners who, contrary to scientific advice, combine smoking weed and drinking beer. Scientific studies warn against the cannabis-beer cocktail because it is very intoxicating. Why do two ingredients with a psychoactive component cause severe reactions in humans when consumed together?

Synergy of Components

marijuana and beer

The individual substances of beer and cannabis, when they interact with each other, produce an effect that is very different from what they do separately. Some heavy cocktail drinkers believe that beer greatly deepens the psychoactive effects of the cannabis components, bringing them to a critical point of dissociation.

The mixture of beer and cannabis has a severe effect on most consumers, the person loses control of the situation, orientation in space faces side effects like paranoia and nausea. Sometimes smoking a cannabis cigarette with a glass or two of beer ends in severe bouts of vomiting instead of an invigorating high.

Weed Before Beer

smoking weed and drinking beer

But if you can’t wait, it’s advisable to smoke a cannabis cigarette first and then switch to an alcoholic procedure. When the process of drinking marijuana and beer changes, the digestive tract is heavily stressed, accompanied by severe bouts of nausea. Again, the question is why is it only one-way “cannabis and then beer” that side effects don’t occur? Science has a research-proven rationale for this.

Let’s start with cannabis. An overdose of marijuana produces what is known as a “greening out” condition. This symptom is characterized by a noticeable pallor of the skin, severe sweating and fever, dizziness, and nausea. It is followed by severe weakness and drowsiness. In this case, an excessive dose of the psychoactive substance cannabis is largely responsible. But if smoking cannabis is accompanied by drinking beer, the process of cannabinoid assimilation by the body is noticeably intensified, which leads to a lowering of the tolerance threshold of the smoker.

If you follow the recommendations, a smoked cigarette without additional infusions of alcohol allows the user more control and without the dire consequences that usually come with violating the “marijuana without beer” rule.

In general, regardless of the order, the simultaneous enjoyment of marijuana washed down with beer reduces the normal sensitivity of the body. As a result, one ceases to notice the excessiveness of the amount of alcohol or marijuana consumed.

What’s more dangerous?

weed before beer

It has long been proven that while an overdose of alcohol can be fatal, a heavy marijuana user will get away with a few hours of intense discomfort. That is why if a user has serious problems, up to and including death, after beer and bud together, the reason should be looked for in alcohol, not in cannabis.

There is a scientific basis for this phenomenon. Marijuana consumed causes an antiemetic effect, so the body, which quickly absorbed alcohol and marijuana, is not able to remove toxins from the body on time. Further, the combination of psychoactive substances causes a strong feeling of nausea, which can lead to serious malaise, up to the fatal outcome. The user under the influence of beer and pot begins to feel dizzy and tired, followed by a sound sleep. It is when the body, freed from marijuana, begins to expel the undigested alcohol from the stomach on its own. Since the user has no control over the process, accidental asphyxiation by vomiting into the respiratory organs can occur.

There is no doubt that alcohol is a powerful depressant, negatively affecting the nervous system and other parts of the body. In turn, marijuana, which also belongs to the category of psychoactive substances, has properties typical of antidepressants, due to which the effect of alcohol is significantly enhanced. Beer causes the dilation of blood vessels, which allows cannabinoids to be quickly absorbed into the body tissues, thereby aggravating the effect of the components of both drugs on the body.

Scientists believe that when alcohol and marijuana substances are combined, the manifestation of the cannabis plant’s negative properties is enhanced. For example, cannabis components activate inherent psychosis or stress states like paranoia or panic attacks in the user.

Another negative effect of alcohol paired with marijuana is that the user of the psychoactive mixture may experience uncontrollability of his or her own body, followed by a loss of memories and feelings. When this effect of beer occurs, the additional marijuana consumed quickly provokes a loss of consciousness, which can end in asphyxiation by vomiting masses.

In this case, the components of both products can negatively affect the brain receptors responsible for the formation of memories. And since the hippocampal receptors are also responsible for the function of rational thought and emotion, the suppression of brain function leads to a blurring of the consumer’s mind. That is, the cannabis-alcohol combination user becomes delusional or aggressive.

Research Continues

Research into the negative effects of beer with marijuana on the human body when they are consumed at the same time is ongoing. According to scientists, there are still enough questions to which there are no unequivocal answers yet. Specifically, there is no complete map of the side effects caused by the interaction of the two products’ toxic constituents.

It is best not to push our luck, because a cannabis-beer cocktail consumed repeatedly can manifest itself with severe consequences for the user at any time.

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