Trimming Leaves during Flowering Stage: Nuances of the Procedure

trimming leaves during flowering stage

Why It’s Best to Avoid Trimming Weed Plants While Flowering

Trimming leaves during the flowering stage is a smart idea. Many growers say that lollipopping, as it is often known, results in larger and better buds. However, you should lollipop while vegging rather than blossoming. Does this mean that trimming leaves cannot be done during the flowering stage?

Keep reading to learn more about how and when to trim fan leaves during flowering or vegetation, and everything you need to know. Whether the lower branches need to be trimmed during flowering and how to trim a marijuana plant.

So, Should I Remove Fan Leaves during Flowering?

There is no empirical evidence that cutting the lower branches during flowering makes a difference in the crop.

There is, however, sound reasoning to back up the method, and many growers say it results in a significantly better yield.

Let’s take a look at how you can trim a weed plant during flowering. In any case, you shouldn’t completely remove the branches at this time. This is something you should do at the vegetation stage.

You only want to clear up new buds or branches that try to grow on the lower section of the plant during flowering. To put it another way, you merely want to undertake some little maintenance pruning.

Why Is Removing Fan Leaves During Flowering So Important?

Cannabis cultivation is similar to any other type of gardening or agriculture. In an expanding environment, resources are scarce. Water and light are examples of resources.

Trimming the lower branches has the fundamental goal of freeing up resources for the plant to utilize on more vital portions of the plant, such as the buds.

The removal of the lower branches serves several important purposes:

  • Improves circulation around the plant, reducing the danger of mold or mildew • Increases the amount of space available in the growth environment
  • Encourages the plant to focus its resources on the remaining portions, particularly the buds.
  • Can aid in the strengthening of the main stalk

Increasing the Plant’s Size Airflow

Airflow, as you are probably aware, is critical. Proper airflow jiggles the branches of your plants, strengthening the stems and allowing more ‘good juice’ to reach the leaves and buds. It also minimizes the likelihood of powdery mildew developing on your plants. More airflow has a cumulative impact. If you have ten containers on the ground, each with a plant inside, and you remove a clump of brush from the lower section of one of the plants, the plant behind it will benefit from increased airflow as well. You can observe how one plant impacts the others if you follow the logic below. Giving Plants Increased Space The effects of more space, like airflow, are cumulative. When you remove excess foliage from one plant, more space becomes available for the next plant, allowing it to grow more branches and hence more buds. This adds up quickly, especially if you’re starting with a modest growth tent or grow room. More buds will form if your plants have more room for budding. Trimming the plants’ bottoms creates the essential space for the miracle to take place. Due to the lack of light, the bottom portion of the plant develops fewer and more anemic buds, therefore there’s no purpose to keep those lower stems.

Trimming Lower Branches for Resource Management

pruning fan leaves during flowering

This isn’t a new idea, and it’s not limited to cannabis cultivation. Each plant has a certain amount of water and light. The most important considerations in the early phases of life are water and light, as well as ensuring that the plant has adequate nutrients to prepare for blossoming. It’s just common sense. If a single plant has finite resources, the more branches and leaves it has, the more resources are taken away from all the other branches and leaves. However, this is more subtle than it appears and is not as straightforward as it appears. Your plant will die if you remove all the leaves; the leaves act as solar panels, absorbing light and converting it into growth energy. The objective is to just chop off the bottom branches, which usually have little, yellow, or atrophic leaves to begin with. Those leaves aren’t doing the plant any good anyhow, so removing them will only help the remainder of it.

Strengthening the Trunk or the Main Stalk

The trunk will have greater strength to support the remainder of the plant as you remove ‘dead weight’ from it.

The top of the plant is the most significant section, as here is where the most valuable buds will grow throughout the flowering period. The greater the cola on the tip and the other buds near the top can develop, the stronger the main stalk is. The plant understands how much it can take and will not produce a large cola if the stalk is weak.

The Importance of Timing Cannot Be Overstated

In general, most of your pruning should be done during the vegetation. However, if you do decide to trim during flowering, you must do it at the right time.

Veg Stage

The consensus is that you can prune as much as you like during the vegetative development stage, as long as you don’t go overboard. During this stage, don’t chop off more than 1/3 of the total leaves.

Lollipopping is the process of trimming the lower branches during this time. The plants are shaped in this way, with more greenery on top and more space below. They resemble a lollipop in appearance.

Stages of Flowering

Timing is crucial throughout the blossoming period. This is a delicate stage in which the plant is stressed and developing buds, which is the plant’s main goal. It is still feasible to prune lower branches during flowering, but you must be cautious and not chop off too much. Trimming any plant causes stress, and overdoing it may put the plant into shock, causing it to devote all of its energy to healing the portions you’ve cut off.

When Can Prune Fan Leaves during Flowering?

how to trim a marijuana plant

Flowering is a protracted period, lasting up to 11 weeks. During the end of the flowering cycle, avoid trimming your plants. Most gardeners trim cannabis during flowering. They don’t simply cut off the lower branches; they also remove the plant’s other problematic portions. When the plant is generating the most of its yield, it is at its most susceptible time. Any major changes to the environment or the plant itself might induce stress, which will have an impact on the yield. By the time your plant is halfway through the flowering period, you should be able to stop trimming and just enjoy the show while preserving the environment.

Why Trim in the Early Stages of Flowering?

The notion here is that the plant is starting to send all of its resources to the budding areas at this period. Because the buds are the most vital portion of the plant, you’ll want to make sure they obtain the nutrients that the plant is pushing out to its extremities. At this time, removing low-hanging brush branches will transfer resources to the production of healthier buds.

Final Thoughts on Pruning Cannabis during Flowering

Pruning during the flowering stage helps to redirect resources that would have been used to grow these branches to more important regions. The buds, in particular. During the flowering stage of development, however, you should not prune these branches. Don’t conduct any further substantial pruning once the plant starts to blossom. During the bloom period, you should just undertake mild follow-up pruning. Also, make sure you have a nice set of weed trimming scissors. You’ll end up with many more viable buds per plant if you cut the lower branches appropriately and at the right time. To weigh all that cannabis, you might need to invest in a pleasant digital scale.

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