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Top World Cannabis Events

Marijuana events sound like an attractive offer for tourists. Temples or caves have existed for hundreds of years, which means they will patiently wait for more. But it’s not every day that you get the chance to talk to the best marijuana producers in person. And, of course, this is a chance to learn about the latest news of the world of cannabis, getting a joint full of fresh achievements of genetic engineering. Such events should not be missed, especially if your country still prohibits the use of cannabis.

You will be very disappointed if you go on such a dream trip and do not find marijuana at the event itself. Except in the title of the event. That’s what happens. Not every marijuana fest allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere. That’s why we’ve written this article with a brief overview of the main weed events to help you avoid such embarrassment. Let’s go from better known to less known. Let’s go!

High Times Cannabis Cup (Holland)

marijuana fest

It is a major event in the world of cannabis cultivation. You’ve probably heard of this event before. The world’s best producers and consumers come together (already a good reason) to select the best strains in different categories.

The marijuana fest has been held annually for a quarter of a century. It was initiated by High Times magazine back in the late 80s. The young edition was inspired by marijuana and inherited the Woodstock tradition. At the same time, the magazine refuses to mention heavy drugs on its pages, leaving only marijuana. The popularization of marijuana and several exposés have led to legalization around the world. This dedication has allowed the local movement to develop into a global trend. The High Times Cannabis Cup is now the number one event among marijuana lovers.

Only 4 seedbanks took part in the first marijuana festival. The Skunk strain gained worldwide popularity by winning this event. Now the number of participants has grown considerably. Growers from all over the world are competing in more than ten categories. The popularity of the event is also reflected in its accessibility. For only $200 you can turn into a demanding jury and have a voice in determining the winners.

But still, this event is more than a competition or a meeting of like-minded people. It is a manifestation of views and an informational response to anti-marijuana propaganda. Legalize activists from all over the world are sponsoring this movement. This has allowed the competition to grow to a platform where all the world’s achievements related to cannabis are denounced. Of course, such a thematic event cannot be imagined without a souvenir fair. The most interesting souvenirs can of course be used right here. The use of marijuana is welcome.

Similar events held in other parts of the world, but the Dutch Cup keeps the richest traditions and scale, which makes it unattainable for wannabes.

Spannabis (Spain)

marijuana events

The first event called Spannabis was held in Barcelona in 2002. It was organized by eight cannabis enthusiasts. Initially, they planned a small canna exhibition. At that time, no one knew what scale this fest would take nowadays.

Today it is an international event that brings together legalization activists, seed companies, consumers, medical professionals, growers, and God knows who else. The marijuana festival has moved from Barcelona to Cornella de Llobregat. It is held every spring at the Fira de Cornella Exhibition Centre. Imagine 17,000 square meters dedicated to Cannes culture. It is what Spannabis has become these days.

Usually, at least 300 representatives from seedbanks from all over the world attend the event. At the cannabis festivals, you’ll find snack bars, recreation areas, and a live music venue. Different conferences, award ceremonies, and a lot of other activities take place during the exhibition.

The scale of the marijuana festival grows every year. Exhibitions called Spannabis are also held in Malaga and Madrid to accommodate all comers. Naturally, here you can easily find what you need and use it for its intended purpose.

Cannafest (Czech Republic)

marijuana festival

It’s the largest canna-exhibition in all of Eastern Europe. It has been held since 2010 with the support of Lukas Behal, a talented and experienced organizer who is sympathetic to the ideas of legalization and deeply immersed in cannabis culture.

The event takes place in November in Prague and lasts three days. Not only seedbanks but also a huge number of companies, whose paths are fertilizers, equipment, related devices, hemp food (not psychoactive), clothes, cosmetics, everyday goods, and other things boast of their achievements here. The main purpose of the event is to show ordinary citizens that cannabis is not only and not so much a source of pleasure and inspiration, but a plant, extremely useful in practical and medical applications.

For the above reasons, the average visitor, in terms of tasting, can only touch the products based on CBD, which has no psychoactive effect. However, in one of the pavilions, designed exclusively for special guests, everything is as it should be. This building can be compared to a giant vaporizer bag – it is also up to the roof filled with fragrant scents of high-quality buds. The cleaners likely scrape the amber off the walls for a long time after the event. But it is almost impossible to get to this closed pavilion without being a representative of any seed bank or company represented at the cannabis festivals. A special bracelet confirms your status and is not sold for any money.

But, in any case, it is an extremely interesting event, where you can attend many conferences and learn a lot of new things. And if you still can’t get the desired psychoactive effect – take a stroll through the evening Prague.

The Nimbin Mardi Gras (Australia)

weed festivals

It may be a local but very proud event, which has been held since 1993 in a village called Nimbin. The police have been hindering the event for four years. However, some activists handcuffed themselves to a police helicopter, causing public and press resonance. In this way, they defended their right to assembly.

The event takes place every first weekend of May and welcomes all visitors with open arms. Here you can visit exhibitions of industrial hemp farmers, buy curious things at the fair or go to the MardiGrass branded market and find trillions of souvenirs.

Different competitions and interactive activities are also available at the festival. You can also take part in a hemp poetry competition. And if you prefer to enjoy art rather than create it with your hands, you can go to the Canna Gallery and buy yourself some canvases inspired by plants.

And, of course, what a cannabis festival without conferences and curious speeches from speakers. That’s what the 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. time in Nimbin Central Hall is all about. You can listen to different journalists, writers, breeders, and businessmen.

And now about the main thing. The buds. You can buy something at a place specially designated for this, right on the main stage of the festival. After that, you can safely participate in competitions for throwing bong, twisting joints, and even admire the carnival of trailers. Seriously, it’s all there. The organizers themselves say that MardiGrass is a protest against absurd laws and a carnival of life.

Emerald Cup (Santa Rosa, Northern California)

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This festival will be loved by fans of shovel and bio humus, as it is entirely devoted to the theme of organic cultivation. The venue of the festival was not chosen by chance. Northern California is a true Mecca of American breeders, where most of the varieties offered by the USA on the world stage are cultivated.

cannabis seminar is aimed at growers rather than marijuana consumers. There are many experts and masters of cultivation who will gladly share their experience with those who are interested in this topic.

Recently, the focus of the festival has been on medical varieties. It is not surprising, given the stunning growth dynamics in the popularity of CBD, due to new research results and the general softening of laws relating to marijuana.

It is also easy to find something non-medical here. The Emerald Cup is one of the largest weed events in the United States, a country where legalization has come to most states. Rolling Stone Magazine calls it the “Oscar of the Hemp World”. If you ever find yourself in the town of Santa Rosa, don’t miss the opportunity to be at this festival!

Hempfest (Seattle, Washington)

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It is a very important marijuana fest, gathering participants from all over the world. Its main organizer is Vivian Malik, a man who tirelessly educates people about the many benefits of cannabis in our lives. Today, his work is making a huge contribution to the marijuana legalization movement around the world.

Hempfest is a kind of statement designed to break down the speculation about cannabis and show the world the positive work of breeder companies. Such an event must take place in the heart of the country where cannabis was originally banned.

Everyone can participate in this cannabis seminar, but it has a special appeal to activists for legalization. What’s more, it’s the world’s largest annual gathering of cannabis activists pushing forward the rethinking of cannabis in mass culture. And, of course, there are many pavilions dedicated to various related products: vaporizers, tubes, bong, and much more.

There’s no problem with the buds themselves – it’s legal in Washington.

Global Marijuana March (anywhere but best in Toronto)

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Every first Saturday in May is marked for many cities and countries by a hemp march in support of legalization. It cannot be called a festival in its entirety, but it would be unfair not to mention such an event in this article.

Unfortunately, not all countries support this event yet, but active attempts to obtain permission for such a march are already underway. Participants of the march are leaving home to express their demand to legalize marijuana for personal and medical use, as well as to stop the flow of lies and absurd speculations around cannabis and its derivatives. People are demanding to end the arrests and punishments that are out of the severity of the offense.

In 2019, more than 400 cities from 50 countries supported this initiative, which is evidence of the enormous public resonance. Hundreds of thousands of cannabis activists took to the streets. The first hemp march took place in Toronto back in 1999. The locals also provide a record turnout. In 2011, over 25,000 people took part in the event. It all looks like an endless stream of people with banners who don’t hesitate to use and share what they are fighting for. For this reason, the answer to the question “can we find something interesting there” is obvious.

As you can see, these events are not a gathering of lovers to get stoned and high. It is a part of the development of a democratic society where there are public demands for legal regulations. Moreover, medical and industrial use of marijuana is unfairly restricted and leads to the loss of money and human lives. Criminal prosecution for consumers is still a standard problem even for highly developed countries. All this is discussed by people who are not indifferent at cannabis festivals, which every year are more and more like the best business expo. Visit one of them to join the movement of global legalization. Maybe you wanted to visit one of the upcoming cannabis events after reading?

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