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Top 5 colognes that smell like weed

cologne that smell like weed

Today, the whole world is in a wave: someone is in favor of legalizing marijuana and calling for the signing of a petition, someone strongly against the use of weed even for medical purposes. Perhaps another great cannabis product will outweigh the cup of public opinion in favor of marijuana.

Smells have a very strong effect on us. Weed cologne is another way to use the beneficial properties of an ancient plant in our daily lives. Perfumers haven’t missed the sensitive and forbidden topic. Having exhausted their inspiration in the smell of tobacco and whiskey, they switched to the rather saturated and recognizable marijuana fragrance. So, here are the top 5 weed scented perfumes where you can recognize cannabis fragrance.

In Pursuit Of Magic, Diane Pernet

Declared as citrus and spicy fresh scent the first notes indicate the weed fragrance. The famous Parisian diva Diane Pernet made a fresh contribution to niche perfumery. She launched her “dark” line of several scents, creating scents to her taste and similar to herself: dense with a twist inside. We recommend it to all fans of the line Incense from Comme des Garcons, fragrances like Odin and Costes, or the densest from Le Labo or Byredo. But, honestly, do not wear this scent to work in offices, airports, and other places where your reputation is particularly precious to you.

Devil in Disguise, Mark Buxton

The genius of our time, independent and irrepressible, but at the same time gentle and sensual – the nose of Mark Baxton gave the world a lot of fragrances in which we are in love selflessly. Wooden and earth Devil in Disguise claims to be one of them. And it also has a marijuana fragrance. The astringent sour-sweet mixture of rhubarb and ginger in the top notes makes this impression. The scent also includes notes of magnolia, neroli, patchouli, vetiver, and musk. If you want to smell like the coolest fashionista, this is your chance.

Smoke for the Soul, By Killian

It was hard to imagine that some of the biggest marketing proponents would bypass this ingredient. Smoke for the Soul is a stuffy, tobacco, and smoky flavor – a good alternative for fashionists who are more focused on soft flavors, maybe even classic, not too extreme. In the case of girls’ fragrances By Killian – there is always a place for some fruit in them. However, this weed scented perfume is the most stringent and suitable for both men and women. The fragrance includes notes of birch, grapefruit, eucalyptus, tobacco, mate, Kashmir tree, cannabis, and cardamom.

Osmo Scents Cannabis, II Profvmo

Il Profvmo has a special love for herbal and floral notes, warm and bitter as if they could be suspected of loving natural ingredients, even slightly old-fashioned. That’s why the fragrance is not for everyone and is less universal than the Comme des Garcons strokes or delicate scents by Kilian. However, in their case, the base will always be slightly different from the top notes, getting warmer and softer. The slightly oriental fragrance of Osmo Scents Cannabis, apart from green and smoky notes of cannabis, is also mixed with floral notes and contains amber.

Black Afgano, Nasomatto

Balsamic and smoky fragrance Black Afgano, the love of all fashionable macho, contains marijuana fragrance oil. And yet we want to take this perfume first of all in the direction of “expensive” oriental incense. Nobody can resist this smoky fragrance, so you can safely choose it even as a gift. Some naturalness of heavy notes gives the fragrance a unique ethnic charm. It weakly explains the phenomenon of a worthwhile perfume bestseller, but the pyramid declared the following ingredients: cannabis, green and woody notes, amber, coffee, tobacco, incense, and agarwood.

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