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Top 5 best Tobacco substitutes for your joint

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Sunday 31/5 was the international “No tobacco day”. Tobacco usage has increased sharply over the last century and became an everyday issue in our society. The most common use of tobacco is in the form of cigarettes, which is highly addictive because of the many chemicals that are being added. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that can be found in most tobacco products.

Long-term tobacco smoking can harm the body in many ways such as Coronary heart disease, Heart attack, Stroke, Peripheral vascular disease (damaged blood vessels), Cerebrovascular disease (damaged arteries that supply blood to your brain), and seven types of cancer, etc. Most people use it for their first time in their teens and get addicted to it in a young age, which makes it hard to quit. Cannabis usage has increased over the last decade and became legal in many countries all around the world such as Uruguay, Canada, The Netherlands, Some states in the USA, etc..

Although the effects of cannabis are different from tobacco, researchers found that cannabis smoking can possibly decrease cigarette smoking. Many people add tobacco to their joints because cannabis can be expensive in some countries, so the effects of tobacco smoking can still harm the body. Here are some great tobacco substitutes for your joints which don’t cause the same damage as tobacco smoking:

  • Chamomile – The dried version of the flower (not the one you find in a common tea bag) is a great alternative. It can also help with stomach pain or sleeplessness.
  • Mint – Dried mint adds some freshness to your joint and may also help with colds and sinusitis.
  • Lavender – one of the best alternatives you can add to your joint. It is known to have calming effects on your body and can decrease the itching feeling you can get while smoking cannabis.
  • Rosemary – rosemary adds a huge aroma to your joint and is full of antioxidants and beta-caryophyllene. Just be careful with the amount you add because the rosemary’s bitter taste can take over.
  • Damiana – The most known one of the five. Damiana offers distinct hints of mint and spice, but the flavour isn’t overpowering, so it won’t mask the scents of your chosen cannabis.
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