Things To Do While High

things to do while high

The state of altered consciousness that marijuana brings is characterized by quite vivid sensations. Your senses are heightened considerably. Moreover, the thoughts in your head are ready to grasp any tiny trifle and turn it into a global theory in a minute.

For the first few times, this state consumes you entirely and you just float along and wait until you can control yourself. However, the more you smoke, the more intensity of the sensations decreases, and you start to think about things to do when stoned.

A trippy pastime can affect your experience as much as the substance you have been using. Usually, these are recreational or creative activities, but we want to offer some advanced stoner activities for everyone.

We keep thinking about it every day and seem ready to present some trippy things to do when you’re high.

Listen To Music

fun things to do while high

Yes, this is obvious, but music can be the basis for creating the right atmosphere. When you’re trying to relax, the vibe is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter how many people are around you, just turn on what you’ve been humming all day and have a blast.

Listening to brand new tracks is also one of the fun things to do while high. Songs you’ve never heard before will impress you twice as much if they can reach the stoned listener. What’s more, you’ll remember those feelings even when you listen to them the next day.

Advanced tip: Make music! Of course, not everyone can play a musical instrument or use a computer to make electronic music, but everyone can sing! We’re talking about carefree singing along to your favorite songs at the top of your voice and rapping your favorite Drake verses.


what to do while high

Food with its appearance, smell, and the taste is one of the most attractive things for a person whose senses are enhanced by marijuana. Besides, cannabis activates the sense of hunger and the so-called munchies can make you empty the fridge on your own. So stuffing your mouth with goodies is one of the most popular things if you donk know what to do while high.

Knowing this, you can go to the grocery store and pick out something unusual that you would like to try just during an altered consciousness. New foods, dishes, and even new flavors of your favorite chips can blow your mind and bring tons of fun that you’ll remember for a long time.

Advanced tip: Cook! Think you’re not a chef and it’s not the funniest thing to do when stoned? Well, try making the simplest pasta and you’ll see the results. In the fridge, you will surely notice additional ingredients that no one even thought to use in this dish before. Then you’ll catch your eye on the spice rack and you’ll realize how foolish you’ve been all this time, using only boring pepper and salt.


things to do when stoned

A lot of people use cannabis as a means to socialize. It really helps to relax and start talking. At the very least, you can discuss your feelings if you smoke together. So meeting new people and networking is one of the best things to do while high.

A large group of friends who communicate well when they’re sober turns into a restless banjo when they’re smoking. Everyone is joking and laughing around and isn’t that great.

Advanced tip: Open your contact list, scroll through it and think about who you haven’t talked to in a while. Maybe you have a friend who isn’t around or a relative who has forgotten what your voice sounds like – text them or record a voice message! Write to everyone you would love to talk to and enjoy the flood of messages that will come your way.

Absorb Video Content

cool things to do when high

So many different things can appear on your device screens these days. Choose a show from Netflix, your favorite YouTube channel, or scroll through TikTok. Your concentration, quick thinking, and curiosity will help you notice more details in your favorite classics.

Watching something completely new is also one of the cool things to do when high. Imagine you’re a big critic and treat every frame like you’re going to leave a review afterward.

If we’re talking about TikTok — just scroll and enjoy. It’s the perfect platform for quick impressions and an emotional roller coaster. Dozens of short videos will easily take away a few hours of your stoned time.

Advanced tip: Go to the movie. Big screens and plenty of speakers are designed to impress a sober person. Imagine (if you haven’t tried it yet) what they can do to a person who just finished a joint!

Play Games

stoner activities

Even mobile apps can be fun, and the big AAA projects like The Witcher 3 or GTA 5 are the best fun stuff to do while high. Modern games accommodate almost all forms of art, so you can listen to great music, enjoy high-quality drama, and actively interact with it.

Online games also allow you to socialize and make new friends. Moreover, games bring people closer together because they immediately give them a common activity and experience to discuss.

Advanced tip: Play together on a Playstation, Xbox, or Switch. The generation of the device makes absolutely no difference in this case. These consoles allow both players to grab a gamepad and compete in real-time next to each other. Sports simulators and fighting games are the best things you can do while getting high with friends.

As you can see, fun high activities have a few things in common. They are fun to do even sober, except for cooking. Anything that pleases you in your normal state will bring even more fun after the bong.

However, the best thing to do while getting high is to travel inside your mind. Your physical state may please your body, but this effect will become weaker and weaker with time. At the same time, your thoughts, if you learn to control them, can give you a unique experience every time. Explore yourself to know what please you while high.

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