🏡|Lifestyle|The Most Audacious Cannabis Growers Were Caught in the Centre of London

The Most Audacious Cannabis Growers Were Caught in the Centre of London

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Police officers tracked down large and very brazen cultivators of an illicit plant. They confiscated more than eight hundred marijuana plants in a basement near the Central Bank.

The press service of the London Police reported that on the 20th of January officers discovered and suppressed the operation of the marijuana plant in the City of London – the historic heart of the British capital.

It was preceded by numerous appeals from citizens who complained about the smell of “pot”. Why didn’t anyone think it was the smell of old Britain?

Police officers logged about a thousand plants, the cultivation of which is prohibited in Britain, under a non-residential building on Throgmorton Street. It is one of the most recognizable places in the city, because the Bank of England, as well as landmarks such as Guildhall and Sky Garden, are located here.

In the City of London, there are many ancient buildings, which have their roots in the Roman era. It is an administrative-territorial formation, which was formed based on the ancient Roman city Londinium.

The police noted that they did not expect to find a cannabis factory in the historic center. Perhaps the criminals decided to take advantage of the small number of people in the area because of quarantine restrictions in the country. Nevertheless, two people were arrested.

Why did the criminals choose such a defiant location to set up an illegal business remains a question of criminal logistics and planning.

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