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In the 21st century, new professions are emerging thanks to technological progress. This is how we want you to meet Tony Greenhand — a professional blunt roller.

The young guy started by rolling the perfect joints for his friends. Some of them were growers so Tony had a lot of weed to practice. It was still illegal at the time. But the guys were gathering so often that Tony’s mastership was growing too. Simple forms weren’t enough anymore and the master started experimenting. So the first beasts and comic book characters made of marijuana appeared. What was important was that they were ready-to-use joints, not just statues.

Tony’s first popularity was when he published his work on the Internet. The rave reviews of his work inspired the guy to continue publishing. Now he has an Instagram account @tonygreenhand with about 400,000 followers. The last post was published a few hours ago, and this is a photo of the Bulbasaur joint. The diversity of the forms is impressive. Greenhand can turn hundreds of grams of selected buds into Pokémon or a Kalashnikov assault rifle. You can admire his work if you are not lucky enough to make a purchase.

Tony estimates his work at about $50 per hour, although complex orders discussed individually. Hand-crafted work makes each joint unique, so they’re quite expensive. Only, if you can buy a marijuana octopus ready to be smoked cheaper.

Creativity and perfectionism allowed the amateur to become a top joint roller. As a teenager, he never thought that such a hobby could be the calling of a lifetime. The wave of legalization in the U.S. has helped the development of industry and Tony’s life in particular but there are still many obstacles at the federal level.

We hope that more and more creative people will be able to realize themselves and invent new professions through modern technology, and we will be able to access their works without obstacles.

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