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The strongest weed strains are among the most popular on the cannabis market. It is not only because only THC-tolerant growers prefer them to experience the full power of this stunning plant. High THC strains are also often chosen to save the end product or to better eliminate symptoms of various diseases. These plants are in the top ten of the sales list of any seed bank. They are always in the trend!

Unleash the potential of the seed

As you probably already know, the killing power of any strongest weed strain is measured in the percentage of THC. It is this cannabinoid that has a psychoactive effect on a person, causing a Stone effect or high. Accordingly, the more it is in buds, the more powerful the strain will be.

However, it is not so simple. The fact is that manufacturers specify the maximum possible amount of THC in the passport data of the strain. That is the percentage that can provide plant genetics. But for its buds to reach this index, it is not enough just to plant and grow a bush, because the passport data are obtained based on the results of hemp cultivation in ideal laboratory conditions.

Conditions for the Highest THC Content Weed

high thc strains

Therefore, for the most potent weed strain to be able to unlock its genetic potential and reach the data specified in the passport, the grower must make every effort to ensure ideal conditions for its growth. In addition to the basic climatic indicators, fertilization, and irrigation, it is necessary to avoid stress, diseases, and anything that can undermine the health of the plant or slow down its growth. Only then the percentage of THC content will reach the indicator specified in the passport.

There have been cases when gardeners chose the highest THC content strain, but due to poor care, its finished product could hardly be called a powerful one. Only care and attention can guarantee the high quality of the harvest.

What is the Strongest Weed?

highest thc content strain

We present to your attention a selection of the strongest marijuana strains, among which you will find both timeless classics and bright novelties of recent years.

Y Griega

Cannabis strain Y Griega is a lively and unpretentious Sativa hybrid with THC above 20%, which can reach 27%. It’s a true time-tested record-breaker. Its finished product has exquisite taste and aromatic qualities and an extremely powerful inspiring effect that can blow up the mind of a grower. Be careful!

Amherst Sour Diesel

Amherst Sour Diesel hemp strain is another record holder in terms of THC. 27% is no joke. Its effect is a bright, inspiring high, awakening creativity and communication skills. However, this is not its main trump card. The plant has a high yield. One bush can give the grower up to 2-3 kg of buds.

Bruce Banner

The Bruce Banner strain of hemp is synonymous with indomitable power and perfect balance. Some seed banks promise up to 26-29% THC to provide instant exposure, in which “high” and “stone” are intertwined. At first, you will feel an explosion of positive emotions, a wave of happiness, and the desire to act. The latter is better not to give in because soon there will be an irresistible thirst to embrace the sofa and spend the next few hours in this position.

Ghost Train Haze

The Train Haze strain can contain 20% THC and has the opposite effect. Due to the prevalence of Sativa genes, it provides a powerful energy “high”. After a close acquaintance with the buds, you will acquire an incredible thirst for action and creativity. You will not be able to sit on a chair for the next few hours. Perfect choice for long trips, walks, or any everyday activity.

Irish Cream

highest thc content weed

If you are looking for the most potent strain of weed, this is it. The strain of Irish Cream cannabis contains about 26% THC and can give the most powerful immobilizing stone even to a dinosaur. The body will plunge into a relaxing ecstasy, and the mind will make a full space journey through the depths of the mind. It is worth to be extremely careful with the amount and take into account that the effect will last for several hours.

Not all people prefer the most potent marijuana strain. What is it manifested in? The perception of the world and the speed of time change completely. The colors are seen differently. It is a kind of resinous cones for special connoisseurs who know the norm. A newcomer psychedelic can be frightening.

Why is it important not to overdo it? Because it is not so easy to get out of the state, in which a person injects marijuana with a powerful indicator. If used wisely, it acts strongly, brightly, safely.

Weed with the highest THC allows you to smoke lesser, and the stock does not run out soon. Also, if medical cannabis is to soothe the pain, you need a really strong remedy. We sincerely wish all readers to communicate with marijuana just for fun!

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