Y griega strain

Y Griega

Today we will talk about a very popular Sativa variety that has already gained worldwide recognition and the hearts, or...

highest thc content strain

Strongest Marijuana Strains

The strongest weed strains are among the most popular on the cannabis market. It is not only because only THC-tolerant...

purple weed flower

Is Purple Weed Better?

Marijuana, as a secret recipe for shamanic rituals, has always been wrapped in myths. The first consumers evaluated the useful...

hybrid edibles

What is Hybrid Weed?

Hybrid weed is an achievement of breeders from all over the world. They have mixed the best strains of Indica...


White Cookies Strain

The next time a little girl scout knocks on your door to offer cookies, do not refuse. It is an...

black jack stain

Black Jack Strain

Talking about weed strains is always fascinating. It even resembles a wine tasting. Such different and, at the same time,...


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